October 30, 2020

Pelosi refuses to rule out impeaching Bill Barr to stall SCOTUS confirmation

President Trump finally revealed his nominee to fill Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s now-vacated Supreme Court seat, and Democrats are desperate to stop the confirmation process.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) floated the idea of impeaching Attorney General Bill Barr as a way to stall Amy Coney Barret’s confirmation, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) just addressed the prospect in a Sunday interview.

When host of CNN’s “State of the Union” Jake Tapper asked Pelosi on Sunday morning whether she would consider impeaching Barr to stall Senate Republicans, Pelosi didn’t outright deny the possibility that Democrats would move in that direction.

Tapper introduced the idea by referencing Ocasio-Cortez’s earlier comments:

So, Speaker Pelosi, it sounds as though you’re almost resigned to the fact that Judge Barrett will become Justice Barrett. And you’re saying very clearly that your message to viewers right now is vote, vote, vote — vote November 3 or early voting or whatever. That would seem to suggest that you are not on the program when it comes to individuals like Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who this week did not rule out this long-shot effort to try to stall the confirmation of Judge Barrett by impeaching Attorney General Bill Barr. Now, you haven’t ruled it out.

“Well, I’m not familiar with what suggestion of the distinguished congresswoman made,” Pelosi jabbed, before going on to say that Barrett’s nomination is about placing a justice “to overturn the Affordable Care Act.”

Tapper pressed Pelosi to take a position on impeaching Barr as a means of halting the confirmation, and she again deflected:

Well, what is the use of talking about that? What we’re talking about is the price the Republican senators will pay if they vote to overturn the pre-existing medical condition, which they’ve been out to get as well as the president had been out to overturn. Now I’m not into the process. I’m into the policy. But I do want to point out that they have totally misrepresented their position on this. In fact, you could say they are lying.

Just hours after Barrett’s nomination, Democrats appear to be struggling to come to a consensus about which way they will attack her, and Pelosi clearly doesn’t want to publically commit to anything right now.

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65 Responses

  1. Just keep it up Nancy! Every time you open your mouth…..out comes MORE GARBAGE. Who do you think you are kidding……besides yourself? NOBODY !!!!!!

      1. That’s spelled “loser” and although Pelosi hasn’t been tough enough with impeachments ( particularly against Trump ) this year, she knows what she’s doing so don’t underestimate her.

          1. Bingo!!!! Pelousy is so narcissistic and arrogant she cannot comprehend the depths of her ignorance but that can be said about any member of her party. Past time for them to be taken down.

    1. This woman is an abomination to American politics. It has become obvious that she has become so self delusional that she can’t perform her duties. She should be sitting by a window in a SanFrancisco nursing home overlooking a homeless encampment outside. Perhaps she can manage that-I doubt it.
      I used to think that Democrats were incorrect in their thinking and policy-some were dignified and respected the job and their duties-not anymore. The American people should not have to pay these political hack morons who have no morality for obstructing or doing nothing.

      1. Boy did you say a mouthfull and I agree with you 100% maybe 150% how right you are she is crazy she is filled with so much hate for Trump she is loosing her mind and is so irrational I don’t know how she stayed speaker for so long as nutty as she is

        1. Read an article written by a demo member (unnamed) They only keep her because of ALL the $$$$ she brings in. SOOOO the real reason she stalls any money to we the people is because the senate WILL NOT allow her to keep giving $$$$ to all her cronies, businesses, companies, you get the picture. GET HER and the SQUAD OUT!

        1. Nancy Pelosi is 80 not 84, not that it matters. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump are both far worse and they’re very old too ( mid 70s ).

          1. Stop insulting folks who are better educated and much wiser than the brain washed Liberal punk kids like yourself that savor anything a professor has to say.

      2. I grew up Dem and recognized that 50 years ago. Our parents taught us to think for ourselves. Their history is so murky as to be detestable. First, after losing in the 1952 election, the communist party of the USA infused themselves into said party and never ran another separate candidate. Then, liberals came along in the early 60’s and along with the infused commies started their bastardization of said party into the trash of today.

      1. Unfortunately we can’t do that at this time. However, we need to keep insisting on term limits.


      2. We all want to see Shahid Butter beat Nancy Pelosi in the upcoming election, but let’s be real…. she has that Congressional seat locked up for 2 more years, because the DCC cut a deal with Pelosi to give her 4 years in the Speakership. That’s a problem in both political parties in the House and Seante.

        But Pelosi has outsmarted Trump many times in the past, but this isn’t one of those times. The Republicans are scum, and they will push through Amy Barrett for SCOTUS, even though they prevented Obama from doing the same thing in an election year with Merrick Garland in 2016.

        Joe Biden is no idiot — he knows what he’s talking about. Don’t let his lifelong stutter fool you! Trump is the one ripping people off and telling his supporters to drink bleach to kill the Coronavirus that he failed to prevent ! He’s also delusional, since Donald said on July 4, 2019 that during the Revolutionary War in 1775 that there were airports !! That wasn’t his usual misreading of the teleprompter. Trump is a criminal under investigation in a few states, and terrible in so many other ways… He has to GO.

        1. In your dreams cupcake, you need to go to work now don’t you, oh that’s right. Biden Biden is a 47 years example of a swamp creature. He cannot put two sentences together, he doesn’t remember where he was or where he is going. Living off the money his son gathered from the Ukrainian and China for daddy.

        2. You truly are an idiot and apparently an America hater. I don’t know what rock you crawled out from, but do yourself a favor and crawl back under it to keep from being stomped!! If Trump was able to stop the corona virus, then so are you. Why didn’t YOU do something besides running your mouth.
          I know you don’t want to hear this, but President Trump is a great man who loves our country and in spite of your stupidity, he even tries to help people like you. Grow up!!!!!!

        3. Wow!!!! What a idiot you are.. I have some lake side frontage in the middle of the Sahara I would like to sell you. Have you actually listened to what Biden says when he is actually allowed to speak. He is incoherent, he is confused and mixes facts up. I am tired of these damn professional politicians that have scammed the taxpayer for decades. Hunter is a great example of corruption. The koolaid you and your fellow liberal drink really messes your mind up. The democratic party no longer exists. It is controlled by the CCP. Just look around and read elsewhere. Do some research. Don’t be a total idiot all of your life.

  2. This witch, that calls herself Pelosi, is exactly that, a witch, with capital letters. W I T C H. All this woman wants is more money, and power. If all Americans are smart, they’ll vote this mafia out. It’s pretty obvious, if it was a democrat president sitting in office, he or she would do the same thing, not wanting any arguments.

  3. November 3 elections can’t come soon enough when President Trump will be re-elected by a 50-state landslide and all communist demoncrats will be voted out of office and Republicans take full control of the House and Senate!!

    1. YES!!! I agree Christiann! Landslide victory! (barring fraud & schemes) I pray that it is so, for the sake of the next generations to come. I also pray the left’s evil schemes would come back to haunt them…and that the corruption of Deep State will soon be revealed and justice will prevail for all who hold the accountability of government as being essential to the nation’s well being.

    2. Christiann, I would agree 100% except for the people – if you can call such losers people – over at AXIOS who have already told America their plan to steal the election – the RED MIRAGE – look it up.
      As far as I’m concerned, AXIOS and its idotic employees should be elevated to first place in the coming purge.


  5. Pelosi is a disgrace to her party an American people. Cortez is as bad . They don’t want someone in that believes in God. They have to meet him after death an answer for the things they have done . It is a shame our country was founded on God now to make a mockery of him . They lie an cheat To try to get what they want. They should an probably will be voted out.

  6. We must vote all the democrats out !!!!
    They all turned towards communism/ Marxism!

    American people do not want to turn their country into a totalitarian marxists regime !!
    Vote Trump 2020 !!!!!

  7. I have sit through 80 years of different political parties. I have never seen one individual how thinks she is God herself. This woman has lost her mind. She is not capable of being in government let alone being in charge of the House of Representatives in OUR United States Government. However she is not the only person who needs to b e remover from office. There are four of five more Democrats who needs to be removed from this Government. 1. is Adam Schiff,. 2. Jerald Nader, 3. Alexandria O. Cortez, 4. Chuck Schumer, 5. and the other three Congress women who are involved with AOC. To the American People it appears that the only business the House Democrats have completed in the last four years is the attempts to get rid of one of the best Presidents this country has had in my lift time. President Donald J. Trump has completed almost all of his political promises. He also works for “O” pay. I my opinion he has done mort for this country than any other President that we have had. Se the people need to consider these facts on November 3rd all our facts when
    we go to the polls. May God Bless America and all the individuals here.

    1. I agree! But you forgot the most important democrat of all. Joe Biden… He isnt stable. He isnt qualified. He doesnt even know what decade he is in! And ALL the lies. He needs to be impeached as a presidential candicate. And somebody needs to call adult protective services!!
      Trump/Pence 2020

  8. What grounds to impeach AG Barr?? Pisslosi has become “senile” just like BiteMe, Maxine Watters, and Diane Feinstein, they all need to be led out to “pasture”!!

    1. How the hell can they impeach a Presidential Appointment ? It would seem to me that AOC is exhibiting her total ignorance of American Government . It wouldn’t surprise me at all if she decided she wanted to impeach anyone who disagreed with her on line 😳

    2. What did the pasture ever do to deserve such ill treatment? We now have a Space Force, lets just shoot all the corrupt Dems into space, one-way ticket to Pluto!

    3. Thank you. You gave me quite a chuckle there. I have a very vivid imagination and I can see grazing fields of clover!!! I can see Nancy P grazing and trying to take over control of the other nitwits that are there, too.

  9. WTF!! Is the matter with the demoraps??? It sounds like they are running scared!!! They are so confused they don’t
    know which way to turn or which end is up!!! All of them need to crawl back down the rat hole they came from until
    they can get their s*** together and start working to help make America better for ALL of us instead of tearing
    America down to suit their little whim….Like they are trying to do now!!!
    Semper Fi

    1. Communist with money are extremely deadly, Soros & his son need their ticket punched Now or this bull_hit won’t end here. It’s hard for me to believe this parasite is still breathing, but at the same time we let them set up shop in the greatest country in the world, but it won’t last if we don’t step up to the plate and send a round down range to stop it NOW…Sua Sponte & God Bless the United States 🇺🇸



  11. All the above posts are right on target! Cortez is a BIMBO, not fit to be in congress, nor are her squad pals! Piglosi is an abomination and a disgrace to our country! They all need to go, along with cryin’ Schumer, shifty liar shiff, nodding Nadler and their ilk. Their removal would make our country a better place. Vote RED, rid our government of the sewer rats that have infested our government! They are trying to take our country down from the inside! We cannot let that happen!

    1. Hey ! That is not a nice thing to say . You have just defamed every self respecting Bimbo in America by calling AOC a Bimbo . Actually I think Whale Turds at the bottom of the Marianas Trench would be a much better comparison .

  12. So this is why she gave up impeaching President Trump, besides knowing how stupid that is. So she could just impeach Bill Barr. I see this itch for what she really is. Remove her already! Isn’t it past time? Throw her out n prosecute that thing called piglosi!!

  13. I used to be a Dumicrate. But since Obuma I haven’t voted for anyone that labels themselves as one since.
    I am sure not going to give my vote to the nuckle head, (sleepy creepy Joe and his slutty stupid cohart). I have seen the three stooges do better than them with a lot less complaining. And I guess Pelosi n Shiffty together make up the third stooge.

  14. A LOT of Very Good Comments, above. However, if IMPEACHMENT is Paramount on the minds(?) of PIGlosi, AOC , and their followers, then MAYBE it is THEY who should be IMPEACHED! The U.S.A. would be better, stronger and MUCH further ahead WITHOUT Those, whos ONLY Desire is to weaken and take down the Country, that allowed THEM to become wealthy on the backs of the American People, and who have contributed NOTHING BUT TURMOIL and decent for the Citizens of this GREAT COUNTRY.
    With the seemingly ENDLESS Begging for Money Donations, MAYBE we should all pitch in, just enough, to buy a LEAKING wooden boat, without Oars, with the aforementioned persons on board, and set that same boat adrift in SHARK infested waters. I have NO DOUBT that the Sharks would benefit far more than their Constituents.

  15. pelosi is the congressional SNAKE, she slithers around with her forked tongue and venomous fangs. She is a worthless piece of humanity, she is void of any and all respect, credibility and any degree of truthfulness. She is the poster idiot exemplifying term limits, she needs to either retire or just plain expire.

  16. Let Drunk Nancy attack before she gets to her Mental Facility. AOC is dumber than a shove so Dig your own grave Demonic Rats.
    They continue to try to cover up the biggest Political scandal in United States history. They have been exposed and it’s time a few of them went to prison for a failed coup attempt at a cost of 32
    Million to tax payers.
    These morons took corruption to a level that will never be touched.
    It makes Watergate look like a trip to Chuck E Cheese’s on a Saturday

  17. Who has the power to impeach Pelosi ??? If there is someone start the process NOW. Nothing would make the American citizens happier . She is corrupt just like all the others.

  18. Could it be that the Democrats have been so disruptive the last 4 years, that now they don’t even know why they are in Washington. Pelosi says jump and they say how high. As they haven’t done anything but spend taxpayers money, don’t you think they ought to pay it back.

  19. There has never been any doubt that Pelosi and the democrats would attempt to delay Judge Barrett’s confirmation. But it won’t fly regardless of their underhanded tactics. Under constitutional law McConnell can call for a vote at any time and both sides know it. But they’re going to try. I’m an independent but all of these tactics by the democrats are for one purpose, POWER. Our election system was created and is designed as the most simple in the world. You have candidates, you vote, and the majority is supposed to win. But this is no longer true. The system has been twisted and modified to the point that it takes a court ruling to decide the outcome. As an independent I have looked into the last few elections. In every case the democrats have pulled some underhanded deal. Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself. You may say I’m just against the democrat party. WRONG. I voted democrat for a long time. But I got wise to their crooked political way when Bill Clinton came along. This time I’m telling the world if the democrats manage to pull this one off the voting public has had their LAST election where their vote actually counted. The rules will be changed to favor all elections for the democrats. They will have the power to do it, AND THEY WILL ! !

  20. You are right Kurt. All the democrats want is power. They are full of hate for President Trump.
    He is leading and they are misleading the American people. There is a silent magority that will speak out in a few
    short weeks.

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