March 2, 2021

Pelosi fumes that Congress must ‘reverse the damage’ done by ‘radical Republicans’ after Barrett confirmation

The GOP-controlled Senate voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett to the nation’s highest court on Monday, sending some Democrats into a rage spiral.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), incensed by the successful confirmation of Barrett to the court, ordered Congress to “reverse the damage” done by a “radical Republican court” just after the Senate vote. 

Democrats struggled to coalesce around a cohesive plan of attack against Barrett, and obviously ultimately failed. However, even though they were unable to halt her confirmation, Democrats continue to relentlessly hit Barrett’s religious beliefs in their attempts to undermine her legitimacy.

“Congress will have to reverse the damage of a radical Republican court and defend pre-existing condition protections together with every other benefit and protection of the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi said in a statement released after the vore.

“With this usurped Supreme Court seat, the President is ripping away millions of families’ health care in the middle of a pandemic that has infected over 8.6 million and killed nearly one-quarter of a million Americans,” Pelosi continued.

Barrett has explicitly declined to take a position on the Affordable Care Act — also known as Obamacare — reiterating that a judge “declares independence not only from Congress and the president but also from the private beliefs that might otherwise move her.”

Barrett made it clear during her acceptance speech on Monday that she will not use her new position on the Supreme Court to achieve partisan policy goals — as some judges have done in the past — rather, she will act “independently of both the political branches and of my own preferences.”

Despite Barrett’s solemn pledge to uphold the Constitution, regardless of her personal or political preferences, Pelosi warned that Congress will have to be “prepared to remedy what the Supreme Court will do to undermine the health, financial security, and well-being of American families.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-CA) took his warnings a step further, snarling that Senate Republicans will “regret” their vote, and that “the American people will never forget this blatant act of bad faith.”

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93 Responses

      1. Absolutely. I’m so sick of these people trying to take down the best President we’ve ever had. The demon rats are not for America or Americans. They are for themselves. They want complete power over all the people. This is insane. We would not have any freedoms or money or be able to voice our own opinions,
        too witch we ere entitle. So if they don’t like it, to hell with hem.

    1. They are cry babies who have no qualms about the killing of babies inside and outside the womb. It would be nice if there were UnPlanned Politician program to remove or abort bad politicians immediately from office.

    2. Better yet, spank them all and send them home. Seems like the only thing they are interested in is sabotaging President Trump, even though the citizens of this country wanted Trump enough to vote for him in last election. Better idea is to fire Nasty Nancy Pelosi, whose only goal seems to be to cause problems for this country.

      1. Lincoln a republican freed the slaves the demorat party created the kkk the demorat party has never helped the black or Hispanic community they are racist only vernon jones left the plantation and Nancy wanted him to resign


    3. Absolutely. I’m so sick of these people trying to take down the best President we’ve ever had. The demon rats are not for America or Americans. They are for themselves. They want complete power over all the people. This is insane. We would not have any freedoms or money or be able to voice our own opinions,
      too witch we ere entitle. So if they don’t like it, to hell with hem.

    4. I was thinking the same way, immature brats. The real reason being Trump nominated her and she isn’t a Democrat. They just hate it when things don’t go their way. Way to go my Republican friends.

    5. Let them buy their own!! They haven’t done anything for 3 1/2 years that we’ve been paying them! They’re so stupid they really think that financially burdened Americans are going to vote for them after they have withheld more aid!

  1. The only question for Pelosi is how long is the President elected for? I believe his term is 4 years. I don’t think we have gotten to 4 years yet! So explain why he does not have the right to place another SC Justice on the court. The Dems. did not get their way and now they are acting like spoiled little CHILDREN. If that is the leadership you want you need to get a grip and learn what your rights are. Her and many Dems. are more than happy to take this country down to a third world status. If you want a dictator head to CUBA.

    1. There leader is soros and he is trying to bring back nazism to our beloved country. Soros being a jew he hates it. If he could he would rise Hitler to take over. But we, as Americans will not let this old fool have is way.

      1. No one’s talking about the attack on the “Jews for Trump” rally in NYC this past weekend that looked like, from my view of the video, an attack of “brown shirts” wearing black. I’m surprised DeBlazio wasn’t standing somewhere watching his troops.

        Please wake up people….if you don’t support the Democrat Communist Fascists, you’re going to be locked down & eliminated. You will lose everything you worked for; our 401ks will lose all tax benefits; you will lose the $2,000+ Trump tax credit, & your income will be taxed even if your income is under $400,000 by other means, including your 401k.

      1. I would care less if I picked up the morning newspaper and read that either (or both) Nancy Pelosi or George Soros caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Good riddance…..

        1. RM, about as much chance of that happening as the sun rising in the south & setting in the south. I bet those two POS live to 120 at least!! The good die young & the evil laughs at them!!!

    2. Heck even their goddess Ginsberg stated adamantly more than once that a President’s term is for a FULL four years. Not 3 years and 10 months, or 3 years and 11 months, or even 3 years 11 months an 4 days. BUT THEY ARE ELECTED FOR A FULL TERM OF 4 YEARS…PERIOD.

    3. Worthless Democrats always want to change the rules of the proceedings when they lose. It is called sore losers and they are that. When was the last time a republican threw a fit and swore we will just change the rules? The way it works is you work within the set rules to achieve your goal? If you cannot achieve your goal, then the people must not want it. You do not get to change the rules of the game to get over on the people and that is exactly what the democrat party is trying to do. They are trying to screw the American Citizens with illegal immigrants, activist judges, and an activist Supreme Court. Since Justice Roberts was compromised back some years ago and he has voted with the democrat majority every time on important issues. He is no longer an impartial Judge and needs to be removed from the bench. The new Justice will help but he still needs to be replaced because he has been compromised by the Obama deep state government.

      1. Remember that Roberts is known to have visited Epstein’s island therefore he has been compromised. Also, Pelosi mafia family doesn’t care about us, only her sick and alcohol twisted dementia of her fantasizing about being President. Biden family of corruption, yet no one wants to believe that Ashley’s diary is real and true and that Hunter and his sister’s drug addiction is full blame on both joe and jill. It’s those two kids who are revolting against their pedo father and rightly so!
        It’s a sick world out there but I, as a “deplorable chump” want President Trump to continue his absolute draining of this infested swamp. MAGA

        1. Don’t forget hunter’s behavior bad behavior with young children. Jill would not allow hunter be in same area because of that behavior. A very mixed up ‘family’

  2. The Dems would have fill the vacancies of the court as per the Constitution and not done any less than was done by the current elected officials. We need a checks and balance system and this will complete it. To be upset is not an issue if they too had good intent as per the Constitution. We are a Constitutional Republic and it appears that many “educated” individuals seem to conveniently forget this or selectivity use this term when it completes the narrative. Time to follow the system as it was laid out per Constitution or happily resign from their office since they seem to want to not comply with their sworn oath of office. There is nothing to worry about of they all follow the rules and their oath. There is not judicial imunity for those that violate their oath of office and it appears to be some thing many are hiding from. Challenge accepted. If you know you have done wrong, you loose. If you have done right, no worries.

  3. The demonrats are showing you who they are, believe them! They are arrogant bullies! If the don’t get their way, they resort to lies and threats! If they gain ANY power they abuse it fully! Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely! We have to exercise our power by getting them OUT!!!! Vote RED across the ballot, take back our congress, keep our senate, and keep our country free! If Biden steals this election, our country will be GONE! We cannot allow that to happen!

    1. Patty, you are absolutely correct. Power does corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely & then, we have DEMONRATS!! To call them absolutely corrupt is a compliment !!!

  4. That nasty old woman with dementia needs to go sit by her freezer and contemplate her navel. She is a slimy dictator. Time for her to leave.

    1. you all are so right the Democrat’s are evil between Pelosi and Schumer they are the devils of America they are rotten to the core

    2. Not sit BY her freezer, sit IN her freezer with the freezer door shut! That demented old hag needs to start helping the people in her district and leave the President alone! Trump 2020!

    3. I couldn’t have said it any better Great.. The sooner NASTY PELOSI is gone the better our country will be & then something may get done to move our country ahead instead of spending tax payer money on her vindictive obstructions It time to stop chasing our tails.

      1. Totally agree w all statements regarding nasty Pelosi. I think she and Schumer along w the rest of the gang will serve China very well. That’s where they belong so pk it up n move.

  5. I am so tired of the lies and hate these Democrats are spewing, Hillary and several other are sick because of Trump others want to leave the country if he wins, then there are those who want to burn down our homes or kill us if anyone votes for him, now Harris want to go after Amy Barrett, & they keep calling all Trump supporter names. Sounds to me these Democrats and their followers who say these things are violent criminals or crazy, either way they need to be locked up. This is wrong on so many levels, the Biden crime family, Harris’ shaky record in Calif. as DA, Obamagate with Obama, Hillary etc. and each one keeps telling the same lies about Trump like we are to stupid to know they are lying over & over again. Plus if they actually give us any info on what they want to do if GOD forbid they get in office within an hour they say they never said that. Then there is the riots, they won’t let Trump do anything to help but is all his fault that we are having these riots and of course covid is his fault to because???? I asking all Americans start fact checking for yourself it isn’t that hard to do and really get the right info before you vote, remember know one is perfect and I nor Trump is either but the majority of Democrats are down right evil & do not want to make America great they want to make it crazy just like them.

    1. And if old Joe Biden and family were indeed selling our military secrets to the Chinese and others, the Powers now in controls SHOULD legally hold his feet to the first and push for a conviction. I am a disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, and write a humble Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL… the man in the door. My brothers-in-Arms and I have fought too hard, suffered and bled for this USA and the Constitution — to just let these loser Communists take over and steal what we built!

      1. Ha! Sorry… I should have ‘proof-read’ my material before posting it. And here, I am a college man, too, and should know better. I already voted — for the “Right” man. Go figure, most combat Vets are firm 2nd Amendment Americans, and love “LIFE.” Hindsight is always 20/20. “Iron sharpens Iron.” –Proverbs 27: 17. –Tom S

    2. The democrat criminals want things in disarray so they can steal the store. The more trouble they can stir up across the country the better they like it. Divide us and have us fighting each other. This way when they steal the whole store we do not see who did it. We are not looking in the right direction. Why do you think all this Russia gate, Ukraine gate nonsense has been going on. The sad part is the democrat party has the FBI and Justice Department along with other departments in their pockets. We will not even talk about the corrupt media that fuels all these fires of disinformation leaked out by democrats. If all the people were rounded up that has committed crimes over the last 4 years in Washington D.C. alone, there would be 1000s of people in jail for the crimes committed against our President!

  6. Don’t think for a second that the Dems wouldn’t have done the same thing if roles were reversed. They need to get off their high horse.

  7. Morons, what a bunch of whiney losers. They should be doing there job instead of trying to get rid of everything Trump does. Everyone of those leaches should be fired!!!

  8. That’s all the old hag has got, keep using the virus .need to win the house back and send her back to San Francisco and let the homeless have at her..

    1. She has bilked enough money out of our government, that she personally should take care of all of her illegal alien friends, as she hasn’t lived up to her word to them of making them millionaires.

  9. Pathetic waste of breath! Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff what a waste of time. You are so dull witted you don’t know how you’ve been outsmarted by a fox! Keep on waving your arms about and take a good look at the still head shots of yourselves! You look absolutely rabid! Maybe that’s a good look for you all!

    1. Not just a waste of breath but a waste of human skin. If the old hag Pelosi thinks she can do a better job as President why doesn’t she run for the office. Charlie Schumer need to get his baby bottle & find a corner to cry in. Adam Schiff should teach a course in “Professional Lying as a Career”! Trump 2020!

  10. Horrible losers those Democrats, Cripes Hillary’s still complaining about it for FOUR YEARS now! Give me a brake! It’s only ok when they do it! Double standards much? Sickening! And to threaten the other side Schumer Is really not ok!! You know better!

  11. They are not very bright for sure! If they were smart they would have ask the late justice to retire while the beloved Zebra was in office, maybe she was to power hungry like the rest of them to step down! Either way I would like to thank them (Obama & Ginsburg) for allowing us to have another decent judge on the bench.

  12. The America loving patriots will never forget the blatant act of defiance against a fantastic conservative justice!! ALL COMMUNIST DEMONCRATS WILL BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE!!

  13. If Nancy is so concerned with the welfare Of the country why is she still holding up the stimulus bill. If the Demon-crats had been in the same situation as Mr. Trump they would have done the same thing. So remember all the people who said they would leave the country if Trump was elected in 2016 and didn’t maybe they will this time. VOTE REPUBLICAN.

  14. The only bad faith crying Chuckie is coming from from the worthless Democrats like yourself and Pelosi who have taken a salary for the past 4 years and done nothing to earn it. Most people would be ashamed to take payment for something they didn’t deliver on, but not Democrats.

  15. Food for thought for everyone, not just republican,democrat, or independent
    as was stated by the Democrats, they changed the voting rule on confirming
    Supreme Court Judges for President Obama so that he could get his recommendations
    into the Supreme Court. Seems to me is the Democrats set the stage not the

  16. I don’t know why the Democrats always speak of “The American people” as if the majority is in their favor and that they are doing their work for ‘the American people’. They do not speak nor represent the majority and they dare speak and openly demonstrate in actions exposing their greed and arrogance towards a democratically elected leader in President Trump. Their actions speaks the opposite of their words. They do not represent ‘The people’, they represent their own greed for sustaining power and the ability to plunder the peoples funds and spirit. What comes from their mouths are false, vile and traitorous words to all Americans. The defeat of this criminal cabal needs to be done.

  17. Somebody should ask Chuckle boy what his name was doing on Hunter’s laptop.Term limits for all of the POS.

  18. You cut the head off venomous snakes and bury it and let the buzzards eat the rest, but with these rotten bastards the buzzards would probably die…

  19. I agree, unfortunately what the Bidens, Obama, the Clintons, Pelosi and etc have done nothing will be done about it. I Am so sick and tired of the Democrats getting away with things the rest of us would be in jail. If they want a dictatorship, go to N Korea. Make sure u take the lying Muslins with you!

  20. They can try but they will be stopped at every angle and just maybe some of them will finally get the pay back they are owed. As evil as they are they will have a day of reckoning and each EVIL actor will have to be dealt with some health problem and they will all know where it came from. The Devil’s house is fixing to get some new visitors.

  21. “the American people will never forget this blatant act of bad faith” – Hey, Chuckie: Go out and ask Americans if they remember that current Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer was nominated to the appellate court by Carter after he lost to Reagan and confirmed during the lame duck session. Pelosi goes ballistic over Barrett being Catholic? Pelosi is Catholic. So is Biden. Congress will have to be “prepared to remedy what the Supreme Court will do to undermine the health, financial security, and well-being of American families” Pelosi is the one blocking, even over some Democrat objections, the Covid relief bill. Insofar as Roe v. Wade goes, there’s no foregone decision on that and, if it is removed from the books, it forces nothing on anyone. It no longer exists. Legislative lawmaking is returned to the states and to the people as mandated by the Tenth Amendment insofar as that power is not delegated to the United States nor denied by the Constitution. Identities disguised and specifics altered to fit the behavior of a corporate infrastructure, I’d love to see an opinion on the Democrats’ behavior from the viewpoint of a child psychiatrist.

  22. Schumer’s threat – OUR GOD is more powerful than you, or anything you can plan to overtake what is in His will. Our God reigns and is SUPREME always. We, His people who trust in His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, trust Him alone…no politicians, leaders, terrorist groups or evil itself will come against His will for us as we avail ourselves and out faith to Him. The people prayed…and our Lord listens and answers those prayers. Glory to God!!

  23. All Pelosi has done along with her democrat minions is try to screw up the president. That was her only goal as speaker. Look at San Francisco. They have tent people living in the streets and sidewalks. If Biden get’s elected we will have a lot more of those people. She does nothing for them but instead focuses on getting Trump. What a crappy excuse for an American politician. But then of course they the liberal Californians will slit their own throats by voting her back in. Nancy wouldn’t do a relief bill for the American people unless it included relief for all the stupid dem governors and mayors who let it all happen and now want the feds to bail them out with our tax money! Hey California? Are you ff’ing crazy or what?

    1. Check out the family relationship between the California Governor Newsome and Pelosi. They are related.

  24. Madam Speaker, you have been derelict regarding your duties! You have allowed the group of congresswomen known as the “SQUAD” to behave like street thugs within the hallowed halls of Congress. You have allowed the US to be the laughing stock of the political world. Unless you reign these reps in, we the people can and should FIRE YOU! Just remember this, YOU WORK FOR US, NO THE REVERSE!!!!

  25. I think Nancy and Chucky need to clean each others diaper and get them a bottle of mommies milk and take a widdle nap. Remember one thin Trolls any and everything you do in retaliation will be watched and monitored by We the People and we will respond to your evil retaliation with our revenge. Remember we have the vote and you work for us.

  26. Will someone please tell me what Pelosi’s favorite liquor is. I want to send her just one bottle to choke on as she sees the results of President Trump’s Victory for another four years. Oh, by the way, I shudder when people ask if “an impeached President can win a second term”. President Trump was “NOT” impeached, he was “railroaded” by the “D’s” and the Senate put a stop to it. I believe he was legally found “NOT GUILTY”.
    Hell, I guess I’m just an old vet that believes in “It is what it is, Not what You say it is”! I served under “real “D”, when truth was golden, not you phony, discussting liar”D”s. Your day will soon come to an end! AOC Minnesota Scum, your day will come soon as well!

  27. Pelosi sure did let the Squnts in the Squad roll right over her. She looked like a little old granny trying to rein in the rambunctious grandkids. She lost face with them but also with the rest of the country and internationally as well. Especially galling as there were two anti-Semites/anti-Christians in that group. She looked really bad tearing up the SOTU speech, too. This is the type of behavior men can point at and say ‘women just don’t have the temperament that leaders need’. Of course, Schumer’s remarks also prove what biatches men can be.

    And really, libtards-give it a rest. The courts have been liberal for 60 YEARS. They’ve been unbalanced the whole time. You want the court to make emotional decisions about ‘laws’. We want the court to make legal decisions about ‘laws’. Your time is up. You have 4 Justices, we have 4 Justices and no one knows how Roberts will vote.

  28. Pelosi is preparing an excuse to get support for the DEM party to add several more Justices to the court, as well as add Puerto Rico and other territories as states, to put more DEMs in Congress! What she is doing is VERY OBVIOUS! She is doing the typical 180 on DEM behavior, and it is both a recognition that SOMEONE is RADICAL!, which is obvious to everybody, but shifting WHO THE RADICALS ARE AT THE LAST MINUTE TO HER ENEMIES, WHO ARE NOT BEING RADICAL!? So, to people who side with her, this is a TRUTHFUL think to say. To anyone with common sense, it is a pseudo logical creation of a twisted, sick mind.

  29. Democrats are mad because they changed the rules, from needing 60 votes to confirm a SCOTUS judge, to Sen. Reed’s “nuclear option” of a simple majority to confirm Pres. Obama’s “Social Warrior” nominees to SCOTUS.
    What goes around, comes around” Sen. Shumer!

  30. LOSER PELOSI is a LIAR, THIEF, TREASONOUS TRAITOR, a QUISLING, a TYRANT that willfully, knowingly failed to uphold her Oath & pledge to uphold the Constitutions therefore she violated 18 USC 241 – 245, 373,
    2381 – 2385. Her over reaching reach her turkey neck to be stretched or severed in accordance w/ the law.

    Televise the event – sell tickets – & we have enough funds to built the wall.

    Add in TRAITORS OBAMA, SCHUMER, SCHIFF, deBlasio, Cuomo, Gaven, et al. deMoncrats –
    & we will have the wall built in a few months!.

    EXPORT ALL MOSLEMS, as ISLAM is a DEATH CULT or stay & suffer the consequences!

    kNOw mORe fraud & abuse allowed. Either you are w/ US or against US.

  31. Screwmer wouldn’t know good faith and common decency if it bit his nose off! His school yard bully threats don’t get him anywhere, but shows who and what he is. Piglosi is another bully, the demonrats think they can bully and force THEIR way on everyone! It is time for the true patriots of this country to show them how wrong they are. Vote RED across the ballot, get them all out, take back our congress from vulture Piglosi , keep our senate and congress, and demand that the bad actors, killary, obutthead, Biden, Comey, Brennan, clapper, and all the rest of the deep state snakes face the consequences of their nefarious, anti American acts! Barr, Durham, get off your seats and in your feet and bring charges against all of them! You have ample proof to prosecute, so get it done!

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