May 13, 2021

Pelosi and Schumer quietly set budget reconciliation measures in motion

For weeks, President Joe Biden and Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) preached the need for “unity” as the rift between Republicans and Democrats continued to widen.

Evidently, that idea didn’t take, as the Daily Wire reported that both Pelosi and Schumer are now pursuing procedural methods that would allow them to use their slight majority in both chambers to push through Biden’s “American Rescue Plan” — a $1.9 trillion COVID “relief” package — without bipartisan support. 

The two Democrat leaders made clear in a statement that they are in the progress of enacting a Budget Reconciliation bill that would give them the power to push the new COVID-19 relief package through without worrying about garnering Republican support, as spending and tax measures can be passed with a simple majority.

“Introduction of a joint budget resolution is the first step to potentially enacting a Budget Reconciliation bill, one legislative tool available to Congress to quickly pass bipartisan COVID relief legislation,” the two wrote in a statement.

The statement went on to provide details of how the process will work, citing past uses of the process to justify its use again, before making a final plea to Congress with claims that the massive relief package must be passed sooner than later in order to help Americans struggling through the pandemic.

“The cost of inaction is high and growing, and the time for decisive action is now. With this budget resolution, the Democratic Congress is paving the way for the landmark Biden-Harris coronavirus package that will crush the virus and deliver real relief to families and communities in need,” the statement read.

According to The Hill, Schumer made similar statements from the Senate floor on Monday, urging his colleagues to get behind the new relief package in order to “pursue a bold and robust course of action,” adding that nobody should be concerned about “pinching pennies” when so many Americans are struggling as a result of job loss and business closures throughout the duration of the pandemic.

As of this writing, the House is set to vote on the budget reconciliation bill on Wednesday, which is expected to pass easily with the Democratic majority. Schumer has not yet announced when the upper chamber will take a vote on the matter, which will certainly be the more interesting vote to watch, as some moderate Democrats could join Republicans in voting against it.

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98 Responses

    1. Ok so now is it time to impeach Pelosi and schumer this is unconstitutional and illegal. Its timw to GWT rid of the poison in the swamp Pelosi Schumer Shiff Comey Cheney MC Connell all need to go. Traitors and treason 8nciting violence towards Americans withholding aid to Americans Biden and harris needs to go. Insider trading collusion with chins and Russia and Ukraine

        1. That’s why we the people should come together to fire the government their job is to speak for the ppls but their just SPEAKING for the RICH not for the we the people

        2. Out of our hands only if we sit on our rumps and do nothing! Get some backbone, PEOPLE UNDER 65, CONGRESS AND SENATE. WE VOTED YOU IN AND IF YOU DO NOTHING, WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT!!!!!!

          1. Only if the elections are actually fair. And, unfortunately, the Democrats have a lot of very wealthy contributors and outspend Republicans by a HUGE margin during campaigns. Sad to say, but I think we have to step up and donate, even a little. Even a $5 contribution from each of the Trump 65,000,000 voters would come to $325,000,000.

          2. How do we vote them out, when the presidential (2020) election was fraudulent. I don’t think there will ever again be a fair, legal, honest election. They got away with the fraudulent 2020 presidential election and the fraudulent election of two senators in Georgia. So, who will stop them? Not state attorney generals, not state or federal judges! Not even the supreme court!!

          3. One problem did you for get our votes were stolen we have no voice.they have even taken that away.

          4. Do you really believe that you can VOTE them out? Did you miss the recent election where voting was regarded as an opportunity to get dead folks to cast a ballot?

          5. Thank Stacey Adam’s & her sister, the judge she had appointed for rigging the election. And thank the hapless ignorant fool of a governor who allowed himself to be bullied by that tank-sized “lady”!!!

          6. I guess you miss the part where they are the ones that control those crooked voting machines,[doiminion] You must remember this it’s not how many votes there are but WHO counts the votes.

          7. You are brain dead teri ???? You voted for them!!! I WAS NOT part of your WE!!!! You voted them in and we ALL will pay for it till we are all living in tents !!!!!

          8. We the People need a better mouse trap to remove those in Washington that are not supporting the Constitution and us Americans. The voting process takes way too long and often backfires on us due to people not voting or not knowing who they should be voting for. Most people have been or are still blind as to what is going on in Washington. when candidates are running for these high office every legal resident must have the right to vote for them not just those of a certain state. Today every legal voter has a cell phone and has a given phone number, we would be sent a notice of the person running for a specific office and details about them. We as a nation of people would be voting on our cell phone for or against that candidate running for office in Washington!

        3. everyone quit working today for a couple months and stuff would be different. break em ,but nobody would stick together

        4. My. Aren’t you the gutless one.
          Everything real american patriots did during the last 120 or so years is gone out the window with your support for freedom.

          1. Get anything and learn how to aim and shoot. You’ll need this knowledge when the Iraqis or Chinese invade !! A .22LR will kill if properly placed. A .50 cal bullet will take their head off. If you can get them lined up right a 50 can take out 4-5 if it strikes in the lung areas.

          2. They manufacture them in Tennessee. Order them wholesale and sell to organized Republicans and Retired military, that knows very well how to use them, LONG RANGE.

          1. You got that s*** right she is communist and a member of the Mafia Family so you see ain’t nobody but Mafia drug lords and illegal president terrorist helper president child molester Joe Biden

      1. The Biden Crime Syndicate are out to collapse this “once great country” without their Chynese friends firing a single shot. SICKENING!

      2. i’m all for this! while the Senate plays nurse maid to Nancy they need to check on Nancy Committee Pac and her self Pac forgot the two but its all for Nancy she all that money she has taken needs to be put backand all the money that she took out of the SS to pay for the Russian coup .her hands is so filthy they will never come clean

      3. How right you are. It is the major SWAMP in our democracy. They don’t believe in it. They all took a pledge when sworn into office to withhold the Constitution of the United States and they all have done everything, but. So they should all go and be charged with TREASON.

    2. Georgia has that buck tooth buffalo stacy abrams, her equally ugly sister and the week kneed, corrupted, money grabbing Georgia government to thank. They probably have enough of mark zuckerberg’s money left over to cover their tax bill but will probably get our money in the form of a bail out from brain dead biden…

    3. Yup, the scumbags are out of control. All they want to do is control us! I hope all you morons who voted for obozo joe get what you deserve!!

      1. Sturgis, the problem with that is EVERYONE is going to pay for biden getting in.
        Free stuff? Right, but only to congress, senate and geriatric Joe

    4. Guess who didn’t give up a penny during the pandemic? You got it……the politicians in Washington. They ALWAYS get their paychecks. AND they don’t have to play by the pandemic rules laid out for your family. Got their hair done – you couldn’t, locked down – they went boating, you couldn’t leave home. Went out to eat at fancy restaurants – you couldn’t. They now are putting out EO like M&Ms and have a fence around the Capital. And they wonder why We The People aren’t coming together.

    5. Thank Stacey Adam’s & her sister, the judge she had appointed for rigging the election. And thank the hapless ignorant fool of a governor who allowed himself to be bullied by that tank-sized “lady”!!!

    6. Our framers foresaw an illegitimate government sneaking in or stealing elections and that is why we have a 2nd Amendment.

    7. Not Georgia, the RINO Governor and Election Commissioner that got purchased the Dominion system rejected by other nations because of voter fraud and their setting up voting process for corruption.

  1. If any demonrats in the senate have a brain, they will NOT vote for this bill! Manchin, Sinema, get your friends to help stop this!

  2. Pelosi and her communist friends are declaring war on the patriots of america,they continue to push america last agendas that must be stopped, the RINOs are just as guilty as these democrat traitors PAF put america first

    1. You got that s*** right she is communist and a member of the Mafia Family so you see ain’t nobody but Mafia drug lords and illegal president terrorist helper president child molester Joe Biden

  3. Pelosi and her communist friends are declaring war on the patriots of america,they continue to push america last agendas that must be stopped, the RINOs are just as guilty as these democrat traitors PAF put america first VUUKLE THIS IS NOET A DUPLICATE PUT MY POST BACK UP


    Members of the House

    Members of the Senate


    One call per rep!

    Keep in mind: SILENCE = ACCEPTANCE

  5. Yep…so much for unity! This msg would be deleted if I wrote the words that are coming out of my mouth. Can one explain to me why those %#$^&* individuals can accuse others without validity and get away with it and yet THEY can do the same or worse and skate. These are the people that have been elected to run our country…God have mercy on us.

    1. There was never going to be unity.unifed people become very strong 💪….dived people fall to thete repesers

  6. Anytime other countries receive millions before the American people, speaks volumes!!! If this Administration cared for America, all this foolishness wouldn’t be happening! Get ready people cause we’re about to be paying out the yang!!!

    1. That doesn’t have to happen. If we want to save our Republic and the lives and futures of our children and grandchildren, we need to stand up and revolt against this corrupt and treasonous government!

  7. America is no longer a free country, we either do it the Biden/Harris and Communist Chinese way or, we may just disappear from the face of the earth. These people aren’t fooling around, they’re hellbent on destroying our Republic and anyone that stands in their way will, most likely, end up like anyone that tried to stand up against the Clinton Crime Family, DEAD! I once said, that my one consolation is, that those anti-Americans that voted for Biden/Harris would be their first victims. I was right!

    At this point, we only have two options. First option is to bend over and let our enemies foreign and DOMESTIC go about destroying the lives and futures of our children and grandchildren. Second option, is to stand up to this corrupt and treasonous government and fight them! I don’t know about the rest of you but, I never learned how to bend over and accept something that’s totally wrong. Further, I learned a long time ago, that turning my other cheek only got me to sore cheeks! The crooked Democrats are fortifying DC, because they know that they cheated their way into the White House and they’re scared Schittless that the American People will rise up against corrupt and treason! Let’s make their worst fears a reality!

  8. The demonazis Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, and Nadler seem to be running short on spending money. The 10 billion dollar giveaway to Pakistan for “gender studies” will take time to launder back to their pockets. Does anyone know what other countries are getting millions or billions from “our” relief bill?

  9. “We the People” were following the party that we thought was a people party BUT we were sold down the river by the GOP people in charge (please notice I did not say leaders). We were following a MAN that fought for us hourly and daily and monthly We just did not have a party that also was fighting for us. Now that same party wants donations. They are behind on this goal and on that goal. If you have donated before, they at times seem to insult you because you have not sent them a donation. I have not sent a membership fee into the RNC. Why? I do not feel that the ones running the GOP now are for “We the People”. McConnell makes me sick to my stomach with his caving to the pressure that is being applied by nancy. He is so afraid of her that he caves almost every time she speaks. WHEN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY BECOMES A PARTY THAT SUPPORTS DONALD J. TRUMP THEN THE “WE THE PEOPLE ” WILL SUPPORT the party.

  10. I am already sick and tired of them scam bags.
    They are playing with people minds/games.
    They need to be investigating on them and their inner circle . This is so crap and wrong.
    They lied to the American people. Biden/Harris will get you down. They hate the Americans people and rather than to support criminals detention illegal immigrants . We need to get together and arresting them evils scums jerks. I hope you’re know what their inner circle are up to?

  11. Cut their dark money coming in and the democrat house will fall. With biden cutting checks as fast as he can we will be broke in no time. I wonder does king biden get his usual cut of 10 percent off the top……… crackhead hunter would know he pays all his bills.

  12. So, who actually believed the Demoncrats would actually be true to their word? Guess the kool aid is still flowing!

  13. That is B. S. They only want unity for thier pet projects. I would NOT trust any of them even with a penny. I am so sick of our politics not being about the American people. None of you would be there if not for the people. It seems all of you have forgotten the reason you are there. Keep in mind WE THE PEOPLE RULE. You might want to relearn how that process works and who you are all suppose to be taking care of instead of bank rolling WE THE PEOPLE TAXES FOR your own benefits.

    God help you all!

  14. The Republicans have more RHINOS than upright Senators, The ones that aren’t RHINOS don’t have enough balls to stand up for anything. Trump needs to start a new party, or get back in and completely drain the Swamp.

  15. Bill Clinton sold out America to allow China unfair trade NAFTA and the democrat party went into decline and today is controlled by Chinea with spys and members inside our Gov.And now traitors like NANCY and SHUMER will desroy America

  16. Doesn’t the US Constitution say that no outside influences should be involved in our elections? What about those Dominion voting machines that are all made in foreign countries? And doesn’t Pelosi own stock in that company?
    We the People need to get back in control SOON and put the rightful president back in the White House and the others in the BIG house!

  17. Anything , anyway they can cheat the system, Bend it twist it, what ever they have to to do, to get what they want.

    1. And get away Scott free .the only good thing about all of the trouble makers in Washington is their in their damn 70,80’s they wont be around much longer.Biden wont make it a year sorry to say. Pelosi about at the end McConnell ,Schumer and a few more we wont miss.Evil dont last.

    THIS IS THE FRAUD PARTY???????? WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Why do you, people keep letting them fall for all the stupid stuff they are dishing out. It is time to clean the swamp and get rid of the trouble makers. I am just tired of everything they are feeding you guys!

  20. I am waiting for Old Biden to address his state of the union if he makes it to that point.thats going to be interesting. I really think because he is not in a same mind and dont know what the hell he is doing one minute to the next that all those documents he has signed should be avoided because he is not in a same mind and dont remember anything he does any more.the man has to be baby sat at all times .he has no meetings with his staff. Has no tv appearances to talk with the nation about anything. All he does is sit at a desk all day with his pen that he can’t even find the pocket to put it in pathetic. People around him need to wake up .

    1. And get away Scott free .the only good thing about all of the trouble makers in Washington is their in their damn 70,80’s they wont be around much longer.Biden wont make it a year sorry to say. Pelosi about at the end McConnell ,Schumer and a few more we wont miss.Evil dont last.

  21. We need to get rid of the Dems and the RINOs in Congress and start over with TERM LIMITS. 2022.

    The RINOs (BUSH and Group) and Dems got us into the Wars in Afghanistan and IRAQ the cost Thousands of American Lives Hundred THousand wounded and probably a Million innocent casualties and well as costing trillions of Dollars (Trillions!!!) Why, for What? Trump wanted us out, but the swamp is back in and BIDEN has already sent troops into Syria. WHY?? All they want is another war to get them out of the economic mess Biden has already got ou in , in not even a month in Office. How is the Military going to run on Foreign Oil?

    1. Lets get rid of all the Democratic Judges and government workers, to include those who are in the political site

  22. People you just talking which understandable we are hurt so bad. Unfortunately we cannot do anything they got all power and army. If we stand up they will kill us and our families.This is how dictators and communist government does. They created $1.9 T package for COVID and only a little bit for Americans and rest of it for their pockets and their families. We are entering very scary time without no constitution,justice and freedom.

  23. It didn’t take “long” to ruin our beloved America…did it?? This is only the beginning folks….I guess “this is what you all wanted!! To get “rid” of the best President we’ve had in a long time…one who kept all of his promises…but was hated by the Democrats…and was “cheated” out of re-election…Pelosi, Schumer @ cohorts scheming to make it impossible to ever run again…the killing of jobs for our Americans…actually – the making of America, a “third world country”…while lining “their pockets” with the $$$ of lost American jobs!! Please God…Bless America!

  24. NO AMNESTY ATTACHED TO THIS BILL! The ILLEGAL ALIENS have broken the law and do not belong here by disrespecting our laws and coming across our borders without paperwork saying they are welcome because they have been background checked and they have qualities of work and character that we need in America. DO NOT ALLOW AMNESTY!!

  25. Someone told me that we can not impeach Pelosi or Schumer. Her because she has some sort of protection in being the speaker of the house. And Schumer for being her side kick that will hold that position if she dies . But I am not sure that we the people could not. I have read the constitution and did not see any thing that says that but they do not post all the changes in the constitution that have attached to each article either . I am not sure how to find out either. Does anyone else know for sure.

  26. How about making public a breakdown on the spending of the 1.9 trillion dollars in the democrats bill? The American public will get a tiny portion of that money. Like the Obama stimulus bill the money never went for shovel ready projects but to his buddies. Publish the breakdown so every citizens in this country can find out where this oney is going. We have the right to know since it is our money.

  27. King George is changing the rules of engagement just like they did election laws!! So went Venezuela so goes USA

  28. Our Congress-people are just like big union bosses. They get all their pay and benefits even when the blue collar workers in the ditches are picketing and they get nothing. Same people same result. Big government and unions are one in the same. You better take a stand and protect your possessions and lifestyle before the coupe occurs! What has happened in a week tells you how quick everything will be sold out from under you. Waiting for an election is 2 years away. Commie joe already has us back in the wars in Syria again it only took one week. Not bad for a draft dodger and a son, unfit thrown out of the Navy! How many presidents can you identify as never serving in the service of our country, sleepy Joe Biden, slick Willy went to Canada, Obama never lifted a finger and got our military so low China could have walked in not firing a shot. They all were willing to send our young men and women off to fight wars in other countries while those country young people sit back and watch our children getting killed and wounded. President Trump was one who brought our troops home and told those countries to make peace.

  29. How can most of these politicians take the oath of office and not be accountable for their actions? Wicked Nancy calls for the people who voted for President Trump as domestic terrorist and should be put in reprograming camps!
    How many of our political leaders, big tech, banks, sports teams, and major stores do China’s bidding?

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