October 16, 2021

Pelosi claims victory in aftermath of election, despite narrowing margin of Democrat majority

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) ended speculation that her far-left agenda caused Democrats to suffer shocking losses in the 2020 election by rejecting the claims and instead, declaring victory for retaining control of the House.

After multiple Democrat representatives lost their seats and many more only narrowly kept theirs, Pelosi was attacked by some of her more moderate colleagues for capitulating to the “defund the police” movement and not pushing back against socialism.

Democrats expected a blue wave to sweep the nation, further securing their legislative power, but the results of the election were far from a victory for House Democrats. The GOP added over a dozen pro-life women to the House and Democrats lost at least six seats overall.

Pelosi refused to acknowledge the trend, however, telling Capitol Hill reporters that “I accept credit for winning the majority and holding the House,” and rejected accusations that her leadership caused the margins of the Democrat majority to shrink.

“We lost a few seats,” Pelosi admitted. “But, as I said, we won those seats in Trump districts, he wasn’t on the ballot, he is now. I do believe with Biden in the White House and a Democratic Congress and hopefully a Democratic Senate, we’ll see in January, we’ll be able to do great things for the American people.”

“As I said, we’ve lost some battles, but we won the war,” she continued. “We have the gavel. We have the gavel.” Pelosi promised before the election that Democrats would increase their majority by “double-digits” — which she clearly failed to do.

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-VA) made headlines last week when she told Democrat leadership that the party’s failure to increase their majority was a result of far-left tactics that American voters want no part of.

“No one should say ‘defund the police’ ever again,” Spanberger declared “Nobody should be talking about socialism,” adding that if Democrats try the tactic again, “we will get f—— torn apart.”

Pelosi appears unbothered by the tenuous grasp Democrats now have of the House and the growing concerns of moderate Democrats, declaring that a Biden presidency will provide her with all the leverage she needs to accomplish her goals.

“We had a very big win in the last election, it is smaller now,” she said. “We still have the power of the majority, but on top of that our leverage and our power is greatly enhanced by having a Democratic president in the White House.”

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Tommie (@guest_1073851)
11 months ago


BevG (@guest_1073862)
11 months ago

Pelosi and Democrat’s Blue Wave is nothing more than a mere Blue Drip! Lol Maybe next round we can clean them all out, and good riddance.

LURA (@guest_1073875)
Reply to  BevG
11 months ago

Amen to BevG’s remark. The corruption in our country is rapid.

Kenn (@guest_1074059)
Reply to  LURA
11 months ago

I believe it is rabid, Bev.

Lou Ann McGregor (@guest_1073921)
Reply to  BevG
11 months ago

I agree

Jon Tipton (@guest_1073863)
11 months ago

Why do you feel the need to use misleading titles for these articles? It always seems to be “Pelosi is done, or Pelosi is through” when that i snot even close to the content of the article. Very irritating for sure.

LURA (@guest_1073878)
Reply to  Jon Tipton
11 months ago

Oh Jon, I truly feel sorry for you and how the comments are irritating you. Ms. P. has made so many comments that irritate the entire country so get over it.

Margaret hogue (@guest_1074036)
Reply to  LURA
11 months ago

Pelosi is the queen of mean, she only sees to herself and her rich friends. Dang I almost forgot her friends from China and her part with hunter biden,they made a lot of money to get President Trump out. Of course there are the media, billionaires, they like to meddle in everything, because they can, guess they are like spoiled kids.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1074630)
Reply to  Margaret hogue
11 months ago

Hey now we can give the title of CHINA S PUPPET to the b man! We had to listen to constant russian puppet for 4 yrs. BUT now its not just a lie BUT we have all the proof we need to show what a REAL CHINA puppet is and that includes most of Wall ST calling the shots! All will tell him what to do! And sadly he is so far gone and the hoe will do anything for $$$$$!

Linda (@guest_1073908)
Reply to  Jon Tipton
11 months ago

Totally agree feels like big time fake news.

JohnM (@guest_1073925)
Reply to  Jon Tipton
11 months ago

Jon, I totally agree with you. The sensationalizing of the News Article is just to get our attention and has nothing to do with the content. It’s just a journalist tool to get more people to read the article, and show his editor what a success they are, when they really aren’t. I truly hope that one day soon, when they say “Pelosi is Done”, it will be the truth. It will be the start of the divisive healing that needs to occur, for all our sake.

Pat (@guest_1074117)
Reply to  Jon Tipton
11 months ago

You got that right, but it’s just a sneaky way of getting people to go to their web page.

moon (@guest_1073865)
11 months ago

Pelosi is lying to her demorat Party to stay in power. Shes like Hitler Hillary. Refuses to lose.

Linda (@guest_1073915)
Reply to  moon
11 months ago

Cause her hubby over sees our election machines. Go to what Pelosi family is involved in our elections? Also how is Pelosi’s son involved with Hunter Biden.
If zuckabugar doesn’t shut you down our politicians have so much nepotism going on it’s rather like a mafia. Just check who’s family members are working for we the people????? Trump will win 2020 election when the trash is emptied.

Pat (@guest_1074119)
Reply to  moon
11 months ago

Moon, they’re too stupid to see through her!

Josephine Lara (@guest_1074631)
Reply to  Pat
11 months ago

An article I read some time ago from a House member said the only reason she stay in her position is cuz she can get money out of all the big companies with promises to favor them and what they want! OR put another way more $$$ than they can!

Gary m (@guest_1074163)
Reply to  moon
11 months ago

Nancy wont concede, no matter how much AOC beats her with her gavel. Old Nancy is showing signs of elder abuse at the hands of AOC.

Alan (@guest_1073866)
11 months ago

Pelosi knew the Democrats didn’t have a chance .used the virus to cheat mail in ballots ..now its time for these corupt Democrats to go to prison for corruption and election faurd.

Linda (@guest_1073920)
Reply to  Alan
11 months ago

Absolutely only I think treason is punishable by a firing squad.

Truckman (@guest_1074113)
Reply to  Linda
11 months ago

sorry Linda I checked they stopped the firing squads but Leavenworth is still an option but myself I think the whole crew should be stuck on an island out there where all them storms go through with plenty of trees on it but it not but about 8 foot above sea give them a once a month food and water airdrop other than that no contact

Gary m (@guest_1074156)
Reply to  Truckman
11 months ago

No trees they will build rafts, and don’t for get the sharks.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1074633)
Reply to  Alan
11 months ago

I dare say this was planned, and b s staying in doors so he could not muff up more than he did. Was a shoe in with piggy and dianes husbands having a vested interest in the computer company. Heard a lawyer last night say they may have or be able to compromise our military also!!

James Hutchins (@guest_1073869)
11 months ago

Pelosi is a delusional woman.

Richard Davis (@guest_1073873)
11 months ago

Nancy PEE is so out of it she is the Witch from the west calforneo she is a Witch and will pay for it some day in the future what nut CASE RTD 11/13/2020 go on to the next life may in hell with other bad evil people that forgot about doing good in DC Hell is there for her Nancy P.

Patrick Garland (@guest_1073874)
11 months ago

Nancy pelosi says that her and Biden are going to do great things for the American people opening the borders so anybody can come in take jobs taxpayers money and laugh about it nobody will be able to get medical help because they’ll be giving it to all the illegals they will take all the money the taxpayers earn and hand that over to the illegals they will take you right from freedom of speech they will take you a second amendment right and you’ll be under their control if they tell you to jump off a cliff you better do it China will be running the United States this is the grand Democratic plan tell me how are we better off these freaks need to be eliminated

Gary m (@guest_1074150)
Reply to  Patrick Garland
11 months ago

Don’t worry in twenty two the old hag will lose the gavel, conservatives will take back the house, and we will have a triumvirate, and the communists will be out for a long time.
In the mean time be mean. Get the lawyers and the judges ready, and every time Biden or Harris writes an EO take them to court, get an injunction. Keep them tied up in court.

Patti Miller (@guest_1073876)
11 months ago

Pelosi looks like a malfunctioning Stepford Wife she needs to go and soon!

Linda (@guest_1073880)
11 months ago

Nancy needs to be removed arrested. Tried for 4 years to destroy our President Trump.

ChasW (@guest_1073881)
11 months ago

Hopefully this drunken POS will lose the speakership.

Stephen M. Ripley (@guest_1073897)
11 months ago

She’ll be there when we’re all gone. We might slow her down if we win the Senate, otherwise, the GOP will never be able to win another election.

John Thomas Wright (@guest_1073912)
11 months ago

When will the day come when Americans will take up arms and free this nation from those who will steal it rather then {Fight For It}.

James 75th Regiment (@guest_1073926)
Reply to  John Thomas Wright
11 months ago

I guess their waiting till their backed in a corner, but at the same time we are getting prepared in Texas since we have carpetbaggers leaving their own states because the Liberals have destroyed them and they voted for the idiots.

Gary m (@guest_1073949)
Reply to  James 75th Regiment
11 months ago

They come here to get away from the mess they made there, so they can make another one here. Why the hell don’t they just stay where they are. It would make more sense. but who said that a demonicrat has any sense.

Rafael Guzman-Aponte (@guest_1074929)
Reply to  John Thomas Wright
11 months ago

The day we stop making immigrants us citicens

Jim (@guest_1073927)
11 months ago

We need a complete re vote not recount all voters need ID or they dont count
Nuff said

Richard Van Horn Sr. (@guest_1073933)
11 months ago

Nutsy Pisslousy is nothing more than a dried up prune face and should get the hell out of politics and go back to her walled-in palace in the dying state of California

Diana Cook (@guest_1073950)
11 months ago

Total conspiracy and fraud! Biden is in on it I’m sure. He is just a puppet for his party. Defund the police, let their Democratic cities burn, lie about Hunter and his antics claiming he knows nothing about his son’s business! Total crap!

Leonard Harvey (@guest_1073960)
11 months ago

Demoncrats can’t win the american people with values and integrity . all
demoncrats can do is lie cheat and steal. they should be put on trial for treason. and then face public hanging. GOD BLESS AMERICA

Mary Clayton (@guest_1074168)
Reply to  Leonard Harvey
11 months ago

Wishful thinking…..BUT it sure would be nice! HANGEM HIGHHHHHHHH!

Gary m (@guest_1073989)
11 months ago

I just heard that Hillary may get a job in Biden administration. Rumer has it he has a special position in mind, Commander in Chief of the Latrine. Sounds quite appropriate considering.

michael mcclain (@guest_1074000)
11 months ago

Readers digest is pushing the naritave if Biden as well I see . see. Ya digest. Digest your own crap your talking . RED WAVE TRUMP 2020

raymond lombardi (@guest_1074015)
11 months ago

Nancy, you’re wrong on so many levels, you’re hurting the american people more than you’re helping.
If you were really helping, why don’t you make it to where schools aren’t aloud to diagnose kids with disabilities when they struggle with things like math, especially someone like myself who is totally blind.
Nancy, you really need to retire!

Holly Dutton (@guest_1074016)
11 months ago

All this gibberish about Nancy Pelosi being “done.” She will NOT be done unless she is REMOVED from Congress and put BEHIND bars!

Rebecca farnum (@guest_1074044)
11 months ago

Pelosi definitely needs to be removed from speaker of the house she caused major problems blocking this blocking that she couldn’t think of anything but impeaching trump. Now rumor has it that she an her squad are working on plans to impeach Amy coney Barrett doesn’t she an her squad have anything better to do than waste tax payers money a plan to persecute trump Schumer. An schiff should go to an anybody else who was involved in the attempt to paersecute trump. We need people who stand for the people not people who they paid with promises an money to to vote for Biden with the money spent wasting time persecuting trump with Clinton’s help they could have finished the wall an it will be needed the future will prove that an defunding the police we need them an the military our life’s may depend on it

Tina Wilson (@guest_1074100)
11 months ago

Finally someone has realized what an idiot Nancy Pelosi is. My fear is that we still won’t know who the President is by January 20 and because she’s third in line she will be our president. OMG!!

Gary m (@guest_1074139)
11 months ago

What concerns me is having a president that has been dealing inappropriately with other countries. Will he sell the nuclear codes to a foreign power. Would he be selling our tech to adversaries. This is a great concern when dealing with someone that is mentally challenged.

Josephine Lara (@guest_1074635)
Reply to  Gary m
11 months ago

And right now he is demanding military secrets and OUR countries plans! First off YOU WILL NEVER BE A PRESIDENT TO MANY OF US! PLAN OLE COMMIE SELL OUT! Second you will tell China and the rest of the evil countries ALL our secrets and plans! How does that help WE the People! SOO sad the fraud really messed OUR country up! Don’t know who you will really listen to the Hoe or crooked bo. He tried to ruin OUR country and he will use you to TRY to finish! NOTE he had nothing to do with him and now they are evil buddies!

Rafael Guzman-Aponte (@guest_1074938)
11 months ago

Thank GOD we have military trained us citizens. I am ready !!!!!!!!!

Marlene (@guest_1075579)
10 months ago

Pelosi is so delusional. She thinks she is the queen of the house and acts like it. A dictator in fact. She threatened to withhold any DNC money from any house democrats that didn’t vote for her Trump impeachment. Proves she is not above blackmailing. Typical of the radical left.



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