April 18, 2021

Pelosi admits that ‘maybe’ police didn’t use tear gas to clear Lafayette Park

Leftists exploded in rage at Trump’s decision to walk from the White House to St. John’s Episcopal Church — which was tragically vandalized by rioters — on Monday after law enforcement cleared demonstrators away from the area. The media narrative was that Trump ordered tear gas to be used on the “peaceful protestors” in order to secure a “photo-op” in front of the church – a narrative that was soon destroyed. 

Of course, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) jumped on the bandwagon and issued a joint statement with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), slamming Trump’s appearance in front of the church. “Tear-gassing peaceful protestors without provocation just so that the President could pose for photos outside a church dishonors every value that faith teaches us,” the two said soon after the incident.

The problem is that D.C. police didn’t use tear gas the disperse the protestors that were not being peaceful in the first place. On Tuesday, D.C. Park Police issued a statement clarifying the means used to clear the area.

At approximately 6:33 pm, violent protestors on H Street NW began throwing projectiles including bricks, frozen water bottles and caustic liquids. The protestors also climbed onto a historic building at the north end of Lafayette Park that was destroyed by arson days prior. Intelligence had revealed calls for violence against the police, and officers found caches of glass bottles, baseball bats and metal poles hidden along the street.

As many of the protestors became more combative, continued to throw projectiles, and attempted to grab officers’ weapons, officers then employed the use of smoke canisters and pepper balls. No tear gas was used by USPP officers or other assisting law enforcement partners to close the area at Lafayette Park.

Nancy Pelosi was forced to walk her comments back in an MSNBC appearance on Wednesday, admitting to host Joe Scarborough that “maybe they didn’t have tear gas, I don’t know,” referring to the incident at the church on Monday.

“My daughter, Alexandra — filmmaker, journalist — was there that night,” Pelosi told Scarborough, “And she called me, and she said, ‘Mom, you wouldn’t believe it, these people were demonstrating peacefully, and all of a sudden this barrage of security came through, using clubs to beat people, and these explosive little bullets that explode into stuff that burns your eyes.'”

“Maybe they didn’t have tear gas, I don’t know, but they had the elements of it. For peaceful demonstrators to make way, make way, for the president to walk through. What is this, a banana republic?”



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93 Responses

  1. Nancy pelosi is living in a different world than the rest of the nation. She thinks shes the president and can say anything because the press loves her. She won’t even clean up her district back home but gives millions to illegals. RECALL HER, NOW !!!!!

  2. Demonic Pelosi and Schumer are not the ones to raise Faith as a way to attack President Trump. Pelosi the Abortion Genocider, Liar and Violator of 10 Commandments should be EXCOMMUNICATED from the Catholic Church.


    *Vetoed Minimum Wage for the American Samoan People / 74% of whom work for StarKist Tuna, where Pelosi’s husband has $17 Million invested. She felt that the company paying out more in wages, reduced her husbands’ investment returns.

    *Hired a woman (Never forget Kate) hired by Pelosi to head the California Commission on President Trumps’ Empeachment ~ Had “In Office Sex Parties with Staffers & Husband.

    *Nephew ~ Gavin Newsome was made Mayor of Los Angeles, which he destroyed, & left the job under Sex Scandal, so she saw to it that he was SOMEHOW ELECTED GOVERNOR / Fixed, phony votes. Now Pelosi’s Nephew has destroyed what his Aunt Nancy hasn’t. San Francisco found to be in 3rd World Status, with Venezuela & India. NO WONDER SHE WANTS “VOTE BY MAIL.”

    Homeless Population in Pelosi’s “DISTRICT 12” INCREASED 30% DURING THE PANDEMIC. She didn’t request, or offer Financial Assistance to America’s Homeless, but wanted Millions for Illegal Immigrants.

    *Stood on National TV, supposedly standing in China Town & said: “Come on down to China Town, the food’s delicious, etc.” Pelosi deliberately invited Americans’ to a place where Corona virus was MOST LIKELY, while she stayed home, eating ice-cream, from her $17,000.00 Freezer.

    I COULD WRITE A BOOK ON “MOB MOMMA” & her Schumer & Herd Puppets, but to simplify: The Democrats hate Trump, because Thieves want a BLIND SHERRIF, which is why they want Slidin’ Biden.

  4. Why is Nancy’s daughter not at home socially distancing. That’s because Pelosi and China are behind the pandemic and don’t care about that now. This is all funded and set-up by the evil Democrats. The evil Democrats are not trying to help the Floyd Family or any Americans. .We need to vote all Republican in the ticket. TRUMP 2020

  5. Go home Nancy. The wicked witch of the west. Stay behind those walls. You don’t think America needs walls. But you have them. Tear down those walls Nancy. Let the homeless people set tents up on your lawn. And go out and eat your ice cream and chocolates in front of them. Just like you did to the Americans out of a job and loosing everything they worked for. Because you and your party are trying so hard to destroy America. Go home. Invite antifa into your home. Maybe what is left of the Obama children that your party created Isis will intertain you while you are home. Take one hour every day and keep repeating. I will loose because they are americans. I will loose because they are free. I will loose because Americans are for every. We may have our growing pains. Some ass may do something stupid and cause all of us pain. Like the ass that killed Mr. Floyd. But when you try to screw us as a people. We all stand together. And we are color blind. We are and always have been Americans. We are many people. And when we finally see each other as Americans and have the respect of each.other as Americans. We will see the dream that Martin luther King invisioned. We will all walk hand in hand. And we will be the greatest Americans. And we will be respected by all. It’s never to late.Even you Nancy can change and do what your voters put you in office for. We the people . Not I Nancy, Chuck, Adam,Jerry, or the squad. Pack up and go home. It is time for new fresh minds.Not people who still think we are in the 50’s. You can take creepy Joe with you. He needs someone to take care of him. His wife must realy doslike him to let him be used like this. Go home Nancy.

  6. I wouldn’t believe a word of venomous drivel that falls from her satanic lips because she is a liar and a cheat! Put her and her buddies Schumer, Nadler, Schiff out on the street because they are not worth the air they breathe! They love to take any opportunity to discredit the Republicans and conservatives. November is important so we cannot let Creepy Joe and his cohorts finish destroying our country. We must ensure every conservative shows up and votes.

  7. No way in hell would I believe what Ug Pelosi said as she is a continuous liar. As a socialist that’s one o& their official trade marks.

  8. pelosi and her daughter are both liars! They don’t care about America and Americans at all! Their only goal is to destroy America for their master, george soros!! Left liberal Washington democrats, celebrities, msm, antifa, blm and the minions that follow them are only out to hurt anyone that gets in their way by any means possible and at all cost! Their backer/master george soros wants to rule the world and accomplish what hitler didn’t! We will all be fighting for our lives if democrats win November 2020! We cannot let that happen, so: VOTE REPUBLICAN 2020 AND SAVE AMERICA!

  9. There is no consequences for Pelosi or any other loony liberal dumbazzocrap when they lie. The media is just as bad or worse because they NEVER call the liars on their lies. The problems we are experiencing right now lie at the feet of the same liars. You can go back to LBJ’s time. AT least the man who was President just before LBJ, JFK, said, “Ask not what your Country can do for you but what can you do for your Country?”. LBJ turned that around 180 degrees with his so called “Great Society” bill. This was the enabler for people to ask, “What can my Country do for me?”. The result was we saw more people each year on welfare because it was easier than working. This was the Democrats first hook into buying votes. If they get back in power we will see ALL of PRESIDENT TRUMP’S accomplishments vaporized because they will reverse them in nano seconds. These people are willing to sacrifice the Country and you and I for their power gain. DO NOT ELECT ANY DEMOCRAT IN 2020 if you know what is good for you.

  10. It’s time to remove those who don’t have America best interest at heart. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadlar, Schiff and many more haven’t done a thing for we the people. I pray that we turn the USA RED November 2020.

  11. Well, now we know that pieceafeces Pelosi’s whole family are liars; and one is a filmmaker journalist which is redundant for “liar”. None of the family can get their facts straight. Wonder who Alexandra works for ?

  12. What a good catholic family.
    For expediency, Nancy must have confessionals in the women’s restroom at the House; her jet; her limo; at the airport; in San Francisco China Town where she frequents; the entry hall to her home; next to the refrigerator where she keeps her custom, boutique, stylish ice cream; and every other one of her hot spots.

  13. I predict Pelosi will be reelected. With all the rigged election mail in fraud, graveyard vote, and illegals voting conservative votes will not be counted.

  14. She lies and Jim Acosta swears to it!!!! Two idiots who only know how to lie and cheat and make a mockery of politics and news!!!!!

  15. She lies and Jim Acosta swears to it!!!! Two idiots who only know how to lie and cheat and make a mockery of politics and news!!!!!

  16. Has anybody ever checked her workers to see how many ellegal immigrant she has working for her that the government pays for them also she has ever supported the Carona virous she yet to help by donating for the nurses and Dr that need the mask and other equipment to survive

  17. Once again Palosi and her minions have been caught in an out right lie concerning our president. It would take at least four of him to accomplish everything that democrats blame on him. Pelosi’s attempt at apology was a joke as usual. She is quick to make up anything against Trump but is lacking in admitting wrong. We must rid Washington of disruptive elements (democrats) and elect a congress of cooperation and consideration for others in November. The job of our congress is provide aid and comfort for our citizens when needed not lie and destroy confidence in the governing body. Trump 2020 & Republican house majority with increased majority in senate. Vote for the life of our country.Red never again blue.

  18. I wouldn’t call Pelosi humiliated in any sense of the word by this interview. The media coats her with Teflon and she gets away with saying and acting any way she wants. She is a joke and and unfit to be in Congress like so many others there with her! The media are the people who should be humiliated and very ashamed of themselves and the so-called journalists around them!

  19. Your style is unique in comparison to other folks I’ve read stuff from. I appreciate you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I’ll just book mark this page.

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    that helped me. Thanks a lot!

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