July 1, 2022

Pelosi labels President Trump an accessory to murder

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is losing it. She accused President Trump of being an accessory to murder and instigating an insurrection.

In an interview on MSNBC, Pelosi, the third highest-ranking Democrat in the United States, speculated that other Republicans also joined the President in instigating the riot on January 6th. She reasoned thus:

“And if they did, they would be accessory to the crime. And the crime, in some cases, was murder. And this president is an accessory to that crime because he instigated that insurrection that caused those deaths and this destruction.”

Pelosi tied President Trump to the riot and the ensuing deaths because he dared to contest the results of the 2020 election, along with millions of his supporters.

Pelosi went on to say:

A president’s words are important, they weigh a ton. And if you’re DonaldTrump talking to these people, they believe it and they used his words to come here. So, when we talk about ‘did any of our colleagues collaborate?’ Well, that remains to be seen. We have to get the evidence of that.

Pelosi should also acknowledge that the Speaker of the House’s words “weigh a ton,” and when the Speaker deliberately accuses a president of being an accessory to murder, she should be held accountable, too.

If Pelosi really believes what she is saying about Trump instigating the January 6th riot, she should apply the same standard to all the Democrats that encouraged and instigated the riots and insurrection which started in May 2020 and continues to this day in places like Portland.

President Trump told his supporters to protest peacefully. Earlier in the year, Pelosi literally called for “uprisings” all over the country. Will she be held responsible, and will anyone call her an accessory to all the murders committed throughout the “unrest” in the summer of 2020? Watch Elijah Shaffer’s compilation of insurrectionist Democrats howling for blood:

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MrLiberty (@guest_1110891)
1 year ago

Yes, I think Biden is not leading us into a recession but a depression. Biden has learned one thing in 47 years of politics, how to milk the taxpayer for every nickel. He’s flunked economics, You can’t spend more money than you take in- you can but its results in bankruptcy. Of course isn’t spending his money. He is high on O.P.M. other peoples money. In real life he probably squuezes the buffalo on the nickel till it defecates!

Barbara (@guest_1111002)
Reply to  MrLiberty
1 year ago

I agree! He is totally incompetent! Now he expects the hard working taxpayers in our country to pay for the moochers that he intends to let run across our border illegally. He is a psycho hell bent on destroying our country. He can’t stand that our REAL President did such a great job and he is too stupid to follow in his footsteps. He will soon learn that crime doesn’t pay. He has gotten away with so much crime for years, and here’s where he gets his come uppence. He’s a fake thieving president who is determined to sell us out to China, but America will never stand for it.

Peatro (@guest_1111036)
Reply to  Barbara
1 year ago

Bidens entire administration is completely incopedent & A bunch of deeply delusional degenerates. White house , house of Representives an senate is now under the control of Rapist ,Pedophiles ,junkies , alcoholics,Thieves murders an other wise degenerates of all forms Losers in civilian life.

Trudy (@guest_1111049)
Reply to  Peatro
1 year ago

Fits right in with Biden! He should be right at home.

steve weston (Lucy) (@guest_1111055)
Reply to  Barbara
1 year ago

What can we do about this ? Pray ? Enough praying…

AGOSTINO ZOLEZZI (@guest_1111006)
Reply to  MrLiberty
1 year ago

If this goes unchecked you are absolutely correct: As soon as Pelosi sends over the impeachment articles the whole world comes to a stop while the Senate takes up the matter. this will cause all 75,000,000 President Trump voters to focus on what the Democrats’ are all about. With Biden EO’s we just lost over 25% of our oil production just watch how our economy will fall apart. it will take a few months and then it is all over. God Help Us.

Elizabeth Haynes (@guest_1111056)
1 year ago

Our gas has already increased by 22 cents a gallon and I expect it to go even higher

Terry Bell (@guest_1110942)
1 year ago

F*CK PISSalousy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RMB (@guest_1111005)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

Terry… WHO THE HELL WOULD WANT TO? The snatch probably has exhaust pipes to vent the smell. LMFAO

Lyn Lindstrom (@guest_1111077)
Reply to  RMB
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi. Do us all a favor and depart to the hot place….and I do not mean a desert.

sturgis (@guest_1110991)
1 year ago

piglosi should do America a favor, die!!

Pete (@guest_1111000)
Reply to  sturgis
1 year ago

Peloisi should be removed from office. She is bad for our country. Impeach her. Along good with her buddy. Shumer. They should be I prison

Trudy (@guest_1111037)
Reply to  Pete
1 year ago

Nancy Pissy needs a mental health review!
She has Alzheimer’s and needs to be put into a facility and given lots of drugs to keep her silenced.

Alice (@guest_1111047)
Reply to  Pete
1 year ago

Couldn’t agree with you more!

Elizabeth Haynes (@guest_1111063)
Reply to  Pete
1 year ago

I can’t understand why they don’t have enough information on polisi and Shumer to impeach them.Maxine Waters should have already been impeached. They have said some awful things.

Trudy (@guest_1111074)
Reply to  Elizabeth Haynes
1 year ago

Cynthia Johnson made actual threats of violence calling for the soldiers to take out the Trumpers

Dr Gary Pryseski (@guest_1111068)
Reply to  Pete
1 year ago

Definitely agree

Barbara English (@guest_1111012)
Reply to  sturgis
1 year ago

Amen! I don’t know how Pelosi has stayed alive this long! She is the worst thing to ever hit our country besides Biden and the ho. You want to talk about murder Nancy? Look in the mirror. You are responsible for an enormous number of deaths in America. You are a disgrace to humanity.

Trudy (@guest_1111046)
Reply to  Barbara English
1 year ago

Look at her state of california, it’s being taken over by the drug lords! Maybe she get some of theirs and overdose!

Ross Neal (@guest_1110992)
1 year ago

We all know that she is a functioning alcoholic.

Barbara English (@guest_1111015)
Reply to  Ross Neal
1 year ago


Virginia Moeller (@guest_1111035)
Reply to  Ross Neal
1 year ago

I don’t call what she does…functioning.

Raoul Andrews (@guest_1110994)
1 year ago

Surely a sad day for America to let this pathetic sick woman continue her obsessive’s ranting!

Barbara English (@guest_1111020)
Reply to  Raoul Andrews
1 year ago

It won’t be too much longer. She is going to be held accountable for her treason and every other crime she has inflicted against our country. Every dog has its day and she’s about to get hers.

Dee (@guest_1110996)
1 year ago

The evil woman, Pigsley, seems she always has a mouthfull
of crap! She drinks too much and her mouth is always spitting out
hateful crap.Retire already!!!

Barbara (@guest_1111022)
Reply to  Dee
1 year ago

There isn’t even a glue factory that would take that old nag. She is disgusting.

Mary Dunn (@guest_1111052)
Reply to  Dee
1 year ago

She wont, there is still money for her and her cohorts to steal. We are doomed and now it is going to be very apparent. Our so called Good Democrats, are blind to how bad their leaders are because they were told not to listen to anything but MSM. They swallowed all of the lies and stabbed Trump and the American people in the back. Unfortunately we are all going to pay for the fraud unless something intervenes to stop them and the radical left.

Greg West (@guest_1110997)
1 year ago

Cannot believe this make believe woman could possibly be a lawyer with her insane theories. She really needs to be examined and receive appropriate counseling. Amen

Betsy A Scott (@guest_1110999)
1 year ago

Need to get rid of her – one way or another She is a mess and we need someone who will work for the people and not to see how much bad-mouthing they can do.

DSRober (@guest_1111003)
1 year ago

Can we say that her and the other Dems’ support of ANTIFA is an accessory to murder because of the people who have died during their rioting across the nation? The truth is that she is so vile and full of hatred until it is consuming her from the inside-out. She is mentally ill.

James Siedzik (@guest_1111004)
1 year ago

Unfortunate they did not complete the job on her.

Anna B Baum (@guest_1111007)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi is as senile as Buden. Tru.mp is not a proponent of violence in any form. He was the best President we’ve ever had.

Wally (@guest_1111008)
1 year ago

Poor Pelosi. Does anyone have a fur lined straight jacket? We don’t want her to hurt herself.

Willie (@guest_1111009)
1 year ago

This is the same person who said let antifa and blm have their way, their just needing to blow off some steam. How many deaths happened during the many months of terrorism, fires, destruction?

Des (@guest_1111010)
1 year ago

Impeach all the corruption Democrats as they are full of daily lies. Nancy Pelosi is the manipulating one with hatred and we Americans don’t need to hear Pelosi’s forever whining. She is the evilest person that walks on America soil and ought to be impeached now before she destroys America further

Manuel DeMello (@guest_1111013)
1 year ago

You need to get the Congressional Bartender you hired aka AOC to serve you another case of single malt Scotch and STFU you lying hypocrite Democrat domestic terrorist Pelosi. Are is she still to occupied trying to figure out what that “garbage disposal” thingamajigger is for? (Hint: It is literally in the name.)

Elwood Baker (@guest_1111016)
1 year ago

Let’s see now where the US is with its leaders:

The POTUS has demonstrated that he has all of the early signs of dementia & on his first day he cost at least 10,000 workers their jobs that were under contract.

The VP slept her way up with much older men to get promoted. Ah, it’s no secret.

The Speaker of the house is an insane, vicious, evil, vindictive, hateful far left, radical libtard!!

Ray Charron (@guest_1111017)
1 year ago

One question. Why isn’t that drug infested hag being impeached. Get rid of that lice and I think congress will see the light.

Rita Downey (@guest_1111018)
1 year ago

Nancy has been around Hilary too long. She is simply trying to divert attention from her failure to heed notification of riot rumblings PRIOR to Jan. 6th. Same goes for Milt McConnell. Both are equally responsible for the outcome of that riot because BOTH were notified of this possibility PRIOR to the riot itself. Did they bother to read the notification and take strong measures to handle same? NO, THEY DID NOT. Period!

Tommie (@guest_1111023)
1 year ago

Antifa had their chance!!!!! And missed it…. Damn shame….

Linda Goodwin (@guest_1111024)
1 year ago

Peloton is an idiot. Why do they keep voting for her. She is ruining our county!

Donna Zuar (@guest_1111025)
1 year ago

This is the worst election in our lives! Democrats will be wishing they had Trump back in the White House! We can not prosper in this Country until we produce our own products and keep our Money in America! We need to keep Borders closed! We can’t give our money to people that come from other Countries. We must pay Americans that have worked for this Country!

Brian (@guest_1111026)
1 year ago

Pity red flag laws are not applied to running off at the mouth.

Tom (@guest_1111027)
1 year ago

That old crack cocaine sure makes you say the dumbest things doesn’t it?

Edward Holland (@guest_1111028)
1 year ago

She is a danger to the security of America and should be removed and jailed. What a fruit loop.

Ronda (@guest_1111029)
1 year ago

Pelosi should be removed due to mental incompetency. The woman is so full of hate and jealousy she is obsessed with ruining Trump. She could care less about this country. It’s all about her and power.

MarieAnna Dvorak (@guest_1111031)
1 year ago

Such a country as America needs not a politician, but an economically capable leader in order to prosper. This is why President Trump is so loved. What is Biden’s achievement? Living all his life out of other people’s money?

frankl.in archambault (@guest_1111032)
1 year ago

time to put poor old senile nancy the floozie in a wrap around coat and send her to pennhurst for the duration she is beyond redemtion

Mary Lou (@guest_1111033)
1 year ago

PISSlosi is a mean, vile, evil, PIECE OF $HIT! This demented old hag needs to be put behind bars. I am so FU*KING sick of her BULL$HIT. She is so full of hate it’s is consuming her plastic wrinkled old body and mind. I’m sure her father, SATAN, is so proud of her and holding a special cell in hell for her!

stuart nolting (@guest_1111034)
1 year ago

Each day that goes by since inauguration day TRUMPS popularity is increasing!

Anita Thompson (@guest_1111040)
1 year ago

When is enough enough?? When will we, the American Patriots who supported and LEGITIMATELY voted for the next president of the United States , President Donald Trump, STAND UP for OUR God given, inalienable rights and hold Pelosi, Harris, Schumer and Biden accountable for all their lies, thievery, destruction of businesses and lives? WHO CAN HELP US??? I feel so betrayed by our judicial system that has allowed them to destroy the once greatest country in the world!!! We are DOOMED!!!

BDS (@guest_1111051)
Reply to  Anita Thompson
1 year ago

Believe me I hear ya –
Well said they r 1000’s of us who r disillusioned disgusted & depressed that this stolen election happened –
Even more sad is we do not have any representation or FAIR & honest judges

Bill Nelson (@guest_1111042)
1 year ago

How long are the republicans going to put up with the name calling and accusations. Pelosi, Schumer, and many other democrats continue to insult and defame Our President Trump. If it is possible to file impeachment charges against them get it done. Biden committed rape on Tara Reade, Harris provided money for rioters bail, admitted it and now she is accussing Trump of doing the same thing. When is Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and others going to grow some balls and step up to the plate? All this talk and no action should stop or go home.

BDS (@guest_1111059)
Reply to  Bill Nelson
1 year ago

RINO REPUBLICAN PARTY AS I SEE IT IS DONE!!! Spineless & doing what they do best —CAVE TO THE CORRUPT LEFT!!!
We the American ppl r WITHOUT A PARTY!!!!

Pat (@guest_1111043)
1 year ago

Is it possible that” WE THE PEOPLE CAN TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK “ as citizens.. because it’s clear no one is looking out for “WE THE PEOPLE”

Whitebird (@guest_1111048)
1 year ago

You Dems should understand a simple fact of action has a re-action.What goes around comes around.Have a good day.

JSikes (@guest_1111050)
1 year ago

The Nazis had one thing in common-They hared Communists–We are not Nazis o great divider of nations–
I would ask that The Dems would just think about what they are doing before they do it. If I was a vindictive person on the Republican side-if they impeach and try Trump, I would have the top Republicans impeach Kamala Harris for supporting both financially and spiritually the riots and killings last summer. She had Minnesota Freedom fund and called for the riots to keep going. She bailed out mostly rioters but other criminals that committed other crimes. There is no question that if the dems want to play hard ball the republicans can strike back. Oh and by the way her most offensive quality is that all her mentors and friends are communists who work the CCP. This is not a load of BS.

Joseph Nelson (@guest_1111054)
1 year ago

It is a shame that we the people of this great country have let this go on for so long, We have let the try to destroy our President, Let them tell us who can go into the bathroom with us or our children, We have let them still the election from us, We all know dead people dont vote but they put a halfdead person in office so they could tell him what to do, they put a vice president in that dont know if she is black or Indian or if she just popped out of a bottle, One thing we know for sure is that these people are out to sell us the people out to the highest bidder,

Tammy (@guest_1111061)
1 year ago

As Americans we have the right to freedom of speech. We can think for ourselves and decide for ourselves what we will or will not do. No one makes us think or do anything. That is what we love so much about PRESIDENT Trump. He does not try to brainwash his supporters unlike the other side does. He is not responsible for anything that happened at the White House. If the blame lies anywhere it is with Nancy herself. She, as speaker of the house, was responsible for security there. There is more security at a “school crossing” than there was there.
As always, what the Democrats accuse us of is actually what they are guilty of themselves. If they manage to lock up President Trump for “accessory to murder”, then we can just all join him. At least if he does get “locked up”, he will have tons of company. Should she ever get locked up, she will rot in jail “ALONE”.

gary metz (@guest_1111067)
1 year ago

This is one of the saddest video clips I have ever seen. Everyone of these people should be arrested for threats against the President of the United States. A month from now the United States will be begging Trump to return to office because the Democrats and their liberal wing will have destroyed so much. It is time for the rest of the Country to pull together and let the politicians know that what they are pushing may not be what the American People want or need. It is time for the majority to let the Congress and Senate know that what they are “laying down is not what we are picking up.” It is time for America to become America Again. It is amazing what a few short days in office is already costing this Great Country.

Bonnie (@guest_1111069)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a total nut case, get her committed NOW!

Raymond P Valentine (@guest_1111071)
1 year ago

In Reading the above Comments, I can only say—-A M E N !!!!
AND , Is It JUST POSSIBLE, That OUR USA Election Laws need A COMPLETE OVERHAUL to bring elections of OUR Government BACK to the Citizens ??? It appears that the SOROS & Obuma String Pullers are running this COUNTRY – into OBLIVION!!!

Arthur Jurczak (@guest_1111072)
1 year ago

What more do we need for proof of TREASON by Democrats?

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