July 23, 2021

Pelosi dismisses speculation that she may retire as Speaker of the House

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced on Sunday that she has no plans to retire from her seat as Speaker if Democrats retain the House majority after the November election. 

In an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, host Jake Tapper asked Pelosi if she intended to run for Speaker of the House once again. “If Democrats keep the House, are you going to run for another term as Speaker?” asked Tapper.

Pelosi replied “Yes, I am. But let me also say that we have to win the Senate, so all this discussion of the virus takes us to the importance of this election. Vote your health.”

Pelosi’s stonewalling of a COVID-19 relief deal has frustrated her Democrat colleagues leading to speculation that she could lose her position as leader of the House, and her behavior since being elected to the position in 2018 hasn’t won her any favors from anyone but the Democrat establishment.

Political commentator Liz Peek speculated in late August that a Trump victory in November could be Pelosi’s undoing. Progressives have already expressed their dissatisfaction with Pelosi’s performance as Speaker due to her commitment to serving the Democrat establishment instead of their progressive goals.

Peek wrote that if Trump wins in November, she and other establishment leaders will be blamed for nominating the 77-year-old Joe Biden to begin with instead of a younger and more exciting Democrat candidate — of which there were plenty of options.

Peek also pointed out that Pelosi offended up-and-coming Democrat legislators by throwing them under the bus to back establishment candidates such as Joe Kennedy III and Eliot Engel — both of whom lost to far-left primary challengers.

“Pelosi barely won her Speakership at the convening of the last Congress in January 2019; to win over those calling for new leadership, she agreed to measures that might force her to step down in 2022,” Peek wrote. “My guess: If Trump wins, she won’t make it ‘til then.”

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61 Responses

      1. She should, but theres nothing gracefully about her. Shes an arrogant hypocrite lying snake who wants power and control and to hell with our country! USA USA MAGA 2020!!!!

      2. No chance she would retire gracefully. She has been trying to take Trump out of office even before
        he was elected. She will do so ’til her dying day. She is a dispicible and evil person.

      3. Sorry. There is Nothing graceful about Piglosi !
        She should have left a long time ago. The sooner the better !!


      4. Kathy there is nothing at all GRACEFUL about Nazi Nancy PISSLUCY at all. She is nothing but one big dispicable POS that needs to be flushed down the sewer with the rest of the pos SWAMP RATS. The whole DEMONRAT DEMOCRAT PArty needs to be voted out of office never to return…

    1. No, she doesn’t need to “retire”. She needs to be fired by her constituents, then arrested for sedition or treason, for her antics with her attempted coup against President Trump this year. She is unfit to represent anyone. Democrats would be better off if they “fired” her as a representative. On the positive side, I think she would look good wearing “stripes” (prison stripes, that is)

      1. Well said! Without the House, it will likely be four more years of the same crap. I don’t think a lot of people understand that it takes the House to agree with the Senate to get anything done.

    2. She should be fired (impeached). She is so unqualified. Thousands would be happy if she left Washington.

  1. Pelosi needs to go, she is not good at he Job. Everyone I talk with does not like her. All say she is not for the people. Said’s she is CATHOLIC NO SHE ISN’T, PEOPLE OF THE CATHOLIC FAITH DO NOT ACT THE WAY SHE DOES.

    1. I am in total agreement Agnes. Also I am surprised she hasn’t been excommunicated for her support of abortion.

    2. She may have been christened Catholic as a baby, but it takes more than that for an adult to live right and treat others as she would like to be treated.
      The best thing that could happen for America is fot Mr. Trump to win again and for p=.elosi to dropout of sight.

    3. Yes,Yes,Yes,she has to go because she will find out Demacratics will loose the House and it’s because of her!!!!!💩

      1. If Jesus were here today, I doubt very much that he would call Nancy a Christian / Catholic. He would probably call her heathen. How can somebody who is supposed to cherish life support killing human beings that are about to be born? How can somebody who supposedly believes in God and Jesus condone the activities that have been going on for so long in this country? She’s more Roman and she is Catholic, which means she’s a pagan. That should it’s time for her to go, and it would not break my heart if she got Wuhan.

    4. I’m surprised to not hear genuinely practicing Catholics stand up to her. She’s a despicable person, who’s in bed with the devil!

  2. She needs to retire from the whole political scene. She brings too much harm to the American people. She must get of politics completely; maybe move to some nursing facility in California.

    1. It would be far more fitting for this old and very dishonest self serving HAG to be thrown out than allowed to retire.

    2. New Yak would fit her much better than Cal.
      She would have Coumo, and Deblabbio to keep her company. And she wouldn’t need to wear a mask because, after all, she’s a demoncrapp.

  3. Pelosi only cares about herself and power. Pelosi and Biden can’t be practicing Catholics with their stand on abortion. If Pelosi cared about the working people who are not working because of the pandemic she would have approved the relief package

  4. I still do not understand how stupid her district is in voting for this old ugly hag that just spews hate our President. What has she done for her district? Answer this? Hey people in her district are forced to shut down and lose their businesses and yet they may still vote for her. Please vote for someone else that will help their district instead of wasting money on sham investigations.

    1. I think those people who voted for her are totally blinded by what a selfish witch she is. Yeah, they are stupid too.

  5. Too bad. We all hoped that the old old old bat would head for its cave or become a “roomy” with by-dum in its basement. Too bad.

  6. She should be in a cave hanging upside down with some Horseshoe bats in China, she would fit right in…You could use her blood for germ warfare since she is so toxic to mankind.

  7. Personally, I hope the old witch strokes out when President Trump wins in a Landslide (and I could care less, if anyone thinksthat’s hateful). She’s too stupid to hold any position in our government. If she wins again when her re-election comes up, it’ll be because her district is inhabited by Morons.

  8. She should crawl back into that cesspool she crawled out of. If the other creatures there would accept her.

  9. Drunk Nancy is a disgrace to America, the speaker position and herself. The Dems even don’t like her. She has made a joke out of being speaker. She drinks a gallon of gin n juice for lunch then she spews psychotic rants about what she does for her country and constitution. I am not sure she knows she lives in America

    1. Are you sure Pelosi didn’t already die?….she sure looks like it.

      “Pelosi will die in W.H. just like the rest”

  10. Nancy needs to either retire, or get fired, we don’t need someone like her trying to overrule the president and be a bully, and I don’t care if this gets back to her, she’s can’t do anything to me!

  11. Nancy needs to EXIT any way we can get her out of there. She is a troublemaker and I have seen nothing good come from her.

  12. Please retire as soon as we the proud American’s have 4 more years of Donald Trump!You have been a thorn in his side since he was elected!You really are a witch, and I Pray every night you will be gone!!Your nothing but a nightmare!! Trump 2020

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