May 20, 2022

Pelosi issues surprise endorsement of Joe Kennedy against Dem Senator Ed Markey

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stunned Democrats on Thursday by endorsing Rep. Joe Kennedy III’s (D-MA) primary challenge of incumbent Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) — one of the most progressive legislators in the Senate.

The move infuriated the progressive contingent of the Democrat party, causing leftist pundits and politicians to explode in anger against the Democrat establishment — of which the Kennedy family has been a member for decades.

Pelosi’s move was shocking for a number of reasons, one of the most prominent being that Pelosi has discouraged primary challenges of incumbent Democrats for years.

“Never before have the times demanded we elect courageous leaders as today. And that is why I’m proud to endorse Joe Kennedy for Senate,” Pelosi said in a video statement announcing her endorsement on Thursday. “He knows that to achieve progressive change, you must be on the front lines leading movements of people.”

Kennedy and Markey are nearly tied with only weeks to go in the contentious primary, and Pelosi’s endorsement could tip the scales against Markey.

Pelosi’s surprise endorsement sparked major backlash from leftists, highlighting a growing rift within the party that is becoming more apparent by the day.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) tweeted on Thursday “No one gets to complain about primary challenges again,” showing remarkable restraint, considering the fact that Markey is one of her strongest backers in the Senate.

Progressive Super-PAC Justice Democrats, a backer of far-left progressives like Ocasio-Cortez, was more forthcoming with its criticism of Pelosi. “Nancy Pelosi’s endorsement of Joe Kennedy makes one thing clear: there’s one set of rules for progressives and another for the party establishment. It’s hypocrisy,” the organization tweeted.

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lionel s ducote (@guest_1038405)
1 year ago

Who listens to Nancy anymore? lol

Rosalee L Canaday (@guest_1038428)
Reply to  lionel s ducote
1 year ago

If this is true, this is hypocrisy at it’s best. How does it feel. She is your “romney”!!!!!

Rosalee L Canaday (@guest_1038429)
Reply to  Rosalee L Canaday
1 year ago

Which Kennedy, who knows. May be the Rep. but that would really be a three “finger” drink….

Gary m (@guest_1038444)
Reply to  lionel s ducote
1 year ago


Carol V Basler (@guest_1038407)
1 year ago

Was she sober ?? I doubt it. She is usually out of sync with the world especially when she has to make “an important statement.” Wise up America. This dumb drunken broad is still trying to appear to be relevant. Can’t happen because she doesn’t know where she is or what she’s saying most of the time. Watch her eyes. Watch her trembling hands.

Mmj (@guest_1038459)
Reply to  Carol V Basler
1 year ago

And listen to her when she sucks on her teeth to keep them from falling out….oh yeah…still chews her cud…..why…?….Oh yeah cause she is a cow

Kevin Kiley (@guest_1038410)
1 year ago

She Pelosi , just gave Joe the 8th a death wish. A lot of commies in MA dislike her more than Markey.

Grin n barrett (@guest_1038413)
1 year ago

If she supports him there must be something about him I won’t like.

Gary m (@guest_1038445)
Reply to  Grin n barrett
1 year ago

He’s establishment Dem

Todd Lee (@guest_1038416)
1 year ago

He’s a Kennedy, the chief womanizers of the Democrat party. Where else would Slick Willie get the idea you can be married and dip the wick everywhere else and still be above reproach. And you can let a pregnant girl drown and have the money and power to have it covered up. The root of their evil was the patriarch Joseph Kennedy Sr. Right up Nancy’s alley.

John (@guest_1038418)
1 year ago

Give her another double shot that should cure her shakes

WVRidgeRunner (@guest_1038426)
Reply to  John
1 year ago

A double shot would not do it, it requires at least a pint, if not a fifth.

Gary m (@guest_1038446)
Reply to  John
1 year ago

A double shot on top of two scoops

Mike (@guest_1038420)
1 year ago

When does Pelosi have time to make a recommendation after flying around on her broom all night?

Gary m (@guest_1038447)
Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

I don’t know maybe cause Trump keeps her flying back and forth between Ca. and D.C., don’t you just love it.
Chick-a-boom chick-a-boom chick-a-boom boom boom.

Susanne (@guest_1038663)
Reply to  Gary m
1 year ago

Best in a long time. Just love your tweet thanks

RMB (@guest_1038425)
1 year ago

I would care less if I read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi got run over by a drunk driver like road kill…

mbr722 (@guest_1038432)
1 year ago

Who the heck cares who she nominates. They are all democrats and therefore are as bad as each other. What difference does the name make when they are all obstructionists!

Alan (@guest_1038433)
1 year ago

Aoc wants a hard left she is for islam taking over the country.and pelosi is not wanting to go there..let the demrats alone long enough, they will turn on eachother like demRATS ..

jjjjj (@guest_1038580)
Reply to  Alan
1 year ago

Yes, the dim bulbs will turn on each other and destroy themselves. The Conservatives can help speed up the demise by using clever tactics.

Sharon Roberts (@guest_1038434)
1 year ago

Im watching bidens supposed acceptance and so far all they can talk about is bo biden. Wtf?

Jan (@guest_1038449)
Reply to  Sharon Roberts
1 year ago

No wonder Hunter has a drug problem & bopped Beau’s widow. He’s dip-sh** compared to the saintly Beau.

GW (@guest_1038442)
1 year ago

As I have said Pelosi is a complete Idiot and she shows it more and more every day and every time she opens her mouth

Randy Justice (@guest_1038450)
1 year ago

There a LOT of people on this world that REALLY need to be KILLED !!!! PELOSI, SCHUMER, SCHIFF, NADLER, AND OBAMA ARE JUST A FEW !!!

Pat Dietrich (@guest_1038460)
Reply to  Randy Justice
1 year ago

Add Hellery to that list!

ROLANDO TABLAZON (@guest_1038485)
1 year ago


SHOJ Happy (@guest_1038488)
1 year ago

Ppl don’t worry on who the buck tooth nominates. Donald Trump will win and will kick all the swamp rhinos out once and for all! God is with us. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Kurt Walker (@guest_1038493)
1 year ago

AMERICAN DIGEST; How long must we wait for your hold/moderation on our comments????

Irene (@guest_1038496)
1 year ago

I am voting for President Trump, but I will not call people names.

jjjjj (@guest_1038581)
Reply to  Irene
1 year ago

I am voting for President Trump as well. I am also working with several committees to get as many Conservative as possible elected and re-elected. I have harsh feelings about many on the left, which so deserves the scorn and condemnation.

judy binder (@guest_1038831)
1 year ago

Trump and Pence in 2020

larry ossler (@guest_1038981)
1 year ago

Ah! Unrest amongst the commies!



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