October 1, 2022

PA Supreme Court just struck a blow at our entire voting system – Trump is furious

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just sided with the Democrat plan to allow mail-in ballots to be collected up to three days after election day.

That’s right – they’re allowing voting to take place after election day.

They’re also allowing counties to allow “dropboxes” for voters, or activists, to dump ballots into. Can you imagine any reason to allow this that isn’t fraudulent?

However, the news wasn’t all bad from the decision. Ballot harvesting continues to be illegal in Pennsylvania, although it might be hard to enforce.

Trump noted the win on Twitter:

Pennsylvania isn’t the only state in which the Democrats are up to their dirty tricks.

There’s good reason to suspect that the Democrats are using the pandemic as a Trojan horse for mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, and all sorts of dirty tricks.

Republicans need to wake up, before it’s too late.


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