September 30, 2022

Pelosi announces Jan. 6 commemoration events to ‘establish and preserve’ narrative

Desperately clinging to the hyperbolic storyline that she and her Democrat colleagues have been peddling for a year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has publicly released a schedule of events designed to commemorate the unrest that took place at the U.S. Capitol last January, as NBC News reports.

According to the outlet, the itinerary will include presentations from historians Jon Meacham and Doris Kearns Goodwin meant to help “establish and preserve the narrative” of what occurred that fateful day and, presumably, amplify the left’s efforts to portray the protests as akin to an armed insurrection aimed at achieving a takeover of the federal government.

In a statement issued last week, Pelosi said, “The House will not be in session, but a full program of events is being planned, based on Member input. These events are intended as an observance of reflection, remembrance and recommitment, in a spirit of unity, patriotism and prayerfulness.”

Among the events planned is a Pro Forma Session on the House floor that will include a prayer, a statement from the Chair, as well as a moment of silence, a panel discussion including the aforementioned historians alongside the Librarian of Congress, testimonials from House members wishing to share their recollections of Jan. 6, and a prayer vigil on the steps of the Capitol.

Turning up the volume on the melodrama, Pelosi added in the “Dear Colleague” letter announcing the commemoration schedule, “The patriotism and courage of our Members as we prepare for this difficult day is an inspiration, for which I sincerely thank you.”

Pointing out the heavy-handed and cringeworthy efforts from Democrats to turn the next several days into an overblown, maudlin rehash of the unrest that unfolded this time last year, Paul Mirengoff of Power Line took particular note of a Washington Post story purporting to tell the tragic tale of congressional staffers so traumatized by the experience that they had to quit their jobs.

Unsurprisingly, the small number of staffers mentioned in the Post story were all employed by Democrat lawmakers, and those who have remained in their positions were oh-so-sympathetically described as still “soldiering on,” as if they had been prisoners of war or witnesses to actual armed conflict.

Mirengoff makes the instructive observation that while none of the supposedly tragic young figures featured by the Post even suffered so much as a scratch during the unrest, upwards of five dozen U.S. Secret Service staffers were injured by angry mobs during BLM protests the prior May, with nary a peep from those lamenting the supposedly historic nature of the incidents at the Capitol.

As the author further notes, such embarrassingly myopic pieces will sadly be in plentiful supply in the days to come as part of “efforts of Democrats and their lefty media allies to convert January 6 into something like a national day of mourning, while studiously ignoring comparable or worse violence by BLM and Antifa that rocked city after city in 2020,” but those attempts can and must be assiduously rebuffed.




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