August 14, 2022

Pelosi says she ‘doesn’t care much’ about destruction of statues and monuments

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been quiet this week, but she roared back onto the scene on Thursday with a spectacularly terrible moment while answering reporters’ questions at a D.C. news conference.

A reporter asked Pelosi for her thoughts on the destruction of Baltimore’s statue of Christopher Colombus on July 4th. Pelosi currently represents San Francisco but originally hails from Baltimore.

Pelosi flippantly dismissed the gradual dismantling of American history, saying “people will do what they do,” and that she doesn’t “care that much about statues.”

Last week, Pelosi said that the only statues that should come down are those representing “traitors” such as Confederate generals and leaders, but it didn’t take her long to change her tune.

This week, she said “I’m not one of those people who’s wedded to, oh, a statue, to somebody someplace is an important thing. I don’t — again, if the community doesn’t want the statue there, the statue shouldn’t be there.”

When the reporter pressed Pelosi about whether she condones the destruction of statues by mob instead of a Democratic process, Pelosi said:

People will do what they do. It’s a — I do think that from a safety standpoint it would be a good idea, to have it taken down if the community doesn’t want it. I don’t know that it has to be a commission, but it just could be a community view. And sometimes it’s something that’s been there, that view has been there for a while.

Baltimore’s statue of Christopher Colombus, who died over three hundred years before the Confederacy was even formed, was pulled down and thrown into the harbor on the evening of July 4th.

“Protesters” the first targeted statues of Confederate leaders have long since moved on to statues and monuments of prominent American heroes such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ulysses S. Grant, and George Washington.

Last week, the issue of statue removal was strictly about treason, according to Pelosi. This week, any monument to America’s founders and leaders is fair game in Pelosi’s eyes.

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LONE WOLF (@guest_1020128)
2 years ago

As a white American Citizen, I want to demand that any and all statues and paintings of Martin Luther King, Jr. be torn down or otherwise destroyed because they are racist and they offend me! Hey BLM, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. You people are absolute idiots! However, if you can demand something then I can too. This is America, you know, the country that you are sucking the life blood from! Instead of demanding reparations you should be getting down on your knees and thanking God that you are here in America. Most of your ancestors were probably murdered because they didn’t get to America. Pull your s==t around me and I will end your miserable lives!

AIRBORNE, ALL THE WAY (@guest_1020138)
2 years ago

This is going to be the most IMPORTANT ELECTION in AMERICA’S HISTORY, If we loos this one the Country will be gone forever… people are going to have get out & VOTE, the BLM thugs are going to be out in force around the polling places to scare people especially SENIORS, it is also going to corrupted with Mail in Votes from Cemeteries & Illegal’s, the democrats are going to stop @ nothing to defeat President TRUMP…
Whomever Groper Joe chooses for VP will be sitting in the Oval, because Groper Joe will be determined mentally unstable & if Piglosi is still speaker of the House she will become VP & that my loyal fellow AMERICANS is scarier than anything that is going on “Right Here In River City”…

'grandma' Jeanne (@guest_1020216)
2 years ago

airborne, all the way…
You said it!! I’m a senior and I’m seeing the country I love be ruined before my very eyes. (You are a gifted write, by the way).

Brenda (@guest_1020772)
2 years ago

I think what most of them forget is that slavery was started with blacks and not whites.

That being said these people only care about destruction and chaos. Defunding the police and with a goal of abolishing the police within 5 years. With their changes we will no longer need the police. Then add communism to the list.

Highsider (@guest_1020140)
2 years ago

Wake your doddering a$$ up, if a “community” doesn’t want a statue there, they will determine that by a vote and then follow through as a community in the indicated direction!
Note, Beetle brain that this has happened in 0 cases in 2020. They are being destroyed by RIOTERS! Wake the he’ll up!

chief1937 (@guest_1020225)
Reply to  Highsider
2 years ago

With all this demand to tear down statues the thought just ran through my mind I have not read anywhere that a black statue has been removed. Does that not seem like this is simply a racist thing on the part of protesters? Then I remembered that only white people can be racist. What was I thinking? To some people the statue of Dr.King is offensive so do we destroy his? They are statues of people who have contributed to our history and only those who would like to change history are demanding they be removed. News Flash removing every statue or monument in the country will not change history one bit. Get over it people and look for some way to unite the people instead of divide.

Dicky (@guest_1020144)
2 years ago

She’s a total idiot and should be thrown out of the government permanently and immediately!

sheila bastian (@guest_1020314)
Reply to  Dicky
2 years ago

Without pay n benefits! She is a traitor to the American people in my opinion. She needs to ride the rocking chair in her basement or prison would be better!

Don (@guest_1030192)
Reply to  sheila bastian
2 years ago

I agree with both of you and it should be in prison and they should use duct tape to shut her up.

Faye Norsworthy (@guest_1020145)
2 years ago

Wake up Americans, is this the government that you want to pass on to your children? This is Marxism/ Communism taking over our country. We have to fight back against these liberal radicals.

Patricia A WELLS (@guest_1020146)
2 years ago

She needs to retire, her actions are ridiculous for a house speaker, she needs to take Chuckie with her.

David Druif (@guest_1020149)
2 years ago

How about this? Remove her and her flock of rats from office. Then make a bunch of concrete statues of each one of them. Post the statues in various cities. Charge irate citizens $10.00 a swing to smash the concrete likenesses to pieces. Then use the collected monies to rebuild / replace the real damaged statues. Put each one of the rats and Pelosi in monkey cages to watch the glee in the eyes of the customers wielding the sledges. For an extra $5.00 the customers can also throw bucks of ice-water on the rats and their leader.

Joan (@guest_1020317)
Reply to  David Druif
2 years ago

And yet the people of California continue to reelect her, and Maxine Waters, and Pelosi’s nephew as governor, and Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, and on and on. Tells me they like the situation as it is, and would like it to stay that way. Perhaps not the way we deplorables would like it, but we are in the minority-will remain so till the blue states pretty much collapse economically. In reality, the American voter in general apparently is OK with things as they are, considering Obama received 2 terms and is still looked upon as some sort of Messiah. Clinton got two terms though he showed himself to be champion of liars, thieves and narcissists-so the country gets the government it asks for. .

T Beach (@guest_1020775)
Reply to  Joan
2 years ago

Thats only because cemetary records are public records and dont ya know all those dang skeletons vote Dumbocrat. Thats how they keep gettin elected

Grammysam Shoop (@guest_1020150)
2 years ago

Pelosi is an enemy of the American People! She us in it for the money she can steal from the taxpayers.. with her promising people things and getting paid for making things happen. She is a gluttaneous swamp creature.. I sincerely hope KARMA has her in it’s sights!

Walter Houle (@guest_1020153)
2 years ago

Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff and Schumer is a organized coup to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.
They are constantly lying creating false statements creating illegal dishonest schemes to interfere in the Presidents ability to perform his duties.
Creating false investigations and are not doing their job.
They have not performed for constituents in almost four years.
Need the DOJ to issue indictments on behalf of the Country and try them and if conficted of their crimes placed on different ships and sent to sail never again to set foot on American soil that they seem to hate so much.
We are not perfect but we are closer to it than BLM is. They are terrorist wanting to socialize America and turn it into a den of Evil.
They too should be rounded up, before they kill more people both black and white, rounded up sent to GITMO for a military tribunal for their acts of terrorism.
It has gone to far and is completely out of control.

M, H Williford (@guest_1020156)
2 years ago

I DO NOT understand what these stupid dummies tore Christopher Columbus’s statue and threw it in the River. He lived—–he died and never stepped foot on American Soil. Maybe they should learn the HISTORY they hate so much–that they never learned!! But then they never will, because you cannot fix STUPID!!!!

Keith Underwood (@guest_1020160)
2 years ago

Everything she does and says she puts her foot in her own mouth. Watch out for them loose teeth!

Jo (@guest_1020164)
2 years ago

This is one sad women…a leader, she isn’t.

S.L. (@guest_1020178)
2 years ago

Pelosi is a devil worshipper and shows her evilness against anyone who disagrees with her. Time for her and her other dumb idiots to be voted out of congress. She is the leader of a treasonous group of criminals ie Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Waters and the whole Democratic Party. She acts like a spoiled brat and we will find a way for all of them to leave either voluntarily or physically removed. They will pay in November for everything they have done against our country, our citizens and our duly elected President!

GW (@guest_1020180)
2 years ago

Pelosi and her side kicks should be removed from Congress and deported from the USA, they are communist and if you do not belive it just wait and see if Biden gets elected President, this Country will remember it for the rest of their lives, I know what I am talking about.

Lydia (@guest_1020181)
2 years ago

You said it, Jo – a sad woman she is, but even “sadder” is the fact, that she is not the only one in our Congress! We need TERM LIMITS very badly! I just don’t know how one would go about getting someone to establish them.
Maybe I should asked my Congressman? Would he tell me??
I think I need to do a little “research”.

Rena (@guest_1020206)
Reply to  Lydia
2 years ago

Look up Conversation of States for limiting of terms petition

Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1020184)
2 years ago

Please, please, please folks, we must retake the House in November, I can’ t take another Press Conference with Nanny Pelosi babbling on in her constant drunken state, with her dentures moving around in her mouth like crazy! We must all vote like we have never voted before, meaning make sure your family and friends vote. If you can volunteer to be at the voting place on the day, and make sure no funny business (especially if you live in a highly contested area). We need to make sure that if any ballots “appear” that they are NOT accepted! And if there are more ballots than voters that it is dealt with appropriately!

Rolando Perez (@guest_1020204)
2 years ago

Hope People In California Vote out this Piece Of Human Trash Called Pelosi! She Deserve Absolutely No Respect. She’s Is not a Leader But Just a Thug that’s been Ripping off America

Paul (@guest_1020205)
2 years ago

Let’s face it, the Commucrat Party hates America and is comprised mostly of idiots.

David in MA (@guest_1020207)
2 years ago

“This week, she said “I’m not one of those people who’s wedded to, oh, a statue, to somebody someplace is an important thing.”

AS she being a cathodic I wonder what her re-action would be at the destruction of statures of Jesus and all the Saints would be.

Marsha Blye (@guest_1020322)
Reply to  David in MA
2 years ago

David, she is not a catholic , nor CHRISTIAN. She is a hater, an evil doer. GOD is LOVE AND TOLERANCE. She has NONE of those qualities and never will.

Don Mussetter (@guest_1020209)
2 years ago

Rolando, you hit the nail on the head.

LHB (@guest_1020210)
2 years ago

I applaud you all for hitting the nail on the head and not being afraid to speak your truths. Like Patrick Henry, “give me Liberty or give me Death”. WE the People need to kick some swamp a$$ & right away!!!!

sol stolzenberg (@guest_1020217)
2 years ago

Search any dictionary or encyclopedia for the definition of the word ‘anus’, you will find a picture of Nancy Pelosi.

larry ossler (@guest_1020274)
2 years ago

Tear down any statues that exist for OBAMA the communist..oh well people do what they do!!!!

madmemere (@guest_1020353)
2 years ago

Nutty nan, from the sewer city of San Fran, should be “hauled out and thrown into the harbor”, before she does any more damage to this country. She is a commie, through and through and will always be a commie. Prior to 2006, when she took the Speaker’s gavel for the first time, she was forced to give up her position as chairperson, for CPUSA (communist party USA) in order to avoid the appearance of any “conflict”. At the same time she picked up the gavel, the online membership roster, for CPUSA “disappeared” from sight; you can no longer access it (unless you’re a member). Now, why do you suppose that happened (sarc intended)? DNC was bought out by CPUSA in the 60’s (after they drummed Sen. Joe McCarthy out) and has grown in strength and numbers since. BLM is “marxist trained and led” – -publicly stated by one of their own leaders. There are 80+ members of our US Congress, who ARE “avowed communists”! It is TIME for WE THE PEOPLE to “drive them out” and never let them return to the USA!

STEVE UNDERWOOD (@guest_1020354)
2 years ago

Nasty Nancy doesn’t care about ANYTHING American . She has proven this over the entire length of her misspent political career . ALL Nancy is concerned about is how rich she can get from all the bribes , payoffs , kickbacks and Lobbyist gifts . Just look at her record . Power and money is all there is to her and she will throw Americans to the wolves and dance on their graves . This woman disgusts me to the point if I had any hair left I’d be pulling it out in frustration . Die already and rot in hell where you belong .

Joanna (@guest_1020399)
2 years ago

Well I’ll be dammed the old lady is pandering!!!!

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1027881)
2 years ago

Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

Don (@guest_1028823)
2 years ago

All Pelousy cares about is her power……and money.

Brerjeort (@guest_1253745)
1 year ago



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