May 13, 2021

Nancy Pelosi declares Joe Biden shouldn’t participate in presidential debates

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) decided on Thursday to publically call on Joe Biden to official say “goodbye” to the scheduled presidential debates — a notion that many on the right have been sounding the alarm about for months. 

Pelosi told reporters during her Thursday press conference that Biden should cancel his planned debate appearances because he shouldn’t “legitimize a conversation” with President Trump.

Biden has indicated as recently as Thursday that he will indeed appear in at least three debates with Trump, but Pelosi said she disagrees with his decision to move ahead with debate plans.

“I wouldn’t legitimize a conversation with him, nor a debate in terms of the presidency of the United States. Now I know that the Biden campaign thinks in a different way about this,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi groused that Trump will “probably act in a way that is beneath the dignity of the presidency” and “belittle what the debates are supposed to be about.”

“They’re not to be about skullduggery on the part of somebody who has no respect for the office he holds, much less the democratic process,” Pelosi complained. “Why else would he try to undermine the elections in the manner in which he is doing?

“So, if Joe Biden asked me what I thought about it, [I’d say] I don’t think that he should dignify that conversation with Donald Trump,” she concluded.

The Biden campaign responded that while they agree with Pelosi’s assessment of Trump, Biden will still appear in the debates. “We certainly agree with Speaker Pelosi on her views of the President’s behavior,” said Biden campaign spokesperson Andrew Bates. “But just as she has powerfully confronted that behavior in the Oval Office and the Cabinet Room, Joe Biden looks forward to doing the same on the debate stage.”

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69 Responses

  1. Democrats had better start to actually THINK because Joe Biden is in NO condition to be in charge
    of the Leadership of this country! Its time to think of the welfare of our nation and Forget personal political

    1. I am sick of my posts not being posted. I have not said anything even controversial or nasty! Is TheAD joining the ranks of Facebook and twitter?!

    2. They don’t care look who they put to talk at the convention, Bill & Hillary Clinton!! I cannot think who is worse Bill or Hillary neither of them should appear anywhere in Politics…bad move…. As a matter of fact, Pelosi is making a ton of bad moves…the democratic party best put her in the basement with Joe…

  2. If Joe Biden can not debate with President Trump, Joe Biden must be distance himself and disqualify for the president. Joe Biden needs to step down immediately. That goes for Nancy Pelosi as well. We need strong supporter at all times and leaders who will be able to help/support Americans peoples and Americans life matters. We don’t need weak President, We need Trump!!!! Go Trump!!!

    1. Can you even imagine him trying to speak with the foreign nations? BUT, of course, he will not last a year, and Harris will become president. That is one of the ways that the Democrats are thinking of having a so-called black woman as president. G-d help us all on many levels if your support Biden.

  3. If he doesn’t debate, he should NOT be the candidate! That is a “ no brainer”, Piglosi knows he can’t compete with President Trump, it shows how little trust they have in Biden! But—- Piglosi is hoping for a “ no clear winner” decision, so SHE can step in as interim president! Then look out! Something foul is afoot, the demonrats are doing all they can to steal this election! They can’t win a FAIR election, so they are doing all they can to rig it in THEIR favor! We cannot let that happen if we want to remain a free country! Piglosi HAS to go, get her OUT! Call your congressmen, tell them she is subverting our government and demand her ouster! She has overstepped her authority too many times, and gotten away with it, this HAS to stop NOW! If we din’t Fight for our freedom, we will not have it!!!

    1. Amen patty. Subversion is and has been her motis operandi for way too long. SHE NEEDS TO BE PHISICALLY REMOVED FROM GOVERNMENT NOW!!!!!😬🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

      1. I agree!! She is a sorry speaker of the House. (Well, more than just sorry…but well, everyone knows what I would love to say.)

        1. I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with terminal results. Or got run over by a drunk driver like regular roadkill…

    2. if Pelosi should get into the WH there WILL be a Fast and Bloody Civil war and ALL the DemonRats will be gone from the face of the earth forever

    3. She has overstepped her her power and has be guilty of sedition and treason…..I wrote to Bill Barr stating she has to go, she is obviously over her head.

  4. Maybe President Trump will down a fifth of tequila and a handful of Darvons to even things up. The debates must be maintained as a tradition to keep America aware of what the presidency is.

      1. P Chria – Howard Lewis is an ignorant s.o.b. And, there are plenty of him out there. He might have brain damage. Vote Republican all the way. Vote President Trump 2020.

    1. They are already talking about having both candidates tested for drugs prior to the debates. I guess some feel that Biden has been a bit coherent lately & they could be giving him drugs already. Who knows? I just hope that they will follow through with it though. I guess President compared to two fighters & how some fighters are given drugs before a fight. If the Dems refuse, there is your answer right there.

    2. Spoken like a true junkie !

      Joe Basement can’t handle a conversation let alone a debate with the best President EVER !
      🇺🇸Trump 2020🇺🇸

      1. Imagine him talking to other nations? The Democrats are certainly afraid of Biden debating President Trump – and they should be. I must admit, I would like to see their debate. It will be very comical.

  5. How dare the Democrats say that President Trump does not want 3 debates with Joe Biden! Bring it on Joe, Trump will debate you right after he accepts the honor of being nominated as the Republican candidate for the President of the United States. (The next President of the United States!!!) President Trump never said he would not debate you, and he is looking forward to it and so are us!

    1. Bonnie Spiegel – and so are WE. I look forward to the debates. President Trump will make kasha out of Biden.

  6. President Trump is a gentleman and will not make fun of or try to destroy Mr. Biden. Joe Biden is what he is, a very sick individual and the democrats are trying to shame him and the shame is on Pelosy. She needs to be taken out of her job and sent home to rake her lawn or something.

  7. Debate or not, President Trump should keep the debate appearance as scheduled.
    If Sleepy Joe chooses to be a no show, that is fine. The networks would have
    the time slot set aside and The President could use the time to make his case
    to the American people.

  8. What does the American public needs to understand that the Democrats are a bunch of lying, conniving, scammers swindlers that this country has ever seen? When is America going to wake up and think about the future of our children and grandchildren? How stupid do the democrats think we are? Or are we?

  9. I clearly understand why Pelosi is afraid for Biden to debate Trump. The DNC can not control the questions and Biden wont have a teleprompter to read off of and still screw up his replies. He is not only not able to run this nation he is mentally beyond doing so. This is a man who doesn’t remember his wife from his sister nor that he is running for the President of the USA, and introduces himself as Joe Biden, Joe Biden’s wife. He can’t remember where he is or who he is talking to and this is the man they want to deal with the leaders of other nations. He has tantrums when ask questions he doesn’t like so what happens if he pitches one of his famous fits while talking to another nation’s leader? Just think if he wins will he introduce Kamala as his wife?

    1. Kay has many good points! I think the Democrats are banking on Biden’s collapse so the rest of them can take over~

      1. That is the plan!!!!! The Democrat leaders are the most corrupt in our nation’s history. Democrat leaders are showing signs of last-gasp efforts in desperation to regain power. These evil people must be defeated.

  10. maybe harris and pelosi have plans sideline biden, then harris is president and then pelosi becomes vice president. But Biden has to win I don’t think that will happen (my opinon)

  11. Even nervous nancy knows what an idiot ole slo joe is. nancy recognizes an idiotic moron because she is also one. President Trump 2020

  12. Who Is Nancy PELOSI To Criticize Donald Trump.She Certainly Hasn’t Done The Job The Past 4 Years The American Hired Her To
    Do.Matter Of Fact Donald Trump Has Went Above and Beyond All That Thee People Have Asked Him To Do.We Appreciate and Thank You Mr President.Cant Wait To See what All You Do The Next 4 Years. We Love You and Thank You Donald J Trump.

    1. Swamp Queen Pelosi hasn’t done the job the people hired her to do any time in her sordid corrupt career. She is one very hateful person. She is a poor example of what the Speaker of he House should be.

  13. The Demon-crats have no intention of letting Joe ever have any control. If he would win someone would have him sign a blank paper and then type up his resignation on it. Nasty Nancy just wants power to ruin everyone’s lives.

  14. Hey Crazy Nancy , no debate, no election. The Democrats don’t have a competent candidate they must concede the election to President Trump. America must have a competent Leader to survive. You need to go home and take Anti Fa and BLM with you. You and they are destroying our Country. Good Bye.

  15. Nancy Pelosi …. just proved by this Defamation of Government, that she is NOT fit to be “”Speaker Of The House”” or in any other form of The People’s Government!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nancy “Hole” Pelosi …….”Your a disgrace to humanity” let alone the United States of American!

    Get the Hell Out ….. while you can or be dragged out by ……. Americans who care about this Country …………………PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This shows that the Dems are sore losers, racist, hypocritical liars and DING BAT WITCH NANCY LEADS THE PATH ON ALL THIS. She is responsible for so much of the division and hatred of both parties. A HUGE MIRACLE FOR OUR COUNTRY TO HEAL IS FOR NP TO GO. WE CAN ONLY HOPE FOR THIS TO HAPPEN!

  17. Now we know who is running Biden, he does not have the guts to tell her he is going to debate, I think she is a dictator in congress, and she wants to run this country and if that is so we are in BIG trouble as she is a traitor to the USA

  18. I really think Nancy has forgotten that our President is the fairly elected President and she should mind her mouth!! That crap coming out of it is shameful for her title which is lower then President!! She needs to be replaced!!

    She doesn’t run “CONGRESS”. She’s the “SPEAKER of the (Lower Chamber) House of Representatives.

  20. And now the excuses begin. This is only the start of the excuses to stop Biden from debating Trump. But, that would also be one more factor in his potential loss of the election, if he fails to debate Trump. Swamp Queen Pelosi and the Democrats will have a few more excuses coming up for why Biden shouldn’t debate Trump.

  21. biden is NOT capable of DEBATING “anyone” his “brain” or the “grey matter” he used to have in his head is LONG GONE…..It’s NOT JUST America that KNOWS THAT FACT….He belongs in a NURSING home……!!!!!

  22. I know exactly how you all are feeling. But we must remember this. God tells us that if we humble ourselves and pray, He will heal our land. We must all pray for our enemies. It is hard for me sometimes to remember that I am a Christian and I am required to act as such. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves. Please don’t think I’m getting after anyone, all I’m trying to say is we should pray for the Democrats. They are sad and scared little people consumed with sin. I know how you all feel, I feel the same, but when I pray for them, I do feel better. They take out “One Nation under God” and that hurts my heart. I pray for Our Dear Sweet President that God will guide, guard and direct him. He has so far. YOU GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!! 2020 8 MORE YEARS? God bless all you Trump supporters! You all make this Country great and I pray that you all remain safe and well in your communities
    Love you all,

    1. Thank you. I love this. I know I get angry and mad say ugly things about them. You are correct. Thanks for the reminder. God bless you.

  23. I watched President trump tonight at the White House and it is very obvious why Joe Biden will never debate him.
    Trump would tear that senile idiot apart. Nancy Pelosi and the whole Demonrat party knows that if Joe doesn’t debate Trump, he loses votes. But if Joe Biden actually tries to debate Trump, Biden is totally ruined. That’s totally ruined in the first debate. I seriously doubt Joe could handle 3 debates.

  24. If Joe Biden can not debate Trump he should not be running for President! He has no platform. He knows Trump will destroy him in a debate. Such a coward. If he can’t debate Trump, how in the world would he stand up to foreign governments? Our country will become a 3rd world country with him and Kamala in charge. Don’t let this happen! Stand up and vote for President Trump for 2nd term. If you like your freedom and your life get out and vote for Trump. Lets show the demorats we mean business. Let them cry again when Trump wins again in November! Keep America GREAT! again!!

  25. If you won’t show for debates to show the voters what you’ve got then it should be a forfeit. Just like a ball game you don’t show you loose.

  26. Nancy Pelosi is just another OLD LADY with 40 years in DC it is time for her to hang it up- she doesn’t want sleepy Joe to open his mouth because she is afraid of what will come out of it

  27. Might as well cancel it , democrates can’t tell the truth , and have nothing intelligence to say !

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