June 25, 2021

Paul: Impeachment trial without Justice Roberts is ‘illegitimate’

Democrats are desperately clinging to the prospect of convicting former President Donald Trump in a Senate impeachment trial, but the further the calendar moves on from January 6th, the less political will there is to pursue an already-retired president.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) threw even more cold water on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) plot by implying that impeachment should be dismissed because Chief Justice John Roberts likely will refuse to preside over the trial.

Rumors that Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts doesn’t want to take on the impeachment trial have been swirling for some time. Paul pointed out via Twitter on Friday that “If Justice Roberts won’t preside over this sham ‘impeachment’ then why would it ever be considered legitimate? Hint: It won’t be.”

Later the same day, Paul explained to Fox host Sean Hannity that he believes the Senate impeachment trial will be a “fake, partisan impeachment” without Roberts’ presence.

The debate over whether an individual can be impeached while not holding office is growing as the Senate gears up to take on the trial in February.

“The story is,” Paul told Hannity, “that the chief justice is not going to be asked, but the reason he’s not going to be asked is he’s privately said he’s not supposed to come unless it’s an impeachment of the president.”

“So, this is an illegitimate procedure,” he remarked. “And even the chief justice of the Supreme Court, who’s not a rabid Trump person, who’s actually, if anything, sort of in the middle, he is now saying this is illegitimate because I’m not getting in the middle of this and I’m not coming over for this.”

If Roberts refuses to preside over the impeachment trial, the duty would likely pass to Vice President Kamala Harris, though Yale law and political science professor Bruce Ackerman wrote in the Boston Globe on Friday that Harris should also recuse herself and allow the Judiciary Committee to do the work.

Ackerman wrote:

In contrast to Roberts, Harris has gained her position as a result of the very election that Trump is condemning as “rigged.” It would be even more inappropriate for the evidence submitted by Trump’s lawyers to be judged by a triumphant member of the Biden team. Whenever she disqualified their so-called evidence as fact-free, it will become that much harder for Biden to succeed in “bringing all Americans together.”

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105 Responses


    1. JUST asking but if these FREAKEN FUBAR IDIOTS like Pelosi Schummie schumer nad SNAFU Dementia Biden impeach a private citizen can it open the door for a gOP ld Congress to iMPEACH Obama/Clinton/ Biden/ S Tice etc for what they did in the 2015-16 Election acts if TREASON>>

        1. Do you really believe that an impeachment partition on any corrupt Democrat would even get to first base? I don’t, because now the Democrats are running the show! Whether we like it or not, we will have to forcibly remove the traitors from this government, if we want our Republic to survive!

    1. Communist, racist, anti-American, piece of Trash, LIAR, THEIFT, STUPID, ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT, CROOK, DEMENTIA SATAN biden, BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY.

  2. I guess we are supposed to pray for those that deceitfully use us. It will be hard to do, but we must try. Only God can change things now. Lets implore him to change the hearts of those who want to socialize America.

  3. Talking about this sham impeachment, I would encourage the Republicans to bring up the fact that if they can impeach President Trump in absentia, then turn around is fair play, and the Republicans should call for the impeaching of Obama, Clinton, and for good measure throw in Bush! If they (Demoncrats) no longer have to follow the rules imposed by our Constitution then I guess we could follow their example and get rid of other presidents who were a little lacking, as well throw in the newly elected on for good measure and see how they like it.

    1. Yes it would be a better place. I am hoping the great state of Texas will file for union exit out and start a new country. Count me in.

  4. Why don’t we impeach Commie-la Harris for inciting the riots in Kenosha Wisconsin. That would piss them all off!

  5. Please would someone explain to me: How can you impeach a “private” citizen!!!! This is just plain insanity, just
    because the Democratic party is SCARED TO DEATH of Trump!

  6. NOTHING BUT a VENGFUL “MONKEY” Trial! THIS whole set-up is to desparage Donald trump for his four years because the Establishment wants to take vengence on him! IT was supposed to be their candidate, Hillary, and that did NOT happen, so, they are out for blood! BUNCH of CRY BABIES is what the whole lot of them are who are involved in this monkey trial! IF these individuals had spent “FOUR YEARS working to solve problems rather then create more and let those that were, go by the way side because they were to busy w/a fraud Impeachment, maybe things would have gotten done! “HOW” in H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS” can anyone consider Impeaching a NON-sitting President! IMPEACH the sitting president! HE is the one who has already costs this nation JOBS and much more to boot! “GOD ALMIGHTY” is AWARE! AMOS 3:6 KJV

  7. Since they democRATs have fenced off the capital and have the national guard there, I think we should keep and strengthen that fence. Keep all the idiots in Congress there and separated from America. Keep them all in there and do not let them out. We can use the Kilkenny cats solution to fix our government.

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