September 30, 2022

Nancy Pelosi calls coronavirus the ‘Trump virus,’ gets SLAMMED by GOP leader

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn’t even trying to hide it anymore — she is now openly parroting talking points from the Chinese Communist Party in her attacks on President Trump.

Pelosi appeared on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” on Thursday, and came out guns blazing against Trump over COVID-19.

“Let me say this president has been the biggest failure practically in the history of our country,” Pelosi told host Joy Reid. “A pandemic that is rolling. Trump virus I call it, it’s rolling like a freight train.”

“It took nearly 100 days, just about 100 days to get the first 1 million,” she continued. “Just under 50 days to get to the second million, just over 25 days to get to the third million and now, just, what, 14, 17 days to get to the 4 million mark of people infected.”

Pelosi has spent much of the last week attempting to pin the coronavirus crisis on President Trump, calling it the “Trump virus” at every opportunity in an obvious swipe at Trump’s partiality to calling COVID-19 the “Chinese virus.”

Trump has recently ratcheted up pressure on the Chinese Communist Party due to its mishandling of the growing threat of COVID-19 in December and January, as well as numerous other alarming actions such as undermining Hong Kong’s autonomy and the shocking abuse of Uyghur Muslims in the formerly autonomous Xinjiang province.

Pelosi is doing everything in her power to deflect responsibility from China to Donald Trump, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (D-CA) called her out on it on Thursday:

China’s deception has directly led to Americans’ deaths. China covered up the truth about the virus. China hoarded personal protective equipment and tried to extort other countries for political leverage. Now, China is trying to hack our vaccines, which will harm our ability to serve the world and solve this problem. China is no friend to the United States, and that fact is clear to everyone except the Democrats

“Why does the speaker promote their propaganda by trying to blame the president of the United States for the Chinese Communist Party’s lies, even calling the virus the name of our president?” McCarthy asked.

“My final question would be: What does the Chinese Communist Party have on the Democrats? Why can’t they hold them accountable?”


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