June 30, 2022

Pelosi agrees to extend House session as moderate Democrats agitate for coronavirus relief compromise

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has reportedly decided that the House will have to stay in session until a coronavirus relief bill is agreed upon with GOP legislators.

Pelosi told a group of Democrat leaders on a conference call that “we have to stay here until we have a bill,” according to an aide familiar with the matter.

The Hill reported that Pelosi has made the call that “the chamber’s calendar will be extended until an agreement is sealed, according to sources on the call.”

Pelosi has been entirely untractable during negotiations over the bill, refusing to sign off on any compromises with the White House or GOP legislators that are worried about the price tag of Pelosi’s proposal.

Negotiations have stalled for months, leaving legislators on both sides of the aisle frustrated at the lack of progress.

Breitbart reported that some Democrat representatives are outright rebelling against Pelosi at this point, especially Democrats from Trump districts such as Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) and Rep. Max Rose (D-NY).

Rep. Kendra Horn (D-OK) who represents a swing district charged Pelosi that “what truly ‘falls short’ is doing nothing. It is flatly unacceptable that congressional leadership is not at the table when businesses are closing, Americans are out of work, and families need help. The political games have to stop.”

Pelosi has repeatedly rejected GOP counter-proposals, calling them “skinny” and inadequate, insisting that Democrats will not approve a proposal worth less than $2.2 trillion. At this time, even though Pelosi has relented and cancelled a planned recess, she indicated that she still is not willing to budge on the price tag.

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MARIA G HERNANDEZ (@guest_1048472)
1 year ago

Pelosi is trying to get other money for her pet projects, instead of limiting the bill to providing money to some Americans who are hurting. Tell the truth in your articles.

bren n texas (@guest_1048511)
1 year ago

so true peloski is not for the people she has proved this over and over vote trump 2020

Finch Duffy (@guest_1048553)
1 year ago


Mary K. (@guest_1048558)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a worthless piece of idiocy and ignorance, but more than than, she will destroy ANYONE who does not mind her pointless “brain”. It is one thing to be bold, it is another to attempt to destroy all decency on the earth. Pelosi fits the last comment. Were she a relative of mine, I would dis-own her constantly. She has no decency whatsoever.

dan isch (@guest_1048595)
Reply to  Mary K.
1 year ago

Nancy is just being a good little American hating Communist and should be hung for treason

JOHN A MARTIN (@guest_1048876)
Reply to  Mary K.
1 year ago

I call her the “Wicked Witch of the West ” !! :o(

russell remmert (@guest_1048578)
1 year ago

nancy needs to be removed from congress

Wray Renfro (@guest_1048473)
1 year ago

She is selfish and does not work for the people.

Kathy W. (@guest_1048559)
Reply to  Wray Renfro
1 year ago

Pelosi works for PELOSI and no one else. Were a 3 year old about to be run over, she would turn around and head for a bar before the child was killed. I would never allow her in my home.

David Byrne (@guest_1048474)
1 year ago


Rodney D Waters (@guest_1048475)
1 year ago

The. I think it’s time if u can’t play along to help we the people it’s time she gets voted out right not yet we the people remember we the people put her in there not her herself but my guess she cheated her way in to stay there all these years that’s start investing how she kept her seat I know we wouldn’t be shocked at all surly not !!!

Lisa (@guest_1048530)
Reply to  Rodney D Waters
1 year ago

Rodney, I agree, however, her constituency bullied me in ’75. I doubt they will vote her out. We could hope. Best we can do is take the majority, then fight to keep it.

purpeonion (@guest_1048545)
Reply to  Lisa
1 year ago

Sounds like a plan!

Dana (@guest_1048477)
1 year ago

Pelosi is breaking the rules of the House. They are not supposed to be out more than 3 days without approval from both houses.

It is all about bailing out the Communist Democrat States of America

Louise (@guest_1048534)
Reply to  Dana
1 year ago

Exactly! Trump knows that also, he has said it himself. To him its not about how much $$ shes wanting for the stimulous. Its what she wants it for. Does she really think, we the people want to pay for the cities that are burning to the ground? Hell NO! If they would have even attepted to stop it, it would be differnt. If you want 2.2 trillion then give it to the cause notdemocrat ran cities that are approving of this destruction.
God knows how much i could use a stimulous check right now. But im with Trump! Dont Give In…
Trump 2020

jan j biblis (@guest_1048478)
1 year ago

it is normal for pelosi to demand either my way or no way.she does not care about us citizens{the opposite of trump}she only cares about getting her hands on money for her pet pieves and ways of spending for her people including democrats..i am sure there is a lot of rich donors to the democrat party that want their cut out of anything political..

Trevorlogic (@guest_1048479)
1 year ago

“In an attemp to break the narrative Democrats don’t care about people.. Nancy decides she should stay and do her job, and see what she can get for her radical agenda.” Thats what you meant to say, right?

gary metz (@guest_1048480)
1 year ago

It is time for Nancy to retire and enjoy the fruits of her labor. She should run for Mayor of San Francisco and help out her people there. I think that would be a great fit for her.

Sandra (@guest_1048481)
1 year ago

Pelosi is trying to jack the deficit up so it can be used against Trump. The
President has already said he is going to bring the deficit down and I believe
he will where the Democrats are all talk and no action. Look at their past history
and see that is a fact. They have done nothing even remotely close to what President
Trump has done for this country, its people, its businesses, and also the world. Trump
has shown the Democrats up at every turn for the slackers they truly are. Pelosi should
be sent back to her district and forced to live in the squalid conditions she has allowed
to happen. She is too busy using her position to help her husband’s business. The last
I heard that is considered illegal.

Joanne (@guest_1048484)
1 year ago

Yes, Maria H. You are correct! Pelosi has her pet pork desires hidden in this corona relief effort. She is holding up the help we need. NASTY!!!

The Redhawk (@guest_1048490)
Reply to  Joanne
1 year ago


Keith (@guest_1048486)
1 year ago

She’s selfish crybaby nthinks she owns us all believes she’s a ruler .shes not she needs to quit playing games n go to work for the people of this country. Quit trying to add in your pet projects the dam illegals get to much free now way to muchthat needs to stop

The Redhawk (@guest_1048488)
1 year ago

May be the “SET UP” NO mask IDIOT instead of allowing her ANARCHISTS KOMRADS to be allowed to STAY HOME, SCREW AMERICANS, DO NOTHING for More days than they /and she work, Should be REMOVED from her VERSION of LEADERSHIP IN WORKING FOR AMERICA: since she seems to have Gone in DEMENTED TDS ALLUCINATIONS when it comes to do anything but SCREWY PROGRESSIVELY REGRESSIVE anti Common folks POLITICS in her DINGBAT STUPID STATE OF MIND

Carl Johnson (@guest_1048497)
1 year ago

When will the HOUSE fall on the wicked Witch?

Lisa Berken (@guest_1048529)
Reply to  Carl Johnson
1 year ago

We will not stop until the House falls on the wicked old witch of the west! And there shall be a parade – Ding Dong the witch is dead, the wicked old witch of the west is dead. Ding Dong the wicked old witch at last is dead!

Norman Caudle (@guest_1048540)
Reply to  Lisa Berken
1 year ago


Norman Caudle (@guest_1048539)
Reply to  Carl Johnson
1 year ago


Carl Johnson (@guest_1048499)
1 year ago

We already met the group of idiots hiding behind the curtain… Biden is the curtain.. The squad is behind Harris. it’s time for the house to come down on the witch

Stephen M. Ripley (@guest_1048500)
1 year ago

The democrats put her in a power position in the House. They all should
bemade to pay at the ballot box.

Keith Underwood (@guest_1048509)
1 year ago

She would like to arrange it for her husband and family members can benefit on the deal. She don’t care about the American people. Those who struggle trying to work and make ends meet. She thinks that Abortion clinics, transgender programs and other ridiculous programs should benefit from this. The old woman is pshco! If she becomes the active President? Trust me there will be a civil war!

Howard (@guest_1048538)
Reply to  Keith Underwood
1 year ago

Keith, it’s looking like a civil war may be the answer to many of this countries problems.

Robin Montgomery (@guest_1048514)
1 year ago

TURMP IS THE PEOPLES PRESIDENT. The left hates him for it because they have been doing nothing but blowing hot air using talking points to make sure they do nothing. That way every election cycle they wave what they will do when elected as they continue to do nothing after each election cycle. They own the Propaganda Media and we must get them in line. Their reporters are disgusting cowards who refuse to report truth. Maybe they can’t recognize it from all their lying
The Republican Party was doing the same but now they have a Peoples President and they are following his lead. We The People have to stay on top of the spineless group who are not leaders but only followers and elect those who have the guts to take on the swamp and dredge it dry until it cries for the constitution to be the rule of the land and not used as their toilet paper. “LIVE FREE OR DIE”, as Shawn Hannity’s book is so well titled. God Bless America

Norman Caudle (@guest_1048543)
Reply to  Robin Montgomery
1 year ago

100% correct Robin !!!!!!

Gaker (@guest_1048515)
1 year ago

I heard that she wants the money to bail out NY and California. Screw them. They do nothing for their people anyway. Some of the things I heard that those 2 states spend money on is ridiculous and does nothing for the people paying taxes anyway. She needs to be removed and replaced with someone who will do their part to bring this country back to normal. I suppose that everyone has heard that her nephew is the governor of CA, Gavin Newsom. What a surprise.

linda (@guest_1048533)
Reply to  Gaker
1 year ago

Nancy should go back from where she came. the swamp. She is a disgrace to her Country state nationally and to the seat she holds. She should go into her wine vineyards with a chair and stay there.
God help us all if there is a stale mate and no President is called by January 20th as Speaker of the House third in line for Presidency she will be president until it is decided who is President.
If that should ever happen God Help us all and God Help the United States of America

southern proud (@guest_1048547)
Reply to  linda
1 year ago

linda, in order for Pelosi to become potus, she first has to win her re-election. if she is voted out, her term is over 1-3-21. she cannot be president on the 20th of January unless she wins. look this up. it then reverts to the house minority leader, and if all else fails, it goes back to the governors to choose someone in the interim. she is out of office if not re-elected in her race. that voting is way before the 20th of January. she only dreams of being potus.

Claxson 68 (@guest_1048516)
1 year ago

Nancy(the old hag) Pelosi would never agree to being mayor of San Francisco because she would have to see & smell the stench from all the homeless she has ignored. The Queen Pelosi thinks she is above the law & can do nothing wrong. She needs to be totally investigated the way Trump was & jailed when the truth about her comes out! Trump 2020!

Howard (@guest_1048542)
Reply to  Claxson 68
1 year ago

Claxon68, it sure looks like Piglousy is above the law, considering all she has done!!

mbr722 (@guest_1048519)
1 year ago

Despite what she is now saying she has been forced into this by her own party who are fed up with her games. You are a day late and a dollar short. I am fed up with your shenanigans! Resign now you twerp!

Bidenlost2020 (@guest_1048526)
1 year ago

This one is 100% The Democrats fault that people in need of Stimulus check have not got one yet. Nancy has proven she does not care about hungry children, then again I guess people like Nancy and the rest of the Democrats that all for killing unborn Babies would not care if kids go hungry

moon (@guest_1048528)
1 year ago

I think maybe her demo house will be protesting against her for doing nothing. These demos want to go home and campaign to run again ,but peloskie wont let them. She wants more money for the failed demorat states and there not going to get it. hehehe.

Nobor Ruguri (@guest_1048548)
Reply to  moon
1 year ago

Enough talk just vote them all out come elect day. Enough is enoug.

Grin n barrett (@guest_1048541)
1 year ago

It is very important to pretend you care at this point! We have to act like it bothers us that Americans are suffering or we will not be re-elected! I wonder how much acting school they go to before being elected. I have no doubt they don’t give a flying fudge what happens to the citizens, only that they get to the polls and re-elect them so they can continue to steal tax dollars so they can live in the manner in which they have become accostumed.

Norman Caudle (@guest_1048546)
1 year ago

The Republicans have now become the”REAL PEOPLES PARTY’ as well as the “BUSINESS COMMON SENSE PARTY”

Arline simpson (@guest_1048564)
1 year ago

Retire Pelosi. At 80 yrs old, gray hair and facelifts, it’s time. She doesn’t care about our people, she thinks she’s all that and a bag of chips.
Go Donald……………

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1048565)
1 year ago

Hang this useless b**ch for treason there’s no reason for her to be alive

Randall (@guest_1048569)
1 year ago

Good keep her there forever.

sylvia howard (@guest_1048645)
1 year ago

why can this piece of vile be removed from congress?

Debra Hull (@guest_1048870)
1 year ago

Nancy Pissolsi is all about her. She is very destructive and a treasonous horrible snipe. When will she pay for her crimes against America and the people! She is a drunk! Can’t stand the site of her plastic surgery ways. She is so childish! She is hiding something!

CHARLES E THOMAS (@guest_1048955)
1 year ago

At this point the entire country knows exactly what the /democrats are really up to. They can blame every little thing they want on Trump it does not matter any more. Everyone knows that it is the Democrats who creating all of the negative the country is forced to deal with. They (the Democrats) have shown their colors and the country is getting feed up with their obstructions, disruptions, destruction, looting, lying, doing harm to fellow Americans. Thus far it has been proven that everything that they have blame Trump of doing They were the real guilty ones of doing these dirty deeds. It is my ferverent prayers that come November the morning of November the 4th Trump will have been elected to his second term and the country will see new faces in the leadership in the House and Senate will match that of WH and Donald J Trump. Then, maybe we will start work done for the people of this nation.



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