August 9, 2022

Pelosi faces slimmest House majority in history

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was confident heading into the 2020 election about new gains in the House of Representatives. Unfortunately for her, the Democrats’ majority gets thinner by the day.

According to The Hill, Democrats will go into the 117th Congress with the slimmest margin in recent history in the House, thanks to their electoral underperformance and at least two Representatives leaving to serve in President-elect Joe Biden’s administration.

Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-LA) will leave the House to head the White House Office of Public Engagement while Marcia Fudge (D-OH) will depart in order to run the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The Democrats’ lead in the House has dwindled to 220-213, which makes passing legislation could be difficult. Any bill could be killed if even as few as four members side with the GOP, which worries House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD).

“I’m certainly concerned by the slimming of the majority,” Hoyer said in a call with reporters Wednesday. “I have indicated to the administration very early on that I wanted them to be very careful in terms of the members that they appointed from the Congress given the closeness of our majority.”

Pelosi publicly downplayed concerns about Biden mining for his cabinet members in the bare-bones House, but the numbers don’t lie. Even though Richmond and Fudge don’t have to worry about their seats flipping in their heavily-blue districts, their razor-thin majority could complicate other appointments to the incoming Biden administration.

“One practical implication of the narrow majority is we’ve got a lot of talented folks that I think we’d all like to see in a Biden administration,” Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) told the Hill.  However, he went on to say that he’s not sure they “can afford to lose too many bodies, even for a short term until you have a special election.” The Democrats thought they’d walk away with the House of Representatives and wouldn’t have to worry, but the GOP netted 10 seats and flipped at least 13 Democratic incumbents’ districts, leaving the party in this precarious position.

Possibly the most significant consequence of such a close margin is that it may endanger Pelosi’s position as Speaker of the House. During the vote two years ago, fifteen Democrats opposed her which could spell trouble this time around. The new vote will convene Jan. 3, but Michigan Democratic Rep. Elissa Slotkin has already vowed to oppose Pelosi.

In a weird anomaly, President Donald Trump lost his re-election but somehow picked up these seats in Congress. President-elect Joe Biden will likely be sworn in as the new president next month anyway, but Democrats certainly don’t have the mandate they were hoping for going into Election Day.

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MikefromTexas (@guest_1086468)
1 year ago

Another life time congress person that should retire. These power hungry people need to step down.

Sharon "Kay" Hendren (@guest_1086608)
Reply to  MikefromTexas
1 year ago


Dawn Doran (@guest_1086637)
Reply to  MikefromTexas
1 year ago

Especially Pelosi!!!

Michael G Warren (@guest_1086469)
1 year ago

Pelosi is worse than a lying traitor…get her out now for good…never to be seen again. Her face makes me want to vomit.

Anna (@guest_1086762)
Reply to  Michael G Warren
1 year ago

She dresses nice, has a million dollar house , anti American Anti USA, for decades her district live in poverty, many homeless people , this is how the governor of California runs his State , it’s time for all good Americans to come to the Aid of their country. God in Heaven listen to Americans needs as soon as possible . Get rid of thieves in City& State government past & present as soon as possible. Expose catch & bring to justice any one who has threatened an Americans life, conspired to cover up wrong doing , involved in a murder, cheated in any American election past or present . Denied Americans pandemic help , violated American rights, on the job ruing their futures, physically past & present Strip them of City & State governing power for good .

John F Grychak (@guest_1086470)
1 year ago



Keith Clark (@guest_1086471)
1 year ago

TRUMP Won in a Landslide.
The whole world knows it.
Joe will be arrested soon for taking bribes from China and The Ukraine.
He will never be President.
If he is placed in that office, he will be treated exactly as the Democrats treated President Trump for four years.
A living Hell…..

DD (@guest_1086476)
Reply to  Keith Clark
1 year ago

AMEN, and proud to say “my state”, ARKANSAS, is 1 of 17 other states to sue the 4 worst states for VOTER FRAUD because it has been “so” OBVIOUS, makes me “sick”!

Todd (@guest_1086484)
Reply to  Keith Clark
1 year ago

Unfortunately the usa isn’t the fair and just place i believed it to be. All of these criminals that we put into office have lost their way and decided to go rouge on us. The incoming administration is the mirror image of the failed Obama administration. Also bunch of criminals especially Biden. I dont see this country the same after the past 4 years. Between the media and commies America is heading down quickly

Dawn Doran (@guest_1086639)
Reply to  Keith Clark
1 year ago

Biden has plans to step aside for Kamala to run the country…Bast–d…

Kenny Sorg (@guest_1086666)
Reply to  Dawn Doran
1 year ago

If you have been watching what is going on with Hunters laptop Harris was in on this China thing just as deep as Hunter, Joe and his brother.

DD (@guest_1086475)
1 year ago

THE DEMWITTS should CHANGE THEIR NAME to the “COMMUNIST PARTY” because their is NOTHING Democratic about them any more! And Kerrys son was tied to CHINA and Biden, and NANCY PELOSI’s SON ALSO WORKED for the CHINESE !! And just look at all the OTHER “STARS” of the Communist Democratic Party, Sanders, AOC, Waters, Schummer, Presley, Omar, “SHIFTLESS”, Swallwell, Nadler, should I go on????


james jones (@guest_1086477)
1 year ago

it is a shame i keep hoping wish is in real trouble becauseshe has done so much damage to our country and cause many people to suffer
so many people she has used covid she has used it for polical power she h as use d it to hurt us the american people

Wally (@guest_1086478)
1 year ago

In a weird anomaly, President Donald Trump lost his re-election . WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT THIS WAS NOT A WEIRD ANOMALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT WAS, AND IS TREASON AND FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TRUMP WON THE REAL VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE DEMS AND THE LINING MEDIA MAKE Benedict Arnold LOOK LIKE A SAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1086480)
1 year ago

The woman has the eyes of a Great White Shark and twice as dangerous to deal with due to the fact she’s incompetent and filled with hatred while being a alcoholic. Her time is near, ripe what you sew Nancy…

Dawn Doran (@guest_1086640)
Reply to  James 75th Regiment
1 year ago

AGREEE 10000000%

Luisa (@guest_1086481)
1 year ago

Post my comment!!!!!!!

Pretty Texas (@guest_1086482)
1 year ago

Why the government still playing around with Pelosi. Pelosi is guilty for her crimes and a murder of many people’s families and life. I notice that she is the one destroying American people. She hates them. This is the government fault for letting Pelosi gets her way. Time to support Trump. Unless you can defend yourself and protect your families.

She does not control you!!!

Dawn Doran (@guest_1086644)
Reply to  Pretty Texas
1 year ago

I think they’re afraid of her for some reasons?

MICHAEL (@guest_1086485)
1 year ago

The Democratic Party is a DOMESTIC TERRORIST organization that needs to be put down for good.

Sandra (@guest_1086486)
1 year ago

What most people are missing is that this isn’t about who won the Presidency. It’s about a Chinese takeover of the U.S. Biden is a tool for them as are most of the D.C. Swamp both Republican and Democrat. Governors, Secretaries of State, the mainstream media, big tech, military-industrial complex, CIA, FBI, Hollywood/music industry, and more.. were ALL bought off by the Chinese. At this moment, the Chinese have managed incursion across the US- Canadian border. They are supposedly engaged in “war games” with the Canadians, but shot down one of our F-16’s and captured the pilot who now cannot be located. They had a secret underground base in Maine which they have occupied for months and which was just blown up this morning. God knows what else they have planned. This is just like the movie, Red Dawn. Trudeau is in league with the Chinese. Nothing is currently being reported by the mainstream media about this. A total media blackout has begun and will ramp up with more information coming out about the fraud and the invasion of America from within by the Chinese and their operatives.. Americans!! Domestic terrorism. Sedition, treason. Pelosi has threatened to remove Trump by force and the Left said they are going to utilize the U.N. army to do so! This is Barack Obama’s Deep State operation being run from his home in Washington D.C. He even has a SCIF room. This is the Shadow Government. The states in agreement with this plan are Oregon, Washington State, California, and New York- and all want to secede from the Union. Our navy has ships currently stationed at every port. Military and fighting equipment have been dispersed all over the U.S…We are under attack by every means, including cyber attack. The President will call the insurrection act as soon as it’s announced he won, because the Left will dispatch this U.N. army, Antifa and BLM groups to reek havoc and destruction across the country. They want to storm the White House, and physically remove the President. Martial Law will be called to kill, capture and remove these traitors to GITMO for sentencing, jail for life and/or firing squad. This is a fight for our country and our freedom…

Sandy (@guest_1086525)
Reply to  Sandra
1 year ago

Sandra, in my opinion, you are 100% correct. God protect the real Americans and our great country.

Sandra Lambert (@guest_1086600)
Reply to  Sandra
1 year ago

I believe my namesake is correct.

Dawn Doran (@guest_1086646)
Reply to  Sandra
1 year ago

The Biden family and Kamala are all tied to China…Biden owes billions of dollars to China and that is why, China is planning on putting their USD money in America…

Lori (@guest_1086650)
Reply to  Sandra
1 year ago

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I couldn’t have said it better. Finally someone who knows the truth. I commend you!!! I believe in miracles and my president is Donald Trump! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

James (@guest_1086488)
1 year ago

Pelosi also needs to go to we have had it with that witch of the west

James (@guest_1086490)
1 year ago

Lets make a pelosi sandwich

Jimbo (@guest_1086770)
Reply to  James
1 year ago

No, it would be a waste of bread. Actually it would be a great idea. Instead of bread make a feces sandwich and put her in the middle. No one would eat it anyway, if she was in it.

James (@guest_1086491)
1 year ago

Lets make a Pelosi sandwich with Schumer in the middle

Anthony Marzullo (@guest_1086496)
1 year ago

the required fields were mark & filled out & though this was done this so call place of freedom to be heard would not allow my comment was not allowed, thus making The American Digest no different from the rest of the lame streamed media & big tech. sad indeed.

James (@guest_1086498)
1 year ago

Down with the Democratic party they are the enemies’ of America Call to Arms

Dawn Doran (@guest_1086647)
Reply to  James
1 year ago


Lynn (@guest_1086503)
1 year ago

I pray everyday for our President Trump….I also ask GOD to please figure out a way of getting rid of the Satan people in our Goverment….I don’t wish them bad..I just want GOD to do this….Vengence is the LORDS….I know he is watching….I have never seen so many depressed and un-happy people in my life…We know what is coming with Old man biden….!!!!! What is wrong with his dumb wife for putting him through this…She will be one UGLY first lady..God please help us…………

James (@guest_1086504)
1 year ago

The American digest is a commie site

Texas Rose (@guest_1086506)
1 year ago

Well, let get together and start protesting and get rid of Pelosi. She must leave the house before she continues on murdering more Americans people. We don’t deserve that from her and any of her buddy gangs. I know for sure that Pelosi is involved with China. Better yet, she is helping china. I refused to obey Pelosi and China. I make my rule. I am not going to learn how to live my life for China. They are evil and criminals.

God bless our Americans country and families.

Go for Trump.

Carol Ann Taylor (@guest_1086508)
1 year ago

Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drain the Swamp Lets start with Nancy then Adam then Biden then Obama then Hillary then Chuck then Mitt and the rest of the communist who are to long to mention
Worst People for the United States of a America

lynn (@guest_1086510)
1 year ago

Has Anyone Ever seen Pelosi’s Parents (If She knows who the Biological TWO were)—-I bet They Gagged at their 1st sight of her.
I don’t believe in Abortion, but They could’ve done the US a GREAT SERVICE, Had they had her Aborted… & That goes for “Hellary” too.

Pretty Texas (@guest_1086513)
1 year ago

Pelosi probably has them dropped dead. Her parent should have aborted her along time ago for what she done. She has her-mind twisting too many time. That’s what evil doing to her. She is pure evil murder. I can’t stand Pelosi. She is way off limit. Yes, Pelosi and her inner circle/buddy are involve and supporting China. It’s started way back with Clinton’s old days.

Why Obama is acting like he is the president?
Something about to happen?? Be careful!!

Trump did win the election very simple.

Jan Myers (@guest_1086518)
1 year ago


raymond lombardi (@guest_1086745)
1 year ago

Peloci doesn’t need to be speaker of the house anymore, and Biden doesn’t need to be president, Trump needs to be president no matter what!

TCC (@guest_1087805)
1 year ago

I trust in the Lord to take care of all HIS righteous people. Be not discouraged HE will see us through all of it.
Be still and pray know I am the L0RD GOD

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1 year ago

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