October 4, 2022

Nancy Pelosi admits that she doesn’t regret voting for 1994 crime bill

Radical leftists are calling for the abolition of police forces nationwide, and establishment Democrats are struggling to reconcile their desire to pander to the mob without alienating their more moderate base.

Nancy Pelosi confessed during a Thursday video interview with TIME magazine that she “doesn’t regret” voting for then-Senator Joe Biden’s controversial crime bill that has been blamed for much of the “systemic racism” complaints in recent days.

Pelosi’s TIME 100 Talks discussion focused mostly on the proposed police reforms proposed before the House earlier this week but the interviewer did spend a minute asking Pelosi about her formerly tough-on-crime stance.

Interviewer Molly Ball asked Pelosi if she regrets voting for the crime bill that contributed to the problem of mass incarceration in the US.

Pelosi responded that she doesn’t “at all,” pointing to the fact that the controversial bill also encompassed the Violence Against Women Act as well as the Brady Act, which mandated federal background checks the purchase of firearms.

At this time, precisely zero mainstream media outlets have reported on Pelosi’s justification for voting for a bill that boosted funding for law-enforcement agencies, added 100,000 cops to American streets, authorized the death penalty for over 60 new offenses, instituted the three-strikes law, and expanded the “school-to-prison” pipeline.

Democrats were immensely proud of their answer to the Republican “law-and-order” platform up until quite recently, but all mention of both Biden and Pelosi’s instrumental role in passing such a pro-law-enforcement bill is curiously absent from the conversation now that it is fashionable to support defunding and dismantling the police.

Establishment Democrats have done everything in their power to pin the blame for alleged systemic racism on Donald Trump now that he has served a grand total of three-and-a-half years in public office — and would kindly like everyone to forget that they specifically supported and championed a bill that is responsible for any systemic racism left standing in America.


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