August 14, 2022

Pandemic v. Protestors

Decent Americans who are feeling perplexed today shouldn’t be ashamed about it. There is good reason to be perplexed.

On the one hand, in the name of health and safety, we are being asked by government to compromise personal freedoms that we have always taken for granted: going to work, going to church, sending our children off to school, meeting our friends in our favorite restaurant.

We walk around wearing annoying masks and try to respect social distancing limits.

But decent Americans are perplexed because we would expect that allowing more government into our personal space would happen uniformly, that in allowing more government, we are all sacrificing together for some greater good, some greater necessity.

But instead, we look around and see chaos. We see no uniformity.

Protests, often violent, are sweeping our cities. The same public officials who tell us to keep our kids at home; who tell us to not pray in church, as we have always prayed; who limit our places of work and livelihood look the other way, often with approval, as hooligans tear apart our cities.

Greater demands from government should mean increasing respect for the law.

But we’re seeing the opposite: government making more demands while disrespect for the law increases across the nation.

We just saw a decision in the nation’s Supreme Court where a Nevada church petition to be treated equally to Nevada’s casinos regarding COVID-19 attendance limits was rejected with no explanation.

Justice Samuel Alito got to the heart of the matter in his dissenting opinion, saying: “For months now, States and their subdivisions, have responded to the pandemic by imposing unprecedented restrictions on personal liberty, including free exercise of religion. … Now four months have passed since the original declaration. The problem is no longer one of exigency, but one of considered yet discriminatory treatment of places of worship.”

“Calvary Chapel has also brought to our attention,” continued Alito, “evidence that the Governor has favored certain speakers over others. When large numbers of protestors openly violated provisions of the Directive, such as the rule against groups of more than 50 people, the Governor not only declined to enforce the directive but publicly supported and participated in a protest.”

I am looking at a photograph of a mass of protestors marching, shoulder to shoulder, through the streets of Oakland, California, this in the same state that is limiting church attendance to 25% capacity and prohibiting singing in church.

In May, the Supreme Court rejected a challenge by South Bay United Pentecostal Church in Chula Vista, California, to the state’s restrictions on church attendance. Justice Brett Kavanaugh noted in his dissent that secular businesses like supermarkets, restaurants and hair salons are not subject to the same restrictions as houses of worship.

A group of Orthodox Jewish Americans sued the New York governor and New York City mayor for lack of uniformity in gathering limits between houses of worship, and secular business activity, protests and demonstrations.

Going hand in hand with the rioting and violence is a nationwide surge in crime.

The Wall Street Journal reports increases in homicides in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Kansas City.

At the same time, there is violence and damage from protesters in Seattle, Portland and Louisville.

We can’t have a free and civil society without law. And law means nothing if we can’t agree on what the law is and if it is not applied uniformly. Politics needs to follow law. Today’s chaos is symptomatic of law following politics.

Well-intentioned citizens cannot sacrifice their freedom in an environment like this.

We must take the initiative to open our schools, our churches and our businesses.

Amidst the chaos, citizens need to take control of their own lives. They have a civic duty to do it. It will help the nation and its recovery.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and author of the new book “Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This is Good News for America.” Readers can respond to Star’s column by emailing [email protected]


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Bill (@guest_1029430)
2 years ago

Look at history, at least the history that the snowflakes haven’t erased, and see where this country is going! A Cuban immigrant that was an 11 year old at the start of Fidel Castro’s reign has stated that this was how it started in Cuba! All kinds of promises, THAT NEVER MATERIALIZED! NOT MY WORDS! A WITNESS TO CASTRO’S “NEW CUBA”!

William Sullens (@guest_1029806)
Reply to  Bill
2 years ago

Bill: I saw that as well and couldn’t have agreed more. The DemoCommunists are trying to tear down OUR country, not theirs and using whatever lethal tactics they can muster. The promises the DemoCommunists have made with their platform, will gut this country and decimate all that is good about America. This is a great country and under Trumps leadership can stay that way. Under Biden’s leadership, America (USA) will become another has been Communist country and the only ones who will gain are those at the top of the pile. When you start analyzing what the DemoCommunists are doing is trying to get Biden in office, then declare him incompetent and move his VP, whoever she is in as President and she can then pick her VP, just like Gerald Ford and Lyndon Johnson did. If that doesn’t scare you, then nothing will. Think about it!!! Time has come to take a stand and see red; Vote RIGHT, Vote Red and give the Republicans a clean sweep.

William Sullens (@guest_1029808)
Reply to  Bill
2 years ago

The DemoCommunists and the tech gurus who control the internet and media, deleted my previous message. Think about this, if Biden wins, the DemoCommunists will have him declared incompetent and install the VP, who ever she is as POTUS and she is free to chose who she wants to be her VP. Remember how bad it was when Lyndon Johnson appointed his VP and Gerald Ford appointed his VP? Johnson didn’t run for a second term and Ford lost to the Peanut Farmer. What a fiasco those were. Are you ready to go through that again, only worse??? Just think about it!!! If you want better, Vote RIGHT, vote Red and make it a clean sweep for the Republicans.

thomas (@guest_1029462)
2 years ago


Rodger Shull (@guest_1029535)
Reply to  thomas
2 years ago

They will destroy themselves, and their leaders , will turn their backs on them. When the going gets TOUGH, the demo-communist SOFTIES get going. And bail out and leave the others to catch the hell. and All anyone hears is blame and excuses.

diana (@guest_1029744)
Reply to  thomas
2 years ago

Funny you speak of rioters,democrats support the rioters and claim they are not violent.others pictures etc tell different. The democrats also pay the rioters..You want calm tell pelosi,obama .and financial provide r George soros who pays the rioters to riot along with democrat encouragements…….hold them accountable…….

Rodger Shull (@guest_1029532)
2 years ago

These protesters are doing the work of the demo-communist party, and the head of that is soros,obama,clinton,pelosi,schiff,schumer,nadler. and when the protesters have all died off from the virus or other ways, all that will be left is the LOUSY 7 . And those that have lived , will get nothing from their LOOSER LEADERS.

John Handforth (@guest_1029546)
2 years ago

I don’t have a solution to the multiple problems that we are facing, but I am thankful for having President Trump in the White House. If Hillary was in the White House she would be having sex with Nancy Pelosi, while celebrating the deaths of so many “DEPLORABLES.” Those two would have the only security in America. Neither of those women has any respect for American citizens.

Karen Villasenor (@guest_1029555)
2 years ago

Put them in JAIL!!! Vote for, dependable, Trump!!! DO IT!!! Stop this nonsense!!!!

Janna (@guest_1029580)
2 years ago

So if the protesters are not limited then everyone needs to gather 30 or 40 and inform your Governor your protesting the right to your freedom of religion. Call it a protest and hold your service. I am not aware a Governor can make it a law not to gather to protest freedom of religion. Make your signs and as always thank God. On Sept 26 there will be a return so please go on the website, The Return. Org.. God Bless.

Mary (@guest_1029652)
2 years ago

It seems to me the rules are for a few and the majority are left to wonder what happened . They can protest in mobs side by side but we can’t attend Church services exercising social distancing? What gives ? Time to arrest the mobs and stop the violence . I’m tired of hearing it’s about George Floyd. It is not about him . That is an excuse to try and take control and It should not have happened to him that way BUT he was a criminal, a rapist, a druggie and was carrying counterfeit money. He should not have been presented with an American Flag. That is reserved for fallen military and veterans. Face the truth and get over it .

Roberta King (@guest_1029663)
Reply to  Mary
2 years ago

I have never truly understood the phrase “truth to power” but if I had to some up your post that is exactly what it says to me. Bravo, Mary, GREAT post!

J.R. (@guest_1030410)
Reply to  Mary
2 years ago


jayjay (@guest_1029706)
2 years ago

There are many ways to protest. We have the right to protest. However we are in a hoax “Pandemic”.
Why am I living in isolation, unable to have memorial services for 11 friends and family members (not one from, COVID)? These people can go out destroy city streets, vehicles, and buildings. etc.!

Marlene (@guest_1029881)
2 years ago

The democRATs are complimenting their socialist/communist agenda by force now. If you value your lives, your freedoms, and your rights under our Constitution and Bill of rights you had better vote in person or your vote will be illegally counted as democrat.

Marlene (@guest_1029884)
2 years ago

Looks like my comment was deleted again. If you value your life and freedom, vote in person or your vote is counted as for the demonazis

Jim (@guest_1029888)
2 years ago

Get out and VOTE and make sure you help your family and friends vote as well. Fraud will again be very evident in 2020 and the only way to defeat it is to make sure you vote and your vote is counted

Jim (@guest_1029889)
2 years ago

I cannot understand the SCOTUS vote concerning allowing people to gather in numbers to gamble etc. but not to allow people to gather to worship their religion. Was that not one of the main reason this nation was formed?

larry ossler (@guest_1029948)
2 years ago


Joyce P. Landahl (@guest_1030714)
2 years ago

I think that Covid _19 has gone to far when they start counting deaths from accidents , cancer, and other ailments as Covid deaths.
Children need to be back in school and teachers need to be back in school too. Sitting at home and getting paid to teach a little bit has made life to easy. How many teachers actually get sick from their students. I don’t know the answer, but I do know that being out in public builds your immunity. Being kept in a bubble decreases your immunity. This is not sensible.

If you can go to stores and visit family, then you can go to the poles and vote. Voting is worth waiting in line.

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