December 4, 2020

Page: Democrats, Pelosi don’t want COVID-19 relief deal ‘just quite yet’

As millions of Americans suffering from the effects of extreme Coronavirus lockdowns hope and pray for another round of government relief, political games are preventing that from happening — primarily from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who is leading the negotiations.

Susan Page, USA Today’s Washington bureau chief, exposed Pelosi’s dirty little secret in a recent interview: Any Coronavirus relief agreements will likely be delayed until after the election because a relief bill could potentially help President Donald Trump’s campaign.

“I think there was also a calculation by some Democrats that giving half a loaf, making a deal for aid was likely to help President Trump, to give him talking points and bragging rights about delivering more aid to people who need it,” Page said during an interview Friday on PBS’ Washington Week, adding that the politics of that possibility is enough to derail any deals in the immediate future.

Page said that she believes it’s more “likely” for Americans to see Congress cobble together a relief bill in the upcoming lame-duck session.

According to ABC News, last Sunday, as Pelosi and U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin inched closer to inking a deal, the Speaker suddenly issued a 48-hour deadline to the White House in which she said if no deal is reached within that time period, there would be no relief package voted on before the election.

At the crux of the impasse are GOP concerns that Democrats are requesting funds for Democrat-run states that were in financial trouble long before the Coronavirus pandemic took a sledgehammer to the American economy.

On the other side of the aisle, Pelosi doesn’t believe Republicans are dedicating enough funding in the proposed bill for increased Coronavirus testing and contract-tracing programs.

Of course, the 48-hour deadline has long expired, leaving many Americans confused as to why Democrats — who claim to have the best interests of Americans at heart — would turn a genuine opportunity for relief into another political sword fight.

In short, Democrats, including Pelosi, appear to literally care more about the optics of potentially giving Trump a polling boost before the election than actually helping millions of desperate Americans who are currently in need of help from their elected officials.

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66 Responses

  1. She makes me furious. I hope her constituents are watching her actions. She is playing with the lives of millions of people to get her own agenda pushed through. There needs to be a CLEAN Bill with nothing in it but dollars for Covid relief. Wake up California, this poor excuse for a human being is wasting time and money playing her deceitful games.

    1. She is also playing with the lives of people, especially the minorities that she says she wants to help. Pelosi does not make much sense, she wants to help, but she is more worried about Trump than the people that needs the help. This dumb broad should be fired. She should not be worried about Trump, she should be helping the people. If Trump is her only excuse, then she has none. She needs to be removed for failing to address the needs of the people. That is suppose to be her agenda.

      1. What minorities ???? She had the police (she needed the police ???) chase a bunch of illegals off her property ($4.5 million ) earlier this year.

      2. Pelosi and her Democrat constituents are acting as terrorists trying to destroy this country. Something must be done about them as they are not acting in the best or even a good interest for this country. If they refuse to work for the good of the country they should be removed for not fulfilling the responsibilities of their office. They exist to serve the public, not their party’s twisted agenda.

    2. Democrats — who claim to have the best interests of Americans at heart — would turn a genuine opportunity for relief into another political sword fight.

    3. DITTO……let’s see if her constituents are smart enough to realize Pelosi, And her sidekicks are the root of the violence and problems in this once great country. She needs to go …….any which way, is fine with me! Pelosi, Schumer, Shiff, and their enablers are the reason why I’m voting TRUMP 2020.

  2. Was just on the internet and didn’t see one story on Hunter Biden/Joe Biden and the China mess on MSN’s long opening page. Way to go media – what a bunch of biased people. All of you should lose your jobs for failure to do them.

    1. This shows you how bad Biden really is, he setup his own son to take the fall, if things fell apart. I can hear Hunter calling daddy help me. He hasn’t figured out that it was his daddy that set him up.
      Joe had all the money go in to Hunter’s businesses, then it was laundered thru the banks into private accounts. And that is how Joe got paid his 10%, “trail ended with Hunter”.


  4. WHEN TF is This “””””””””””””””THING”””””””””””””””” called “”Nancy Pelosi”” going to be thrown the hell out of Washington DC????????????????????????


    PELOSI ……… NEEDS TO “”””””GO””””””….. RIGHT NOW, NOT A MINUTE LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. No surprise. It has been all about Pelosi and her cronies from the start. No one, President Trump included, will ever be able to do anything to Make America Great Again as long as the Pelosi and Shumer gang rein free in the Swamp.

    1. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems That ran for office, are running on a communist agenda.

      1. Gary, saw blip yesterday on Newsmax or One America News that Putin hopes Biden wins ” because the Democrat Party and I share many of the same values” . OMG, don’t understand why anyone enjoying the freedom and prosperity that America was founded upon would support a totalitarian system.
        I was a SR in high school during the Cuban Missile Crisis. My county in FL required that every student scheduled to graduate would be required to complete the 6 wk. course, Americanism vs Communism. Then after graduation, you had to have a good reason not to SERVE YOUR COUNTRY. Our country begin failing when young men were not required to serve. Many of my generation, including me, served in democrat LBJ’s industrial war in Viet Nam. Democratic Debacle.

    2. They hate President Trump so much, that they will drag a great nation down to a 3rd world status, if they can get him out of office. It is simply visceral hatred to the max.

  6. I don’t believe Pelosi actually cares about any American citizens, she would let us starve to death before giving Trump any win. A word to the wise Piglosi, the voters know who is doing them dirt with her political games.

    1. GTLC= Group Think Losers Club, People that group think can’t think for themselves, so they follow blindly where ever their blind leader goes.

      So much for the GTLC, when Pelosi goes over the cliff, all of her blind GTLC followers will follow her. The end of her Queendom. Still thinks the world is flat.

      If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.

  7. I see the sad effects of this lack of stimulus everyday. Normally, people will be buying groceries on the weekend and stores are barely filled and people have their calculators out to figure the costs that keep rising regarding food. It is really sad. Pelosi is being blackmailed by China and so she is behaving like her life depends on it ( It Does )to give our country away. If we starve so what? If we lose our car so what? If our credit suffers, so what? She stills gets paid. All the Governors eat high on the hog everyday! So, they just don’t care and that is how it is. People ,at some point we have to say ENOUGH! Off with the masks and life goes on. Write ,legally protest, whatever you can do to wake these political despots up! China will come calling for these Traitors that don’t follow their orders.

    1. Yes! all those people in Chinawood will wake up and find themselves in chains, for betraying the CCP. Not that they did, China will not need them anymore, so China will get rid get them. Guess they will end up in Holywood. They will need your prayers.

  8. The only people who cannot/will not see what this old fossil is doing are supporting Biden. This “Virus” was well planned and timed…. You better believe that boys & girls…. Friends & neighbors!!!!!!

    1. Tommie Walker you are exactly right. The closer we get to the November 3rd elections, the worse the pandemic supposedly grows. I predict that if Biden, God forbid, wins the presidency, the virus will begin to fade and he and the Democrats will claim the glory of defeat while claiming that Trump and Republicans were failures.

    2. How do you break up protesters in Hong Kong and destroy the trade deal plus an election at the same time??? Also get to try out some new Bio-Warfare tactics to ensure it works and it’s pretty effective…But COVID-19 isn’t the real deal their holding in their hands…The only good Commie is a dead one…

  9. That’s what’s wrong with this country today too many career politicians and their backroom games.. it’s one of the biggest reasons this countries in the shape it’s in today… These career politicians are only in there to line their own pockets..A politician was not supposed to get rich while they’re in office.

  10. Had the media just reported the news truthfully We wouldn’t be a two nation people. When this is over MEDIA/ BIG TEC needs to be broken up and made to foot the bill for all damages to citys etc..jail time for thoughs that were part of the treason against the constitution..

    1. The fake news will not be happy with a [email protected] government. Under a [email protected] government there will be only one news agency, owned and controlled by the [email protected] government. They will not need all of the reporters, editors, journalists, hosts, or commentators. They will love being [email protected] just like the rest of us. They will be proud of what they have done.

      You know! come to think about it, they wont even need networks, or the owners, board of directors. the gov can take all of their money and they will be [email protected] too. From the tale of Riches to Rags.


  12. Long before now I decided to request Nancy Pelosi be removed as Speaker of the House. The Son of God Himself spoke of hypocrites over 2000 years ago calling them white washed sepulchres. She claims she is only holding up relief for the good of all Americans by refusing to put forth a porkbarrel bill she sponsored. Nancy how can you claim that you care when people are dying, have lost their livelihoods, have faced eviction or are facing eviction, seeing families starving because you with your colleagues are concerned about a political party which does Not represent those of us who struggle doing what we can to help others.

    1. Talking about abuse of power..they went after Trump for doing what she is doing..holding money back .she needs to be put out to pasture..

      1. It would be better if she was under the pasture with her idiotic self serving actions. She cares less about America and just desires more money and power.

  13. This shows you how bad Biden really is, he setup his own son to take the fall, if things fell apart. I can hear Hunter calling daddy help me. He hasn’t figured out that it was his daddy that set him up.
    Joe had all the money go in to Hunter’s businesses, then it was laundered thru the banks into private accounts. And that is how Joe got paid his 10% trail, ended with Hunter.

    1. I hate to bring this up, but I think that someone will sooner or later, I would like to know how much, just how much Jill knew about what was going on. If she knew then she would be an accessory.

  14. Time to get piglosci out of there, she is a real Menace to the the house. She needs to be
    Gone. She doesn’t care about the people at all, she would have signed off on the relief
    Package long before now if she cared at all about the people of the USA. We have to vote President Trump and Vice President Pence. We need to win the election, and win the hou

  15. We need to win back the house also pray very hard for Trump and Pence to win the house back, and win the Election hand down. God Bless Trump and Pence.
    2020 all the way. Love the President, and First Lady. Our hearts are with you all the way.

  16. The dem’s must be … in their pants : America is standing up for liberty under GOD.. Their lies will continue because that is all they are good for!!!!!!

  17. I hate to write this but I am in a very strong demo community. Many who are depending on this STIMULUS payout. They have jobs and buying new vehicles with their payout. They are blaming President Trump for not getting this relief package. I don’t know what the fake news stations they download but I tell them it is incorrect. POOPLOOSIE is the person holding it up.

  18. She is crooked as hell, asking for money for her pork barrel pet projects, just like Biden probably get kick backs on theses funds. Watch the way she puts things down on paper before you ever agree on a deal with those crooked Democrats.

  19. Do the words selfish, stinking #$%$#$&*&%#% mean anything to you?
    She make what the left thinks Trump ego is look like Caspar Milquetoast.
    She may be worse than Putin when it comes to chest puffing.

    1. You know what is really funny, they accuse Trump of colluding with Putin. Did you know that everyone of the Dems that have run for office, have ran on a communist agenda.

  20. She and others like her care nothing about the people and I don’t think ever have. Their main goal is wanting and always has been, to control us and all economic money makers. They have gone beyond the words God had said to be careful of…the root of all evil is money. Nothing wrong with having money, having nice things, its how one goes about getting it and to not let it consume them. Power can be the same way. If power is used for the good of the people, that’s great, but if used to control the people , not so great. God is watching and those that abuse the people and those that die because someone like Pelosi is playing a game of hate, will have to answer to God.

  21. A total disgrace to all Americans here. She made sure to fill her pockets w ppp money n made sure government wasn’t shutdown to ensure her check. To make matters worse she refuses to do anything for us. Therefore she should not get paid by us minorities she calls us. I pray the executive orders to fire government ppl that doesn’t work for us. Pelosi is the first one fired on camera so all can see it happen. Then follow suit for the rest of the criminals in our government. Why are we paying for them to have power over us. Totally corrupt at its highest.

    1. We don’t pay them to have power over us, we pay them to work for us. Since they have chosen to work for themselves, we need to quit paying them. We need to fire all of the Dems, and hire more Repubs. People that work for the people.

  22. its a real comfort to see so many John Q Public idiots voting for the Demos, since the so-called secret finally made headlines. wow, how awesome. now, lets just see how many demos actually ignore the real secret and vote to get the leftist, far left and antifa, bad boys and others get the freedom they want to create more havoc than already has been registered on the rector scale.

  23. Trump is doing a good job in cleaning the swamp only thing he’s forget pelosi shummer. and that big mouth from California Maxine an Woody Adam how nice Washington would operate get them all out check their basement they probably have dead baby were they abuse them.

  24. I seriously hope that people take a good look at what the Democrats have accomplished in their 2 years in charge of the House. Which by my account is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! They have done nothing but costly and useless investigations. The pushed through an impeach that they knew was doomed to fail in the Senate just so the “say they impeached Donald Trump”. All for asking about Joe and Hunter Biden’s corruption! What a waste of space they Democrats are! Please, please, please if you are considering voting for Democrats, don’t. IF you can’t bring yourself to vote for Republicans than don’t vote!

  25. Piglosi is a disgrace to our country and humanity as a whole! She wants to bankrupt our country, keep us all sick, depressed, frightened, and hopeless because we are easier to control. For her, it is all about power and control. Any win for President Trump is a loss for HER! She cares NOTHING about the people, only HER grandiose ideas! She wants to fund all the illegals, to hell with the citizens of our country! Ask her how much money she and her husband raked in from the ppp that was supposed to help small business owners stay open, AND by hook or by crook, they got millions from it! Also the insider trading her husband did just before the virus hit. SHE knew what was going to happen, so her husband was able to sell a lot of his shares at a big price! Crooked is not the half of it! If people aren’t fed up with her political stunts, and vote her out, I don’t know what will get people to understand SHE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT US! She should be kicked out of the speakership for dereliction of duty, holding us all hostage to HER unreasonable demands! She is a domestic terrorist! GET HER OUT!!!! Vote RED across the ballot, get all demonrats out, take our country back before it is too late! People, PLEASE wake up! We cannot allow Biden to steal this election if we want to remain a free country! Vote like your life depends upon it, because it does!!

  26. we all know shes playing with everybody’s life because she doe’s give a dam about the people of this country all she cares about is control

  27. Hillary is STILL angry with Trump…She has to understand, that the American people knows, she would make a horrible president and especially her with that Nutcase Pelosi..It wouldn’t work with those two….

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