May 24, 2022

Pair of Hunter Biden’s ex-girlfriends testify in federal probe of his finances

Offering yet another glimpse into the seedy and scandalous life of Hunter Biden sure to set the White House on edge, two of the first son’s former girlfriends have recently provided testimony in a grand jury investigation of their former lover’s finances, as the Washington Examiner reports.

Earlier this month, Lunden Roberts and Zoe Kestan answered questions about their recollections of the manner in which President Joe Biden’s son conducted himself during their acquaintances, particularly with regard to money.

Ms. Roberts, a former stripper with whom Biden fathered a now-three-year-old daughter, provided multiple hours’ worth of information, and she demurely declined to comment upon departing the courthouse.

Back in January of 2020, a judge ruled Biden to be the father of the aforementioned child, despite his denials of paternity, and an agreement as to child support was eventually reached.

Kestan, for her part, reportedly delivered voluminous details about her time with Biden and the lavish spending she witnessed while in his sphere back in 2018, whether lounging at top-tier hotels in the Big Apple or high-ticket house hunting in California.

According to the “lingerie and textile designer” who goes by the Internet moniker “weed slut 420,” Kesten explained that Biden would sometimes ask her to pull “thousands of dollars at a time” from ATMs, as the New York Post noted.

From those withdrawals, Kesten said, Biden would gift her sums of cash to buy food, clothing, and other goods, though she stated that she was unaware of how he generated his income.

The Post further indicated that Kesten seems to be suffering from lingering anger over having been dumped by Biden after โ€“ according to her telling โ€“ helping him kick his drug addiction and encouraging him to launch an art career, fuming that he went on to impregnate and marry another woman.

Biden himself first revealed the existence of the federal probe in Delaware back in 2020, and precisely where the investigation โ€“ said to include tax-related issues as well as his foreign business involvement in China โ€“ ultimately leads, only time will tell.

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