May 20, 2022

Pelosi agenda takes a major hit: 13 new pro-life women elected to the House

We may not know who the next president is yet, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t some good news to celebrate. The 2020 election has already turned into big gains for the protection of the unborn.

The number of pro-life members of the House of Representatives has more than doubled this election cycle, according to Breitbart. Not only have 11 pro-life female incumbents kept their seats, but 13 more pro-life women have joined the House as well. That’s quite a defeat for pro-abortion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

Although there are still eight races left to call, pro-life groups are celebrating the gains. “The surge of victorious pro-life women candidates in the U.S. House is a stunning blow to Nancy Pelosi and her pro-abortion agenda,” Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said.

“We expect when all votes are counted and the races are called, we will have a record number of pro-life women serving in the next Congress,” she said. “These gains are a repudiation of abortion extremism and further evidence that life is a winning issue in politics.”

The SBA List organization boasted that the new Congress would include a “record number of pro-life women” including seven U.S. Senators as well if Kelly Loeffler wins in the Georgia run-off.

“We are also very encouraged by the hard-fought re-election of Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) and the re-election of Sen. Cindy-Hyde Smith (R-MS), while welcoming Senator-elect Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) to the ranks of pro-life women in the Senate,” Dannenfelser added. “We are ‘all in’ for Senator Kelly Loeffler’s runoff race in January and confident she will prevail.”

The other pro-life female senators are Sens. Deb Fischer (R-NE) and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) who are already serving. There’s also Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) who won her re-election bid.

This is a huge blow to Pelosi who is so rabidly pro-abortion, she received a 100% score from NARAL Pro-Choice America for her consistent voting record against protections for the unborn. Whether Trump or Biden triumph, champions of the pro-life cause rest easier knowing that there more Congressional women at the ready to fight against the scourge of abortion.

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Kandance (@guest_1070471)
1 year ago

Praise the Lord. 13 more people to protect the unborn. God is in Control!

Gladys (@guest_1070489)
Reply to  Kandance
1 year ago

Yes! Isn’t that wonderful! More voices for the babies! Woo! Hoo! God is good!

MICHAEL (@guest_1070502)
Reply to  Kandance
1 year ago

As you say, “GOD IS IN CONTROL” then GOD is doing a very poor job since the beginning. I do believe in a higher power but we are way off base with this God stuff. Look back at the Mayan, Aztec, they sacrifice women, children in the name of their God and their whole civilization was for it andvwe look back at them and say “HOW IN THE WORLD COULD THEY HAVE BEEN SO STUPID?” Trust me, if civilization survives 2000, 3000 or more years they will look back at our beliefs and say the same thing.

Richard Van Horn Sr. (@guest_1070768)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

I suppose you would say the same when looking back at the Great Flood that only Noah and his family survived? and by the way WHO THE HECK ARE YOU TO JUDGE GOD !

Robin Andrews (@guest_1070794)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

We don’t know God’s plans but I believe it’s to expose all the evilness surrounding these elites in government. Nor do I believe Biden will win. It’s all to allow the ppl to see clearly who n what’s been going on for a longtime. President Trump will be reelected but after the corruption has been exposed. God is the highest power judge in the world. He loves his children n this nation. God knows all n will prevail in this war of evil. Keep your faith n believe God’s work w President Trump isn’t finished yet. It’s a matter of time for our eye’s to be opened. Trump will be our President although the devil’s working hard to deceive us.

Lou Ann McGregor (@guest_1070569)
Reply to  Kandance
1 year ago

I agree, stop these savages from murdering million more babies, It is Demotic

Samuel Yoon (@guest_1070473)
1 year ago

Hope they will remove Pelosi from her cushy job. She has made a lot of money, now owning 40 million dollar mansion in SF with 24,000 dollar refrigerator. She does not care about people, especially the poor. How on earth she permits SF to be the capital of homeless in America? Pelosi betrays the country and people whom she is supposed to serve. We do not need a queen or duchess in America! Get rid of her!

Dolores (@guest_1070488)
Reply to  Samuel Yoon
1 year ago

Pelosi should have been removed A LONG TIME AGO. She has always been against Trump, who is
doing his best to correct the damage the last so-called president did. As far as I’m concerned the democrats
are the enemy of the people.

judy (@guest_1070515)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago

I agree

James Heath (@guest_1070646)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago

Yes, she should have been removed in the election but the stupid californians reelected her.

Deb (@guest_1070733)
Reply to  James Heath
1 year ago

They pay the homeless for their signature so they can buy booze or drugs and the homeless are so desperate they take the money plus they don’t run them out of the city..

Deb (@guest_1070732)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago

I second that!!!

Teresa Hewitt (@guest_1070753)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago

I agree with you Dolores! I love your post! So sad that radical democrats really do hate America and they really do hate Christianity.

Carol M Boucher (@guest_1070795)
Reply to  Dolores
1 year ago


Marsha (@guest_1070499)
Reply to  Samuel Yoon
1 year ago

I totally agree.

Terry Bell (@guest_1070507)
Reply to  Samuel Yoon
1 year ago

Use a .50 cal. bullet in her head to get rid of that ugly witch !

Diane (@guest_1070475)
1 year ago

The witch should be in jail. She is satan’s daughter and she will be punished by God for her sins. Last I knew it’s illegal for you to mess with elections we’d be in jail. Why isn’t this low life scum in jail ain’t an honest bone in her body.

Joe (@guest_1070477)
1 year ago

Time for Piglosi to get the BOOT!!

Janice E. Prescott (@guest_1070481)
1 year ago

Piglosi is a disgrace to this country. She is a Trump hater and has never worked on anything with him no matter how much it hurts the country. She needs to GO NOW. I am sick of looking at her ugly face anyway. The only problem I have with her being booted is that one the the HORRID SQUAD will be put in in her place. Tighten your seat belts everyone. If Biden wins this country will to to hell in a hurry. I feel so bad for President Trump. All the good things he has done for this country and this is the thanks he gets. . They will try with every crooked thing they have to destroy all of it. They knew they couldn’t win honestly, so they are trying with all their crap to steal it. Hang in there it’s not over yet. I am praying every day for President Trump. Biden will never be my President. Ever.

Patricia Templeton (@guest_1070482)
1 year ago

May belle, I agree with all of these ladies!

Hector M Crespo (@guest_1070483)
1 year ago

I’ am glad that Pelosi loss the battled.

paw paw (@guest_1070485)
1 year ago

Praise the Lord! I just pray these pro-life ladies STAY pro-life while in Congress. Power has a way of changing some people!

MICHAEL (@guest_1070486)
1 year ago

If a woman can claim that its “her body” and they have the right then why can’t a person go into a medical clinic, sign a few forms and end their own life? Why is that wrong but ending the life of a baby is ok?

Gladys (@guest_1070487)
1 year ago

So proud of our new ladies to the House of Representatives! Wow! This is awesome! God is at work in the House! Pelosi needs to go! She needs to retire. She is not fit to work for the people. We deserve better representation for our country. I think the Shumer, Shiff, AOC plus 3, and all those bad actors in congress need to be investigated for voter fraud. There’s no way they should have won their reelection except by fraud. AOC is a disappointment to New York after her ordeal of sending away a money making opportunity for the citizens of New York. It’s just all to fishy to me that they all got back in with all their corruptions. Evil people and their evil doings!

MICHAEL (@guest_1070495)
Reply to  Gladys
1 year ago

You are so right. I feel that Democrats for YEARS keep getting re-elected through fraud.

Carol Storey (@guest_1070496)
1 year ago

I’m shocked that AOC got re-elected as she caused the Bronx to lose a great employer in Amazon and she is not very bright and where did she get such a large amount of money to support her campaign? Think about this people in the Bronx.

Ray (@guest_1070501)
1 year ago

Here is how I see this playing out. I keep hearing people say, oh well, we still have the senate so they’ll be our buffer from the crazy left. Really, because McConnell is already saying he’ll be happy to work with Biden! How is the senate going to be a buffer if most if not all of them are getting their behind the scenes money from the very same place as Biden! That is a very foolish idea to say the least! I was just watching Newsmax and even they are starting to fold to the lie that there was no voter fraud! Yesterday I posted a comment made by Nikita Khrushchev and some fool said, how many times has Khruschev ever been right. Well, it sure looks like he was right about this. “The United States will eventually fly
the communist flag. The American people
will hoist it themselves.” And all without a shot being fired! The senate is not going to protect you folks, they are indeed part of the effort to end this nation! Nov. 3rd, your children will remember this date as the day America died and there lives were made useless!

Barbara (@guest_1070504)
1 year ago


LEL (@guest_1070511)
1 year ago

The counting of the votes should stop on 3 November . It’s shameful to hear that there’s voter fraud . Hope this problem resolved soon by the supreme court. It’s shameful for a country to have this as America was well respected by the whole world. Democrats doesn’t care. Why is Biden allowed to run when in fact he is involve with money laundering. And have a sign of early dementia. Unfortunately, every newscaster, journalist , social media are against Trump. It’s a waste as he has done lots of good things for the country.
Just hope if Biden was proclaimed President USA does not become Communist. Japan is concerned too.

T (@guest_1070513)
1 year ago

I thought I’d try again posting but I’m done! The fields are done. I’m removing my name, now. This is not the first time you deny my opinion!

larry ossler (@guest_1070517)
1 year ago

Joy Joy the witch is dead!

Gilbert Boisvert (@guest_1070573)
1 year ago

Has Pelosi been keeping in touch with the Pope? Maybe she’s teaching him a trick or two. After all, Rome has now fallen. Pagan idols adorn that altar. It has been infiltrated. So, Nancy and the Pope have lots of beliefs in common! They are both headed for the same final destination. Does she also have a Pachamama idol in her living room? Did she put a hex on Trump?

You are witnessing an active session of evil vs good in the ballot box. The balance now is very precarious. Want to tilt is to the right? Pray like you never have had before!

Patty (@guest_1070657)
1 year ago

Praying every minute that President Trump will be victorious. Not only the fate of our country hangs in the balance, so does our alliance with Israel, our ONLY friend in the Middle East does as well. If Biden steals this election, every good thing President Trump has done FOR our country will be gone! Keep praying as if your life depends upon it, because it does! And pray that Piglosi is removed as speaker, and a good pro life woman be put in her place, NOT one of the anti American squad!

Patty (@guest_1070661)
1 year ago

If the demonrats steal this election, we will all have to kiss our butts goodbye! Our country as we have known it will be GONE! It will be in the hands of the destroyers! And destroy it, they WILL! Higher taxes, Obama care brought back, funding of the Palestinian authority, our second amendment gone, our freedoms gone, and we will be in a war in six months or less! All you fools who voted demonrat, don’t forget you have to live here too. Hopefully, you will regret your choice of putting Harris in the White House!

Glenda (@guest_1072675)
1 year ago

Due to their twisted warped minds, I can’t help but wonder how many abortions, the Squad has had, between them?
Since Omar was married to her brother, and the rest are big on using taxpayer money for abortions, who knows how many each one has had?
And why isn’t Omar in jail, for Buying Ballots in Minnesota?
Does anybody really believe any of this low life trash, was really legally re-elected to Congress?



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