May 13, 2021

Payne: Property damage from violent riots and looting is ‘beyond heartbreaking’

Fox Business Star Charles Payne said that looting running rampant across the US as part of the protests is “beyond heartbreaking,” and “devastating.”

“Vandalism is vandalism and looting is looting but … Target may be able to endure it, obviously, a lot more than say the small business owner down the street who worked for 40 years, saved up all of their money and thought they were fulfilling a lifelong dream,” Payne told “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday.

“The only thing that I hope is that we … see these folks, that we hear their messages,” the host of “Making Money with Charles Payne” continued.

Payne pointed out that businesses were already reeling from months-long mandatory coronavirus shutdowns, and in many cities across the US, those same businesses face the double-whammy of being targeted by looters in the name of George Floyd.

Fox News reported on Tuesday that in response to the rapidly escalating violence, “at least 28 states have called in more than 20,400 members of the National Guard to help diffuse the violence that has caused billions of dollars of economic damage to businesses.”

One of the most tragic examples of the destruction wrought by the angry mob was found early on in Minneapolis when black firefighter Korboi “KB” Balla’s lifelong dream of opening a bar in Minneapolis was almost destroyed before his very eyes.

Balla had invested his life’s savings to open up a sports bar, only to have his original opening date pushed back by mandatory coronavirus lockdowns. Then, just when he was preparing to open after restrictions were eased, rioters rampaged through the neighborhood, destroying his business in one fell swoop.

I don’t know what I’m going to do,” Balla said as cameras caught rioters vandalizing the building. “We’ve been working so hard for this place. This is not just for me. This is for my family.”

A GoFundMe account was launched in Balla’s name and almost $1 million from nearly 9,500 contributions has been raised since Thursday to rebuild his razed business. While the generosity of strangers may save Balla’s dream, thousands of other business owners across the US may not be so fortunate.

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39 Responses

  1. I fail to see where burning and looting innocent peoples (black, white, brown and anyone else) businesses has anything to do with social justice.

      1. Just a figure of speech! You can’t call them Mexicans anymore,and you would throw one hell of a fit if they were called illegals!

    1. It doesnt! Vandals do it for meanness! its not their property nor their money nor their livelihood so what the hell. they dont care.! it is HEARTBREAKING!

  2. Americans have a right to protest.
    Americans do not have a right to burn, loot or riot.
    If I find you close to my house rioting and burning and looting, you will still be there when the meat wagon gets there


        1. He can’t run for a third term, but if Biden does happen to cheat and win it will be like him being in the WH again!! Especially if Biden selects Mechelle to be his VP!!! I don’t see our country surviving that happening!! Obama is so full of rage! Plus the fact his boss wants to see America fall before he dies!!! He’s 90 years old!!

    2. Good for you Jerry, and we must stand up and do the same! And, if I see someone destroying a small business regardless of the race of the owner I would do the same as well.!

  3. THe Minnesota TRAGEDY was a Planned response by ANTIFA to know where to go based on WEAK State, City and State AG ability to ENFORCE TERRIRIST acts … and use that one as a sPARK to go NATIONALLY in ALL WEAKLY and INCOMPETENTLY RUN CITY STATES with UNMARKED CARS… MOLOTOV COCKTAILS, Machetes and Stacks of bricks……ANTIFA BEGAN UNDER OBAMA…..allowed to LOOT and PILLAGE without penalties and now it is WELL FUNDED and ORGANIZED BY///// ??? TIME TO GET TO THE BOTTOM of ANARCHY by (D) arty affiliiated groups

    1. . . . . Redhawk, you are so right! I believe that criminal, George Soros, (a billionaire) is behind all of this. I don’t know how he is allowed to live in our country (upstate New York). He is behind many groups who are lawless and funds the Dem party with the spoils of his “victories!” This man was responsible for telling the Nazi’s in Hungary where the Jews were hiding. He is not a minor league villain!

  4. Brave residents inPhiladelphia Fishtown area stood in their neighborhoods to defend it against the rioters and they were successful! But the Commiedem Mayor Kinney called them vigilantes and told them that any repeat of it wouldn’t be tolerated! The lady commissioner said that the police don’t want or need their help! This is what the Demoncraps are all about! Protect the criminals and screw the citizens!

    1. She is just another Deep State operative who wants to remove President Trump and she does not care what it takes even if it destroys her city? Good for the residents that sttod up for their neighborhood and homes. The constitution second amendment was created to allow militia to bear arms to protect their home and families.
      Of course most Democrats do not give a damn about our constitution and only use it when it meets their political agenda.

      Vet & Patriot

  5. One can only wonder about the Hollywood crowd and that poor democrat abomination running for President. They are bailing more criminals out of jail. The demos support (literally and figuratively) all this destruction and turmoil which includes virus and rioting.
    There are several things that I have learned from all this virus and riot stuff… 1. Cops can’t protect me. I must prepare to defend myself. 2. We need to build a wall around California and maybe New York too. 3. We need to help the democratic party in their self destruct activity. It’s long overdue. 4. The demos support and encourage division of our Country based on racial discrimination 5. It’s not ALL demos; I know there are still sane and credible demos out there lost in the crowd, a lot of whom are confused and/or mislead, and I hope pray they will wake up to the atrocities of the demo Party before it’s really too late.
    My heart and prayers goes out to the Floyd family. I can’t even begin to imagine their horror and grief.

  6. Cities should set an early curfew and then annouce prior to the beginning of the curfew that the peaceful protesters need to clear the streets for their own safety. Then, bring in the fire trucks and hose down the looters. Powerful streams of water do not kill but they certainly have an effect on clearing the streets of rioters.

  7. Looting and destroying personal property and businesses is not acceptable behavior in any situation. Just because an injustice has been done, doesn’t give anyone the right to totally destroy the livelihood of another especially when they had nothing to do with the injustice. We have people trained to take care of these situations. It makes me sick to see people destroying everything in sight in the name of Holy Righteousness when all they are doing is making a bad situation worse. They are only using the situation to cover their disgusting behavior of stealing and total destruction of personal properties and our precious landmarks. They are not only hurting themselves but the law abiding people that are only trying to protect what they have worked so hard to accomplish. I know that My God does not look favorably on this class of people. I only hope and pray that the unruly mobs will ask God for forgiveness and try to help the ones that have been hurt so badly recover and We will never have to witness this unacceptable behavior again. I will be praying for God to forgive those that took the law into their own hands and teach them right from wrong.

  8. Why is Bidens organizer supporting these hateful ,outlaws from throwing bricks and destroying.It makes other protesters look bad.

    1. Because apart from being a dunce, hes on their side pandering for their vote and then will forget about them. I JUST PRAY for the REELECTION of Pres. TRUMP!!

  9. DESTROY Antifa, then go after George Soros freeze all his assets and use the money to rebuild all the victims who lost their businesses and other damages done in these cities!

    1. This is one great idea. I don’t know what it would take to stop Soros, but I sure wish someone could.

    2. Hi Stu, Great Idea, Soros is a Cancer behind a lot of what is going on, He must be destroyed, And DEPORTED to HELL ! Satan may even turn his Back on that Bastard !

  10. DESTROY Antifa, then go after GEORGE SOROS seize all his assets and use the money to rebuild the businesses and damage that was done to all the cities !

  11. I feel so sorry for the hard working individuals that have lost their businesses, their torn up buildings, their lives ruined all because of thugs, greed and hate. This is not the work of God, but is the work of Satan. The time is coming when Gods wrath is going to be known and those that have done evil will have to address it with God.

  12. Destroy Antifa then go after George Soros seize all his assets and use the money to rebuild the cities and businesses destroyed by the scumbag rioters!

  13. A lot of this is because the media keeps it in the news! If they were not getting the attention then they will quit!!! These riots have nothing to do with George Floyd’s death!! They are paid rioters by George Soros!!! He wants America to fall before he dies!!! All of these riots in the past was his doings!! His puppet obama didn’t get the job done and President Trump stopped his other puppet from winning!!!

  14. Great article and disgusting GOVERNment orders. Those who stopped businesses because of a silly minor “illness” decided by GOVERNments SHOULD BE FIRED….that would primarily be GOVERNment people who are NOT DOCTORS, NOT PHYSICIANS, NOT SURGEONS, NOT NURSES, NOT SCIENTISTS but are dictatorial imbeciles who know nothing about normal lives as theirs are NOT normal. Government SUPPOSEDLY WORKS FOR US, NOT VICE VERSA….GUESS dumb government officials are as ignorant as I have thought for decades now. If they would stick to their true business instead of interfering in EVERYONE’S BUSINESS, AMERICA COULD GET BACK HER HONOR. I was an RN, took care of some truly sick illnesses, am now 81 and retired and have never once gotten a serious disease. And solely because our “government” is more dangerous than necessary is caused by leftists, and the serious thing about leftists is that they cannot and do not use logic. Lack of logic is a horrible thing with which to order others about. Thank God for President Trump. He is sane, most of government is NOT.

  15. I have heard enough of all this crap. Those saying Protesting because of Geotge Floyd , Police Brutality. REALY. Peaceful demonstration is ok as long as it peaceful. But when it becomes Roiting, Destruction, Violence, Burning . Death, and njury of those protecting our rights and our property. Our men women and children are suffering because of those destroying our country. This is now called Brutality to our Country. They are becoming lost sheep following that ones that has caused those to follow evil. Wake Up America and stop this madness. I Love my County. DO YOU

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