October 4, 2022

Pelosi flamed for keeping congressman accused of consorting with Chinese spy on House Intel Committee

If there’s one thing admirable about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), it’s that she takes care of her own. Unfortunately, that means covering for a fellow Democrat who has ties to an enemy foreign agent.

Pelosi will not boot Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) from the House Intelligence Committee even after Axios broke the news of his years-long relationship with Chinese spy Christine Fang (aka Fang Fang), Breitbart reportedThe pair were closely linked, with Fang fundraising for Swalwell and persuading him to hire at least one intern into his congressional office. 

Swalwell met Fang in 2011 and allowed her to remain in his circle until she left the country in 2015. He has refused to say whether he and Fang were romantically involved. However, two sources informed the Federalist that Fang and Swalwell had a sexual relationship, which would fit Fang’s modus operandi of coupling with politicians to gain information and infiltrate their offices by getting her subagents hired.

The FBI learned of Fang’s identity in 2015 and became concerned about the nature of Swalwell’s relationship with her, prompting them to brief him on the matter. Fang left the U.S. not long after that briefing, leaving some officials to suspect that he may have tipped her off to their investigation.

Regardless of the nature of their relationship and the impetus for her flight back to China, Swalwell still consorted with an enemy spy and was either too ignorant to notice or complicit. Either way, he has no place on — of all things — the intelligence committee. Yet none of this bothered Pelosi, who will permit Swalwell to keep his position.

“It doesn’t matter if you had a relationship with a foreign agent for years,” Rep Jody Hice (R-GA) tweeted Monday. “If you’re a Democrat, @SpeakerPelosi will forgive it — so long as you push her radical agenda.@RepSwalwell being allowed to remain on the Intel Committee after being compromised is outrageous!”

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-CA) was incredulous that she allowed Swalwell to stay on as well. “Unbelievable,” he tweeted soon after the new Congress was sworn-in Sunday. “Looks like Nancy Pelosi is keeping Rep. Eric Swalwell on the House Intelligence Committee in the new Congress—even after his ties to a Chinese spy were exposed.
Why do Democrats refuse to stand up to China?”

Pelosi and her comrades in the Democratic party are loath to stand up to any of America’s enemies, particularly China. Therefore, Swalwell will not be taken to task for consorting with a Chinese spy and will continue with business as usual. He was compromised and is now unfit to serve in an intelligence capacity — or in Congress at all.


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