July 2, 2022

Pelosi melts down on live TV over Barr’s testimony: ‘He was like a blob’

Attorney General Bill Barr’s testimony before the House Judiciary Committee was intended to expose the Trump administration, but it backfired spectacularly.

The hearing quickly descended into chaos. However, despite Democrats’ best efforts to get under Barr’s skin, he calmly handled the onslaught of partisan questioning. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is furious that Barr didn’t crack under pressure, calling him “despicable” and a “blob” in a shocking meltdown during an interview on Tuesday. 

In an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Beat,” after Barr’s testimony, Pelosi took the opportunity to rip into Barr. “I don’t know that they learned anything, but it demonstrated to the American people the contempt that he has for our democracy,” she told host Ari Melber.

“And the fact that he was, shall we say, not forthcoming in his rejecting any thought that he would talk politics as the attorney general with the president of the United States,” she continued.

This is very serious. Ninety-eight more days to go, and he was even vague about stepping aside if it [the election] is clear. Clear to whom? Clear to the American people, the results of the election are the results of the election. He doesn’t have to qualify it. I just thought he was despicable and so beneath the dignity of an attorney general.

She continued to attack Barr over the decision to send federal law enforcement in to protect federal buildings. Peaceful protest is who we are and what we do,” she said. “And do some other people come along and try to disrupt? Yes. But you don’t send in people acting like stormtroopers into the scene and evoking even more unease and unrest.”

“He should be answering for what he did at Lafayette Square, a disgrace. So this—it’s really — he was like a blob. He was like just a henchman for the president of the United States instead of the attorney general of the United States of America,” she concluded.

Democrats are fuming at how poorly the long-awaited hearing went, and they have no recourse except to launch personal attacks on Barr. Luckily for America, Washington politics are nothing new to Barr, and he walked out of the hearing unscathed.

What did you think of Tuesday’s judiciary hearing with Barr? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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chief1937 (@guest_1029897)
1 year ago

Democrats are sure slow learners. They have attempted on several occasions to discredit our president and in each one came out the losers. Hatred makes one suspectful of being blind to the truth. Trump is smarter than the democrat leaders so they continually come up on the short end of the investigations. The more they investigate the better our president looks and gets.

SGT Preston (@guest_1030067)
Reply to  chief1937
1 year ago

Seems like every time that Nasty Nancy Pelosi tries to put the fecal matter on President Trump, she’s the one who gets dunked in it. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving legislator, in my opinion. Here’s hoping that this November will be her last as a House member. She is another one of those democrats who are “legends in their own minds”.

Gail Notarfrancesco (@guest_1030083)
Reply to  chief1937
1 year ago

Trump is wonderful

Thomas (@guest_1030270)
Reply to  chief1937
1 year ago

I think Barr done a good job handling the sorry Democrats,

Donald G Borden (@guest_1029901)
1 year ago

Good job MR. Barr! u did not let the demorats get to U!

KEITH SEAMAN (@guest_1029926)
1 year ago

Pelosi is such a babbling idiot and if the media was honest and balance she would not get away with this Bullcrap 💩 … I cant believe democrats are such sheep followers and will believe anything coming out of pelosi’s mumbling … she may need another Botox injection

Marita (@guest_1029954)
1 year ago

I think A G Barr did a great job!

Ed Watson (@guest_1029956)
1 year ago

As a long time Republican and a staunch Trump supporter, I’m mad.

Benghazi has been swept under the rug. Those 30,000 emails about grand children, the illegal use of personal email account, bleaching same, physically and improper handling of classified, etc. I would be in Fort Leavenworth for destroying government property, but her? I am not aware of ANY criminal charges, are you? Well, I for one have had enough.
There were notes about trying to ‘take down’ Trump before he was even sworn into office. There is ‘evidence’ that there was a coup or even a soft coup attempt by KNOWN persons. Where are the indictments? They are sadly seldom even criticized. Being specious, there is obviously no evidence at all, from a January 2016 meeting that a coup was being attempted. I guess Comey found nothing but spent big bucks over 2 years? Again, No criminal charges in either case! The current two year investigation by another so called investigator who will release his findings “soon” (we have been told for the past year)!
Is Bill Barr on ‘our side’ really. I know things move at a snails pace in Washington, but .… There are too many i’s that need dotting, and t’s that need crossed before ANYTHING can ‘happen’. Glacial speed is fast, and by then, the Democrats (Dictatorcrats) will be in charge. It is time that something happens. (Durham et al). $hit or get off the pot. “Before the end of summer”. Which summer? Sure, I’m holding my breath.
I for one am tired of getting letters, questionnaires and emails every other day asking for help (money).
IF something had been happening in at least some of these things I believe the funds would be flowing in. EdDO SOMETHING FOR HEAVENS SAKE! Sound like I’m fed up? You betcha.
Ed Watson, Escondido, CA

Angela Hardy (@guest_1030043)
Reply to  Ed Watson
1 year ago

My thoughts exactly!

Kira (@guest_1030066)
Reply to  Ed Watson
1 year ago

I totally agree with you Ed. Durham needs to start indictments that will have meaningful consequences and not let this drag on like the Mueller report.

SGT Preston (@guest_1030069)
Reply to  Ed Watson
1 year ago

Far as I can see, Nasty Nancy has shown herself to be wanting nothing less than treason. She should have been arrested for treason right after the impeachment debacle the democrabs tried to put forward last January.

BennieLynn Clawson (@guest_1030087)
Reply to  Ed Watson
1 year ago

Boy you hit the nail on the head, Ed Watson!!! I wholeheartly agree.

Mary Jane Niesen (@guest_1030928)
Reply to  Ed Watson
1 year ago

I agree wholeheartedly! I am confident that some news about the dirty FBI agents will be out before long!

James Groenendal (@guest_1029966)
1 year ago

People need to be aware that if Biden gets elected Pelosi will become president according to Nancy She said as such on an enterview. I watched this and it scared the Hell out of me

Bonnie Wichert (@guest_1029968)
1 year ago

JOB WELL DONE 👍 Mr Attorney General. You are our Champion!!! The BEST Attorney General EVER. Keep up the good work. May God Bless You.

Sylvia Hiller (@guest_1029969)
1 year ago

The dems have gotten out of control and this needs to stop. They are totally unfair and do not want to hear anybody that disagrees with them. Pelosi, Nadler, Shiff, Schumer and all the dirty dems need to go and need to be held accountable for everything they have done. Our world is a mess they are causing it. We need a whole new senate, People who care about us and our country. All we hear is what should be done to them but nothing ever is. Just look at Clinton.

John (@guest_1029972)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a hateful, disgusting LIER she should be impeached. But she will be taken out as leader.

Eric Benedict (@guest_1029986)
1 year ago

The only Blob at the hearing was Nadler (alias Jaba the Hut).

Shirley Libby (@guest_1030000)
1 year ago

I second Sylvia Hiller’s comment. AG Barr was spectacularly graceful to the absurd questioning and never allowing him to answer. They, especially Pelosi are 10X worse than everything she ranted he is. I also agree, REMOVE them all. They’re not for America, Americans, The Constitution, or anything America stand for! Democratic corruption must end!

Rosemary Worsham (@guest_1030007)
1 year ago

I think the total disrespect and contempt they treated AG Barr was beyond distasteful. I will never have respect of the democratic party again after the way they have behaved this last 3 + years starting with the way they treat our President.!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!!#

Jack (@guest_1030014)
1 year ago

It has all been said by the above….

Jack (@guest_1030016)
1 year ago

It has all been well said by the above….

Sharon (@guest_1030025)
1 year ago

Good job Mr Barr

Bob (@guest_1030032)
1 year ago

The dems made fools of themselves! He couldn’t even reply to a question if it wasn’t what they wanted to hear! There pathetic! Every one of them . it was like watching the impeachment trial as long as you replied to the question against you get to speak but if you disagree they shut you up!

Lynn Kamuda (@guest_1030034)
1 year ago

I was registered as a democrat until June 2020 because of the way Pelosi has handled and treated our president since he has been in office. I think the total disrespect she shows to anyone who is not a democrat is just horrible and the total disrespect and contempt in the way she treat Mr Barr has made me glad I am no longer a democrat. When something is wrong it is wrong no matter what and it should be corrected not ignored no matter what.

Larry Leiter (@guest_1030037)
1 year ago

The Democrats just showed how stupid and hateful they are especially Nader.

Patty (@guest_1030059)
1 year ago

Nancy just can’t get enough of bieng on t.v. Making an A$$ of herself with her pontification about everyone she hates! Guess she is projecting what SHE is onto those she derides! Typical demonrat, lie, accuse, deride. Her arrogance will be her downfall very soon!

Carmel Paris (@guest_1030077)
1 year ago

Surely D-e-m-o-c-r-a-t spells “hysterical cry baby” in some language?

Gail Brown (@guest_1030094)
1 year ago

I think mr Barr is one great strong man who like President Trump stands strong for America and for honesty. I greatly admire him and praise him for wanting only the truth and exposing the Democrats for their tearing America apart. Thankyou Sir keep up your good work you and the president can save America from the evil people who are never honest about anything, their hatery for our president will stand a good chance of killing them, especially nancy Pelosi and her puppets. God bless you Sir stay strong . RIP MR CAIN YOU ARE MISSED.

Gail Brown (@guest_1030095)
1 year ago

They were filled out

madmemere (@guest_1030122)
1 year ago

Nutty nan is the “amoeba blob”; she’s so full of BS, her depends are starting to leak and that’s the cause of her freak-out.

Vic Anderson (@guest_1030142)
1 year ago

At least 14 of DEM ‘DEMonstrated to the American people the contempt that they have for our democracy”

David A Homan (@guest_1030238)
1 year ago

I think Barr got evidence on many of the Democrats who broke the law. His turn is coming.

Tom (@guest_1030547)
1 year ago

I say, since they make laws and don’t enforce them who needs them, or the complete house of hipocracy. Let the peaceful demonstrators burn down the most racist organization in the United States of America, the house of representatives. Take the library of congress with them, it full of racist documents that mostly democrats wrote. It’s not needed anymore and is a waste of tax dollars. Let the idiots stand out side with the peaceful demonstrators, and try to stop them from burning this wasteful building down. Since they are also against the history of the nation, take all pictures, statues, busts, books, everything in the building and destroy it. Spray paint all pictures. It’s so disgusting how they are dividing this country.

Joyce P. Landahl (@guest_1030708)
1 year ago

Barr is the only one there with any common sense
Members of congress acted like storm troopers when they invade restaurants and verbally attacked Republicans that were dining there. They also encouraged other people to attack them anywhere they saw them. Is it right for people in our congress to act like childish bullies?

LONE WOLF (@guest_1031329)
1 year ago

I can’t help saying this, Nancy Pelosi is a political slut! She would climb under the desk of anyone that would help her advance her political goals. Normally, I wouldn’t be so harsh but, this woman is a genuine threat to our country! I just wonder how many “favors” she did for her friends in congress and her family and friends since she’s been Speaker of the House? If my suspicions are correct, she must be spending a lot of money on mouth wash!

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