August 18, 2022

Turley: Pelosi accuses GOP colleagues of providing ‘aid and comfort’ to rioters

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) spent the last four years relentlessly attacking Donald Trump for being “divisive,” but there is none more divisive in Washington D.C. than the Speaker herself.

Constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley — himself no Conservative — noted in an op-ed on Saturday that Pelosi is unhinged to the point that she’s attacking her GOP colleagues with serious allegations of giving “aid and comfort” to the Capitol rioters — despite no evidence proving her accusations. 

After Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) accused freshman GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) of personally giving rioters a tour of Washington prior to the January 6 attack, Pelosi did not advocate for a sober examination of the facts.

Instead, Pelosi went nuclear, joining Cohen in the unsubstantiated accusations and charging Boebert of giving “aid and comfort to those with the idea that they were embracing a lie — a lie perpetrated by the president of the United States that the election did not have legitimacy.”

Turley commented on Pelosi’s lack of judgement as a leader:

Like many, I support a commission to look into how these rioters gained such rapid entry into the Capitol Hill.  However, Democratic members have claimed that Republican members were actual co-conspirators in the riot in supplying access to the building to plan out the attack. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D., N.J.) went public with an extraordinary allegation against some of her colleagues that they conducted secret surveillance in a conspiracy with rioters at the Capitol. Sherrill stated in a Facebook live address to her constituents that she witnessed the surveillance personally. She said unidentified members of Congress “had groups coming through the Capitol” in “a reconnaissance for the next day.”

Sherill has still not supplied any of the names of her colleagues to who worked as inside co-conspirators. As noted earlier, this is an unambiguous allegation of criminal conduct against colleagues.  Either members were conspiring in a crime or Sherill unfairly defamed her colleagues.

One would think that this rising level of acrimony would prompt a Speaker to calm her members and call for an investigation. Speaker Pelosi however proceeded to ramp up the rhetoric.

In the context of alleged criminal conspiracy by members, the use of this language clearly suggested members were more than just politically at fault for their positions. It suggested that they were traitors.

These attacks are coming as some members are calling for the possible expulsion of members for challenging the electoral votes, an act expressly allowed under federal law and repeatedly done by Democrats in prior elections.

Democrats forced Americans to accept a Joe Biden presidency on the premise that the chaos of the last four years would finally be over, but Pelosi’s increasingly unhinged approach to her GOP colleagues proves it was all a lie.

Turley concluded that Pelosi’s rhetoric is “an example of the rage-filled politics that continues to build in our country, including calls for blacklists and punitive measures against anyone deemed supportive of Trump.”

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Tom 229 (@guest_1112927)
1 year ago

Piglosi is a shriveled up douche bag who made a pact with the devil. But she will learn that Satan will betray her because he runs the Demonrat Party and that is what they stand for- and none of them better step outof lineor else!

Stephen C Freeman (@guest_1113037)
Reply to  Tom 229
1 year ago

Is it true the BLM & Antifa rioters stole 4-1/2 bottles of vodka from peelousy’s desk???

Sue (@guest_1113848)
Reply to  Stephen C Freeman
1 year ago

It’s good if they did take it! Pelosi already appears to be punch drunk and losing her mental faculties!

Dewayne Goodwin (@guest_1113352)
Reply to  Tom 229
1 year ago

Not only that she is part of the ones that helped pull the riot off.
If they think we are stupid and not aware of what’s going on she is delusional.

Dot (@guest_1113380)
Reply to  Tom 229
1 year ago

And that “devil” is called GEORGE SOROS.

Jen (@guest_1113866)
Reply to  Dot
1 year ago

You put out fire by backburning with fire. With these people you can’t be nice. I am not normally a hateful person but this is for the future of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. When your nice they stomp all over you like bullies do, Time to drop kick their ar-es.

JayJay (@guest_1114203)
Reply to  Jen
1 year ago

You have that right! The last 12 years have turned me into a person I do not like. I have come to despise the media for their lies and destruction and I have utter contempt for Pelosi, Biden, Schumer, Cheney, Murkowski, Romney, McConnell, CJ Roberts, – and the list goes on. I love that President Trump was NOT a politician, but a loyal American! Those afore mentioned scumbags are trying to totally destroy this patriotic man.

Bill A (@guest_1113394)
Reply to  Tom 229
1 year ago

You are much too nice to Pelosi, it’s hard to find enough bad words to describe her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alicia cervera (@guest_1113440)
Reply to  Bill A
1 year ago

Well said Bill.! I got out my thessaurus, but still ddnt find the correct word to hang around her.

Jen (@guest_1113862)
Reply to  alicia cervera
1 year ago

Maybe Satans spawn, or Satan reincarnated. Or just plain old evil b-t-h

Jim (@guest_1113963)
Reply to  alicia cervera
1 year ago

The only word to hang around that witch is rope. Mainly around the neck.

JayJay (@guest_1114205)
Reply to  alicia cervera
1 year ago

If you could find that word the web site would not allow you to use it!

DrScott (@guest_1113489)
Reply to  Tom 229
1 year ago

Demonicrats maybe is better?
I’m tired of all this hatred for POTUS Trump, American Citizens, Republicans, and anyone who voted for anyone but Beavis Biden.
Seems now that the amount of hatred that’s been poured out on the above is getting a dose of their own mean-spirited hate.
Maybe we should be better.

Jen (@guest_1113863)
Reply to  DrScott
1 year ago

You put out fire by backburning with fire. With these people you can’t be nice. I am not normally a hateful person but this is for the future of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. When your nice they stomp all over you like bullies do, Time to drop kick their ar-es.

McRant (@guest_1112954)
1 year ago

Let’s start keeping a Covid-19 ‘death count’ on Xiden like the Dems kept on Trump and blamed him for. Let’s see how the Dumbocrats like that.

tasha (@guest_1112965)
1 year ago

tthe demoz led by the evil one /godless people will not destroy my america

tasha smith (@guest_1112966)
1 year ago

democrapy are godless people /may they suffer at the hands of god

Art Thomas (@guest_1113003)
Reply to  tasha smith
1 year ago

Trust God
Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
Believe God’s word…”Evil shall not Prevail over good”…”Vengeance is Mine”; sayeth the Lord.
“I am with thee”
If God is with us, who can be against us…???
Fear not, you have nothing to fear but fear itself…PERIOD!!!

ted (@guest_1112967)
1 year ago

We The People , have got to get Trump back in now !!!!! I can’t hardly take these evil stupid racists democrats’ anymore !!!!! We are losing our freedoms and country fast !!!!!!

David (@guest_1113510)
Reply to  ted
1 year ago

Trump is still president, he will be inaugurated March 4th. We are no longer a corporation. The president before he left got rid of the Corp and made us a republic again.

Judy Owen (@guest_1113766)
Reply to  David
1 year ago

What happens on March 4th. Did I miss something

derf (@guest_1122203)
Reply to  Judy Owen
1 year ago

David said March 4th but didn’t say what year Judy

James (@guest_1112978)
1 year ago

A call for unity and lambast apponets?

Trish (@guest_1112979)
1 year ago

Heaven forbid her little terrorist group get the blame. Oh Wait!!! It WAS them breaking into the capital, and the left were the ones who planned it, because they just can’t let go of the fact that Mr. Trump actually did something positive FOR the USA. So as usually, they’ll blame someone else. Their actions will be held accountable, not soon enough for most of us, but they will have to answer the Higher Power someday.

Dianne Potter (@guest_1113966)
Reply to  Trish
1 year ago

Amen Exactly!!

lowie (@guest_1112987)
1 year ago


Mutzika (@guest_1113030)
Reply to  lowie
1 year ago

Yes Trump did that while the Democrats like piggie, hairy, biddy, smuck, tiffs, etc…
They take
The difference:
Service-to -others vs Service-to-Self
One has to select their title
Mostly …many are Service – to -SELF!!!!!
grab, grab, taxes and death!!!

Bonnie (@guest_1112994)
1 year ago

How can we get Trump back in office now? It’s to late, Biden and Harris are both sworn in they are now President and VP. Many people tied, saying fraud, witnesses stating what they had seen. Biden is stopping construction on the wall, 450 miles of the wall is completely finished, and he won’t let the rest be completed. Illegals know what Biden is doing, tens of thousands from Honduras are now coming to the US, they will be taking jobs away from the American people.

Mutzika (@guest_1113032)
Reply to  Bonnie
1 year ago

We still can…
WE the people have power
Unless we are wimpy wimps
All talk do nothingness?
The first settlers here had a lot of guts to survive

Mutzika (@guest_1113033)
Reply to  Bonnie
1 year ago

Then induce then into the military if they want to live in a free country protecting this Constitution…
No freebies
Everyone has to WIRK to earn their stripes
Biddy, pull-ups, hairy, etc…never worked for anything
Never really gave away anything FREELY

Amberdawn Richmond (@guest_1113516)
Reply to  Bonnie
1 year ago

Biden can be impeached for China and Ukraine. Harris can be impeached for aiding &abetting the rioters, she bailed them out. Congress can be impeached for inciting violence. Pelousy,schumer,schiff,waters,McConnell, aoc,Omar, and tons of others.
Since our voices where not heard with our vote, we no longer have to pay taxes and support an illegitimate government.

Squirt (@guest_1113611)
Reply to  Bonnie
1 year ago

They will be receiving welfare and medicade

Dan Peters (@guest_1113001)
1 year ago

If Biden wants to TRY and eliminate the devisive Climate he should START WITH PIGLOSI,SCHITMER, NADLER, SCHIFF, AND OTHER TRAITORIOUS DEMOCRATS. That would be a GREAT START. Pelosi and Schumer have done more damage to this country than any foreign country could ever hope to do. The really should be tried for TREASON. A FIRING SQUAD WOULD BE IN ORDER!!

Edward Christopher Zeller (@guest_1113568)
Reply to  Dan Peters
1 year ago

Burn them at the stake, the firing squad is too noisy

EUGEN (@guest_1113009)
1 year ago


Mutzika (@guest_1113035)
Reply to  EUGEN
1 year ago

His ear piece said ‘ salute to the Marines’
He mumbled {{{{ salute o the Marines}}}}}

Wild Bill (@guest_1113019)
1 year ago

Just a few problems with Pisslosi’s accusations. (1) The election was not legitimate, and most of the free world knows it. (2) who authorized the Capital police to open the doors and let the protestors in? Since DC Mayor is Democrat, and they work for her it had to be a Democrat, most likely Pelosi. That why she’s stoking the fire. Diversionary tactics they are famous for. (3) She has no proof of her accusations.

MARLENE GRAHAM (@guest_1113149)
1 year ago

The whole thing was a set up by the demorats to make Trump supporters look bad and if that isn’t true, why are they still looking through video and find Trump supporters that were in DC and arrest them when rioters are in Portland going about their marry way????? Also how did they get video of people breaking into the captial if they didn’t plan it themselves????? Certainly better not even think about trusting this administration because they are as crooked as they come and most are criminals and should be in prison.

Neil Morris (@guest_1113187)
1 year ago

I am too angry, and disgusted by the evil that’s been turned loose on our country, to think straight. How are we ever going to hold a trustworthy election again ?

Kristal Engelmeier (@guest_1113269)
1 year ago

Maybe someone needs to take her a WH chocolate chip cookie. She needs to go back to CA and let the House of Representatives get to work.

MELINDA BIGELOW (@guest_1113323)
1 year ago


david (@guest_1113327)
1 year ago

This nut job belongs in a rubber rom and never unlock the door again. She has gone nuts she tells and show how much she hates the GOP, all of them. I thin once you are 75 years old you are out of CONGRESS

Joan (@guest_1113339)
1 year ago

I’m angry at the Justice System, state and Gov, we have all seen the faces of the intruders/rioters at the Capital that did the damage, and it was members of the Antfi’s and some Dem’s. Could be a few radical republicans that accompanied them into the Capital but it was the Deml’s that planted these evil people in the crowd dressed as Trump Followers that caused all the damage and scared the poor little Dem’s in office that had to run to the shelter below the Capital for SAFETY. REALLY DEM’S …….WEREN’T YOU INFORMED WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN BY YOUR LEADERS? But WHY DIDN’T THE JUSTICES DO SOMETHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE AND THEN INVESTIGATE THE LEADERS, PIIGOSKI, SCUMMER, WATERS, BIDEN, OBAMA AND ETC.? BTW, if they try to impeach Trump now that he is no longer president, won’t they have to impeach Obama, Bush?

Edward Christopher Zeller (@guest_1113579)
Reply to  Joan
1 year ago

They can’t impeach anyone that is already out of office. They didn’t convict President Trump the first time so that means he can run again for President. They’re too damn old to remember that.

Beverly Gould (@guest_1113359)
1 year ago

It is darkest before the light. There is a new world coming and it belongs to Adonai, Tzevaot.
Remember the story about Pharaoh in Egypt. It will be corrected by metaphysical means.
Just make sure you are on the “right” side when the Red Sea parts.

Dorothy Nelson-Suter (@guest_1113366)
1 year ago

everyone has forgotten about covid 19 it would not surprise me if she and her people had something to do with that as well. remember when it started she was in china town telling everyone to come on down to town everything is going to be ok. she has lost her mine. all she knows how to do is make trouble for the people and she is supposed to be working for us. she is working for herself. that’s how she became so rich off of the American people. It’s time for term limes. she needs to go she has been there too long.

Aline Knippers (@guest_1113374)
1 year ago

I sought for a man among them who would build a wall, and stand in the gap before me on behalf of the land, that it should not be destroyed. Ezekiel 22:30

Ted (@guest_1113411)
1 year ago

I hope the old rag and her cohorts get the new strain all at the same time….

Doris A FRAZIER (@guest_1113420)
1 year ago

She has lost her dam mind. They need to call in the men in the white coats and cart her off. She needs to be impeached or use 25th to get her the hell out of office before she does so much damage there will be no coming back from it. Democrats have to step up and put a stop to her crazy nonsense.

Eugene Ross (@guest_1113475)
1 year ago

how can we get rid of the wicked witch of the west? maybe throw water on her and watch her melt

Ann Batchelor (@guest_1113522)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi has needed to be replaced as Speaker of The house for a very long time apparently has long been not been able to have any common sense or reasoning in her responsibility. She has lost respect and decorum for proper way to handle business. Tearing up President Trump speech after he delivered it was extremely disrespectful on cameras there.

J (@guest_1113527)
1 year ago

I heard Biden say to a woman, ‘We must follow Obamas’ agenda!”

Mad as Hell (@guest_1113559)
1 year ago

Nancy you are loosing it, maybe you should have a shot or two or a quart, I really think all this liquor is making mush out of your brain or is it dementia or alzheimer’s. Someone really need to put you, Biden, Schumer, Schiff & McConnell & a few other on permanent vacation in the State Penitentiary.

Gary m (@guest_1113789)
1 year ago

Will someone start a petition to force Biden to close the border.
Will someone start a petition to force Biden to finish the border wall.
Will someone start a petition to stop Biden from giving [email protected]@re to [email protected]
Will someone start a petition to force Biden to reinstall the XL pipeline.
Will someone start a petition to force term limits on all congressmen.
Will someone start a petition to remove immunity for congressmen.
Will someone start a petition to pardon president Trump.
Will someone start a petition to impeach Pelosi, Schumer.

Gary m (@guest_1113817)
1 year ago

Texas need to institute its own immigration policy, just as California’s Newson does. Besides with all these states making their own elect laws, I think we should make our own immigration laws. The Supreme Court isn’t going to do any thing any, cause it doesn’t have any standing.

Wayne (@guest_1113845)
1 year ago

I say we start impeachment hearings on all of the Democrats who: conspired to fund terrorist over the last year while they committed acts of murder, arson, We also use the same maneuvers that they tried to bring against President Trump, where he was unfit for office; no one is acting more insane the Speaker Pelosi, and our new President seems to be just a power hungry junkie looking for his next fix.

GinniC (@guest_1113905)
1 year ago

Drain the Swamp!!! and let’s get on with it… Gitmo is waiting for all you wicked baby killers and Trump haters… Time to go NOW!

Margie (@guest_1184374)
1 year ago

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