June 15, 2021

Pelosi lashes out after AOC, Marjorie Taylor Greene clash

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just charged Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-CA) with “verbal assault” against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) after a tense exchange between AOC and the GOP lawmaker on Wednesday, suggesting that Greene’s actions should be brought to the House Ethics Committee. 

Pelosi condemned Greene over an incident during which she reportedly shouted at Ocasio-Cortez as she left the House chamber. Greene reportedly asked Ocasio-Cortez why she supported antifa and Black Lives Matter, calling the movements terrorist groups.

The Georgia congresswoman also challenged her about refusing an earlier debate on the Green New Deal.

Pelosi said Greene’s behavior was “so beyond the pale” that, “It probably is a matter for the Ethics Committee.” She added that Greene’s remarks were also “a cause for trauma and fear among members, especially on the heels of an insurrection.”

Ocasio-Cortez spokesperson Lauren Hitt told the Washington Post following the reported incident, “We hope leadership and the Sergeant at Arms will take real steps to make Congress a safe, civil place for all Members and staff.”

Greene insisted Thursday that she has every right to expect that a fellow House member would debate important issues.

“Why would a member of Congress need security to debate with another member? That doesn’t make sense,” said the Georgia lawmaker, according to NY Daily News.

Greene also shrugged off the possibility of facing an ethics investigation.

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63 Responses

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  2. The problem with AOC and Nancy Pelosi is when the truth hurts they turn it around on the other person and the problem is as the other person is right

    1. I agree, Pelosi looks for a reason to a cause problems for Republicans and for anyone that don’t agree with her politics or sense of morals which most of us know she has lost her mind. AOC is a racist and a American HATER. Pelosi would rather protect a terrorist like her than a true American.


          THAT IS A EVIL WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. you sure have that right ,But I have a question since Trump was impeached twice how can Biden be impeached, that man and pelosih should go to hell together and take his communist VP with him these people plus more have done truly awful things to our country some may never be repaired Now they want to teach Communist teaching in our school we can be like China and as far as the border crossing a communist is a communist till they die so how many came over so far the ones that start the riots here in American have never been punish our politicians on the left side paid there bail maxine waters took cops and federal law enforce meant when she flew down to get a riot started and why are they guarded at the capitol we need to wake up or some way Republican will get even

      2. Someday Pelosi, Waters, Cortez, Biden, and Schumer have to meet there maker!! They are truly evil. Let’s put Mad Maxine Waters in front of the ethics committee!! Such hypocrisy and corruption!!

      1. Trump had the perfect opportunity to drain the swamp thoroughly and completely, but he didn’t do it I would have jumped at the chance without hesitation people would be calling me hang ‘Em high Hammond! The first Russia Collusion Hoax happened during war time the Universal Code of Military Justice(UCMJ Law) states any and all Government employees and Government Officials can be tried for TREASON under UCMJ Law during war time, it also states once found GUILTY punishment is death by hanging or death by firing squad that is all nothing more had Trump used his full authority as commander in chief of the military we the people would not have had the election stolen from us Nov. 3rd 2020!

    2. Pelosi needs to be bringing charges against the “SQUAT” for their antisemitism and support of Hama over Israel, but you and I both know that “diddley squat” will come about on this issue for the Demorats feel that they are right!!!!!

    3. I would care less if I picked up my newspaper and read that either (or both) AOC or Nancy Pelosi got run over by drunk drivers. Or caught a terminal case of coronavirus…..

  3. Greene is totally correct,aoc is nothing but a pieelosi drone.aoc needs to get a real life in another country.


      1. Nancy need to worry about controlling those out of touch DemoRats , Maxine , the zamolia refugee and the stupid one that made all those comments about Israel , those people Are Not Americans at Heart, Nancy herself need a crash course in Leadership and Management, she is clueless

        1. You are right but since mad max, airhead Cortez, Omar, tlaib and pressley are all from her side of the aisle peloosely will do nothing about them. She is just mad that Green calls them all out instead of sitting back and doing nothing.

  4. PigLousy lost it a long time ago, and is interested only in destroying this country and Republicans. This is just another one of her temper tantrums. Also, it is easy to understand why anyone would become frustrated with AOC. No one can be blamed for that.

  5. Pelosi and her Radical crowd lie when the truth would serve. Those Dems are liars of the First Degree and have never done anything to help ordinary working Americans. My father once told me that the Dems lie when the truth would serve. Vote the liars out and let’s get America back on track.


  7. All Damn Communist Democrats actions should be brought to the House Ethics Committee. For total VIOLATION of Article 2 section 4.
    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.
    1. For failure to comply to the Constitution on Impeachment of citizen Donald Trump.
    2. For the failure to comply with oath of Office: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend (They failed to comply to defend) the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; (aka BLM/Antifa TERRORIST still on pour street killing Americans)that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; ( they have proven they have no ALLEGIANCE to this county) that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; (EVASION every minute) and that I will well and faithfully (dishonestly) discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.” (Democrats and Biden removed SO HELP ME GOD.

    They are TERRORISTS squatting within the halls of Congress.

    1. Amen Don
      I feel the same as you . They are all Communist Terrorist and need to answer to the American people for attempting a coup d’etat.

    2. I totally agree with you. Hard to believe so many people are oblivious to this admin’s treason in everything they do. Apparently, their stupidity & hate (of Trump) has blinded them to the reality of what’s going on in this country. I keep wondering if Biden is really dealing with mental issues or is it an act. . . .

  8. Pelosi is afraid of Greene and that’s her way of hopefully getting rid of her. Pelosi is a mentally ill person that has a queen syndrome. She is evil and needs to be stopped. But she is following in her dad and brothers footsteps. And her nephew is just like her. Evil to the core of their being. AOC is a total loud mouth that wants attention but won’t confront someone to their face. Such a loser.

  9. “Beyond the pale” would be making a jerk of yourself by ripping th President’s speech in half in front of the nation!

  10. After Maxine Waters is brought before the Ethics Committee than you can think about Rep. Greene. Maxine is openly advocating violence and Greene is asking for a calm discussion of important issues facing all Americans. Does Pelosi know the meaning of “ethics”?

  11. How about the SQUID?????? Everyone of them should not be in our congress. Only reason they are is $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ put them there All not for our way of livingSome of them TREASON TREASON ,but of course they are DEMIRATES. COMMIES ETC.

    1. Who paid the electric of to get them back in office. I think we have four cases of election fraud!

  12. What I would like to ask Ms. Polluted is why is it not OK for another Representative to question a Representative, but it is OK for AOC to attack the integrity of a man guarding our country as a border guard?

  13. How about they remove the hostile people like AOC, Omar, Tlaib, and it will be a CIVIL work place!!!!! Typical Democrat’s turning everything around.

  14. Charges should be leveled against Nancy Pelosi, Omar, Tlaib, AOC, Schumer for their total support of violence from ANTIFA, & BLM, amongst many other charges as well as Treason and corruption!

  15. Pelosi is totally out of control and is abusing her position by attempting to shut up any conservative! Pelosi should face prison charges for the rest of her life!

  16. I’m sorry. I thought AOC was an adult. Since when does an adult go crying to her superior when a fellow employee gives her the unvarnished truth? AOC behaved like a three year old. “Wah! Mommy! Marjorie was mean to me and she hurt my feelings.” Really??? Hey, AOC. Grow up! Learn to take responsibility for your actions and inactions. If you do not like being called a “chicken” (I admit that was unprofessional) maybe you should stand up for what you believe and debate her. But you won’t because you KNOW your position is not thought through and Marjorie Taylor Greene would wipe the floor with you.

  17. It’s waaaay past time for the Wicked Witch of the West and her EVIL cohorts to have the HOUSE fall on them ALL again. They can’t even keep their own backyards free from homelessness, crime, racist division or economic disaster and they’re in Congress promoting the same disasters across our country. They’re nothing but a bunch of ignorant, hypocritical, EVIL TRAITORS and should be removed from positions of power immediately before they damage this once great country any further. They’re ALL involved in scandals of one type or another, making themselves rich beyond comparison, in the meantime, primarily stealing from their constituents. AND where is Biden’s DOJ? Quietly ignoring their and HIS crimes, every time one of them is exposed. Communist & Mafia style suppression & intimidation for anyone that speaks out against their criminal activities. Disgusting, to say the very least. If you wanto to know what the DemoRATS are up to, just look at what they’re accusing others of. You can always tell when one of them is lying, their lips are moving….

  18. Wake up Nancy; AOC causes all her problems without you covering for the social twit. Does anyone read these.

  19. Pelosi’s behavior is far worse than anyone else in congress. put yourself up in front of the ethics committee because you don’t have any ethics at all!

  20. So, then, if a Democrat is confronted by someone asking truthful questions or making truthful remarks, they are doing something wrong. BUT, if a Democrat can mouth off, i.e., Maxine Waters, AOC, the rest of The Squad, then that’s ok and can get away with it. ALL those Democrats have to go — somehow, someway ASAP!!! They are ALL sniveling spoiled brats when they do NOT get their way!!!

    Shown U always run the other Way. Because U know the TRUTH really hurts the Demo Demons Narrative.

  22. Ain’t that something they act like those supposed to adults are kids . We know they act like it especially peelousi . fear and trauma . I’ve seen more fear and trauma on school grounds. Wow maybe they all need counseling . PEEELOUSI only needs one thing her time in front of a firing squad.biden is not a president he is a communist and was fraudulently pushed into our REAL PRESIDENT’S OFFICE.

  23. It might be coming up on time to show them what a real Insurrection is and remove them from office physically I find it hilarious that a Democrat would even use the word ethics

  24. Maybe a good look at the Constitution would help Pelosi and then she would realize that our constitution is built on God’s word which refers to the Bible of which even the Catholic church admits she knows nothing of so how does Pelosi and the Muslim squad even belong in Congress at all

  25. Muslim and so-called Christian Communists have taken over the White House, Senate and
    the House of Representatives! November 2022 may be to late, should the Ture American’s
    revolt now?

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  27. Nancy & AOC, they lie, incite riots, violence, are traders & hater of our country, have done some of the meanest stupidest things & then get upset because someone like Green actually let them have it for their disgraceful UNAMERICAN things they do & say on a daily basis!!! I for one say Rep, Green keep up the good work!!!

  28. Charge yourself under this reason. Quit covering for the Traitors inn your Party NANCY. Waters , Schiff, AOC the Squad all traitors to the nation the swore to up hold. Enough of your lieing BS.

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