October 29, 2020

Pelosi backs down on impeachment threat, says it’s ‘not worth the trouble’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appears to be attempting to end the speculation that she will launch a new impeachment attempt after Trump nominates a new Supreme Court justice this weekend. 

Pelosi said on Thursday that she believes that it’s “not worth the trouble” of attempting another impeachment, despite her veiled threat to do so last Sunday.

“I don’t think he’s worth the trouble at this point, we have 40 days until the election,” Pelosi told reporters asking about her plans.It’s no use orchestrating one thing or another when what really matters in terms of the peaceful transfer of power is that people vote.”

However, only days after Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death, Pelosi told ABC’s George Stephanopolous that Democrats will use all the “arrows in our quiver” to block the nomination.

Pelosi received immediate blowback after the statement and appears to have re-evaluated the wisdom of launching another disastrously unpopular impeachment effort.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) threatened to remove Pelosi from her position as speaker of the House if she attempts impeachment.

“I will make you this one promise, listening to the speaker on television this weekend, if she tries to move for an impeachment based upon the president following the Constitution, I think there will be a move on the floor to no longer have the question of her being Speaker. She may think she has a quiver — we do too,” McCarthy warned.

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63 Responses

  1. She gives up because she doesn’t have a shred of evidence. If she follows through she will be the laughing stock of the world.Not that she isn’t already. By the way get a different dentist

    1. Could it be She backed down, because she thinks their mail in vote FRUAD is Secure!! I’m sure trust her.. not at All. America, watch closely!! Vote in Person!!! Fix her fraud!!

      1. Could it be because the Dems now want everyone to vote in person, before the debates begin, so that people won’t see Biden fall on his face, until it is to late, and they have already voted.

      2. They have already found fraud in Pennsylvania. Found 9 ballots that 7 were for trump just discarded. This voting is going to pure and simply be fraud.

      1. I am not sure why she wasn’t removed after the failed impeachment lie attempt. Congress needs to start policing its own members. Maybe do some no-knock, full guns blazing, warrants on them? 🤔

    2. I agree! Nancy can take her arrows in her quiver and shove them where the sun doesn’t shine…This vile evil creature is certifiably insane..talk about not being fit for office…and that that other blowhard Schumer with her!

    3. She’s already a laughing stock, for more than one reason, by people who have any common sense at all. Did you notice that the MSM didn’t make one reference to her using the mailing of social security checks as an argument in her disgraceful lies about the USPS. She’s Speaker of the House and she didn’t even know that Social Security checks ARE NOT MAILED. And she was too damn lazy to look it up – why? because so many stupid, stupid American Dems under social security age would just lap up the lie.
      Lord, I despise this woman. I’m a Naturalized Citizen and I just don’t understand how so many Americans have stooped so low. And it breaks my heart.
      BTW: WHY does this web site have a place to ask people to save their name etc WHEN IT DOESN’T WORK.?

  2. This woman just realized that another impeachment will put Democ-rats in hot water!
    Impeachment is not the politics! Democ-Rats do not have any idea to govern the country. They should abolish the party and rebuild it if they can.

  3. I do believe the American people are fed up with Nancy Pelosi’s & her friends games with costing the American people over a billion dollars just because Hillary lost the election, , & all the terrorism her friends in the Black lives matter have done all over the country hurting people they do not know Americans will hold them accountable & liable they are not getting away with anything. Americans are not suckers for anyone .

    1. One way to hold local governments accountable is to quit paying taxes, and defund the local administration, until they leave town. Then they can elect conservatives to straighten things out.

  4. Nancy Pelosi is a despicable disgusting wicked old woman who has been beaten by Donald Trump every step of the way. Democrats have always had Republican opponents that were graceful gentleman losers. i.e. McCain, Romney, etc. They’re not used to a street fighting winner that beats them at their own game.

    1. Oh hell yeah Dan. EXCELLENT!!!! Get in the trenches with our wonderful President Trump and see who comes out on top. Damn sure won’t be Nancy!!!!

    2. There was certainly nothing gentlemanly about McCain! A coward, loser and a bully gentleman I guess. And Pelosi seems to be possessed by an entire herd of demons.

  5. Hmm, looks like Pelosi discovered that…her threat for another Impeachment, would come at a considerable level of loss for her…….or……….she discovered that she cannot file for another Impeachment, due to “lack of standing”.
    Either way, is fine with me. I am tired of the constant attacks and based on outright ………….LIES, promoted as being reality. The charges weren’t real then, they still aren’t real, but are constantly spewed on CNN and MSNBC.

      1. Miss speaker of the house miss Pisleo (Letters in name rearranged) is trying to play checkers while Trump is playing chess

    1. Dear Nancy said that she will impeach Trump to stop his nomination. Well now she says she has the prefect excuse. A name less whistleblower in the administration, said that he has evidence that Trump really did collude with Russia. He said it is in his bathroom in plain site. he said that Trump uses……….. GET THIS………………Trump really does uses Russian………………………….. TOILETPAPER.

  6. C’mon, Nancy, DO it, Do it! What a waste of humanity. I so wanted to see her dragged out of the House by the Sergeant at Arms!!!!!

  7. nancy has a very serious mental problem. She is still in her menopause phase and she has been infected by an force reactive virus for such an extended period of time , it has put undue pressure on her brain. Also if you watch the way she walks, you will see she has the “starch in her panties syndrome”.

    1. This is the symptom of final stage of TDS, for which there is no cure. All her family can do is make her comfortable. The end will be long and painful.


  9. There may be another solution to all this nonsense: similar to Civil War days! Have all the Marxist democrat states secede from the USA and become the MSA – Marxist States of America. The Republican States become the CSA – Constitutional States of America! Each has its own government- MSA can be Biden/Harris, CSA Can b Trump/Pence. See how the CSA likes their form of govt!

    1. See how the MSA enjoys their country. Maybe they could elect George Soros as their Tzar! Pelosi could be his Vice Tzar! Then we’d all be happy! If they decide they want to rejoin the CSA they need to swear allegiance and then follow our rules!

    2. Why reward treason,aiding and abetting criminal activity, using the race card whenever convenient but ridiculous , spreading lies about the sitting president and other atrocious despicable behavior. If you or i did any of this, there would be repercussions.

  10. I’m sure she is in the works of doing something else fraudulent like usual with this party. I sure hope they are not successful

  11. Nancy (the old hag)Pelosi just loves power & she realized she was about to lose it if she kept the impeachment farce going. She is the perfect example of why we need term limits in all branches of government! Trump 2020!

  12. I am sick of Pelosi she is a bitter evil witch that does not know how to control herself. Schumer never shuts his mouth they are two of a kind. They need to go home and let some one else do the job that needs to be done for the American people.

  13. Dear Nancy said that she will impeach Trump to stop his nomination. Well now she says she has the prefect excuse. A name less whistleblower in the administration, said that he has evidence that Trump really did collude with Russia. He said it is in his bathroom in plain site. he said that Trump uses……….. GET THIS………………Trump really does uses Russian………………………….. TOILETPAPER.

  14. Could it be because the Dems now want everyone to vote in person, before the debates begin, so that people won’t see Biden fall on his face, until it is to late, and they have already voted.

  15. Nancy Pelosi and her buddies, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, et al, are pure evil. They are protecting the people who are paying them to destroy this country. Am I going out on a limb here, when I suggest that George Soros has something to do with it all? Is he making billions from countries that would like to see the western world on its knees? Easier than an open war is to divide the population through apparent social injustices, pay a bunch of pea-brains to riot and burn down businesses, create a virus crisis that shuts down economies, have ANTIFA terrorize people so that they no longer dare to speak up and speak their minds, and then “nominate” a presidential candidate who is nothing but a confused old man, an empty suit, who can be 100% controlled by his puppet masters. If things go wrong, he can take the blame.
    Nancy Pelosi and her band of merry criminals are despicable scum. Nancy even attempts to hide behind religion. She must be the PATRON SAINT of HYPOCRITES. Adam Schiff, on the other hand, seems to qualify as criminally insane, and Chuck Schumer is the incarnation of evil, the personification of the Devil. If he were an actor, he would be perfect to play “Mephisto” in a stage production of Goethe’s “Faust”.

    1. I agree with you 100%, the Democrats really starting going to hell when they let George Soros infiltrate the Democratic party, and that was thanks to Hillary He is not an America and hates America and only wants to see the demise of America He needs to be removed from America, as he is one of the biggest backers along with Obama, Hillary, & Bloomberg trying to destroy America. God Bless America!

  16. Never let our guard down. Especially now. That’s what got us in to this mess. For too long now we’ve trusted the wrong people to protect our way of life. And in the process we’ve almost lost our freedoms some of us have even lost our lives. Stay alert at all times should be our new. Freedom seems to always be in danger.

  17. Crazy Nancy they call her…watch out she is not crazy at all just a wo(man) filled with hate and revenge and will do even at her own cost anything that make our President Mr. D. Trump stumble. This is one witch you have to keep in your scope, as the other ones that are riding on her train. Schumer Schiff Nadler AOC, Omar and the other 2 failures as well. If those people gets re-elected it might not be so easy to get rid of the chaos and destruction this combo is part off. People are scared and do not want their property burned to the ground or their car vandalized or their kids been shot for no reason at all so BLM can go on the rampage again. Lots of people already are forewarned by this destructive force to watch them spread out in the suburban communities. with the saying “we are coming. Democrat you are not safe either what you going to do put Blood over your door post so dead and destruction will go by.????? Vote 2nd amendment, vote for Law and Order, vote for common decency and common sense.

  18. With all that has been said from Pelosi and the Democratic party….WE NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT TRUMP WINS. Make sure everyone VOTES!

  19. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy , if you can remove her? What are you waiting for?
    She should have been walked out of the State of the Union (in handcuffs,) address when she tore up the speech, That was a threat to the President on public TV.
    Go get her and lets get this country back on track. Close down CNN and the rest. They have threatened the president on live tv and nothing is being done. Freedom of press does not mean they can just make stuff up. Does it?

  20. I think she is just playing her games . She doesn’t want to be removed so she can make a mess of the voting of a new justice nomination . She will try her best to delay it , block it or whatever she thinks will work . I pray our Great President will confirm his nomination and it will be immediately accepted . Do not allow the democrats to mess it up . 🙏🏼🇺🇸🙏🏼

  21. She’s backed down for the safety of her position period. Don’t really care what the reason but her voter fraud has been out for awhile w fake Republican ballots not going to count. Everyone go to the polls n vote. Make it count

  22. Pelosi ain’t nothing but another pos communist. There is no democratic party. It’s the communist party. No doubt about it. The only way they can win this election is to steal it with mail in ballots. George Soros might buy off the electoral votes. Why not? He’s bought off everybody else. They’ve tried everything in the book, all lies and illegal, and still can’t get rid Donald. There’s nothing left for them to try…..beware Mr. President! Watch your back carefully!

  23. Pelosi is as washed up as her new hair doo. Wait, wait, it was a set up. Pelosi will be a thing of the past. As many like her should be. If other nations are laughing at us, they should be. A Republican spineless party that does not have the courage to stand up for God and the American people. A Democratic party that is so unrecognizable horns crown the donkey. President Donald Trump must be elected to continue draining the swamp of these bottom feeders and snakes to leave our American children some sort of legacy worth fighting for

  24. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems running for office, are running on a communist agenda.

  25. When other senior Democrats say you’ve gone too far, you better believe you’ve gone too far. It was an empty, ignorant and idiotic smack talk, for one major reason: House Impeachment Hearings have jack all to do with the Senate’s business until the House transmits its Impeachment findings to the Senate. While Nasty Nancy, Schiff the Schitt, Nadless Nadler, Another Obnoxious Communist (AOC and I’m being nice as another C word first came to mind), and all their little Libtard friends play around with another purely hate driven Impeachment, the Senate will have it’s hearings and the vote on the nomination while the House jerks off. Piglosi needs to be retired. Vote the Ol’ Mafia Hoor Out!

  26. Pelosi is waaaayy past stunning me anymore! She appears to have little if any moral foundation and doesn’t even seem to have a clue how her behavior affects others! NOTHING coming from her will surprise me!!

  27. If people can go to the store, restaurants, the Mall and just about anywhere, with social distancing, Why not the polls to VOTE.
    GET up and get out to the polls and VOTE the exercise will do us all a bit of good. VOTE RED clean out the house.

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