May 20, 2022

Pelosi comes under fire for ethically questionable Tesla stocks purchase

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was caught making some suspiciously prescient stock purchases last month ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration, raising concerns that she’s not the only one planning to profit from Biden’s presidency.

Yahoo!’s Britni de la Cretaz noted on Thursday that Pelosi’s husband quietly picked up 25 call options of Tesla stocks in December. But buying Tesla in and of itself isn’t the eyebrow-raiser.

As de la Cretaz pointed out, Pelosi has come under fire for the purchases “because under the Biden administration’s new agenda, with its focus on environmental protections and combating climate change, Pelosi could benefit financially from those political plans.”

The issue of politicians benefitting from their inside knowledge about the government’s plans has long been highlighted — last year GOP Sens. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) and Richard Burr (R-NC), along with Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) were subjected to a federal investigation for dumping millions in stocks after being briefed on the rising coronavirus threat in late January 2020.

Pelosi’s recent market moves haven’t been subject to the same level of scrutiny, but Pelosi’s purchase of Tesla stocks represents a clear conflict of interest, as she likely has a level of knowledge about the Biden administration’s specific incentives that most do not have access to.

De la Cretaz explained:

President Joe Biden is currently encouraging the purchase of electric vehicles, and that could mean lifting the cap on sales, providing tax credits to buyers, and a potential program incentivizing people to trade in used vehicles to buy an electric one. Biden also announced on Monday that he would be replacing the entire fleet of 645,000 federal vehicles with electric ones. This could create a conflict of interest, as part of Pelosi’s job will include working to pass these environmental and clean energy initiatives — initiatives from which her family now stands to profit handsomely.

Democrats like Pelosi continually virtue signal about supporting the green agenda, but with Pelosi’s family betting heavily on the Biden administration’s energy policies, the rhetoric takes on a decidedly mercenary tone.

Pelosi told reporters in September that “when Joe Biden says, ‘Build back better,’ that better includes building back in a way that is resilient, that is green, that protects the planet. So I don’t know if it’s one bill or it permeates a number of bills, but it is absolutely a priority.”

How convenient that her husband just happens to be independently investing in green energy and technology.

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Greta (@guest_1118209)
1 year ago

It’s in her DNA to be corrupt. She is a demorat and they are the elitist crowd. Yellen should be charged too. She is another demorat elite crook.

Terry A. Bell (@guest_1118249)
Reply to  Greta
1 year ago

I agree 100 %

Judith Marlowe (@guest_1118775)
Reply to  Greta
1 year ago

Besides Tesla just before the hacking of Federal agency she also purchased $1million worth of Crowdstrike that has risen over $100 since her purchase. surprise, surprise.

Fortunate. (@guest_1119566)
Reply to  Greta
1 year ago

Why has Nancy Pelosi not had any laws to abide by in any of her political positions a why has she made her self millions of dollars , insider trading trading stocks , allowed to ignore American pandemic treating Because of their titles , potions etc, they can disregard put who they want first, well Americans can do t he same thing art election Time. That is if they want to vote but I’m not quite sure after the rigged the wide spread 2020 American election who knows what will take place in the future all together

Patsi A Moffatt (@guest_1118213)
1 year ago

Does this really surprise anyone? This is the lady with arrows in her quiver. The reason she knew Biden would win was that her husband and Dianne Feinstein’s husband OWN DOMINION voting machines. Crooks!!!

Jeanne (@guest_1118355)
1 year ago

THANK GOD, THANK GOD, THANK GOD. Looks like Pelosi is going down.

Irene (@guest_1118449)
1 year ago

This was inside information. Others have gone to prison for this in the past. Nancy and her husband both need to go to jail and not the country club jail the real jail were everyone that commits a crime gets put into.

Pelosi'sAcunt (@guest_1118644)
1 year ago

She’s a cunt

Malcom (@guest_1121396)
1 year ago

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