May 28, 2022

PA Republican Rep. steps down to avoid run against fellow member

Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Fred Keller announced he will not run for reelection following state redistricting that would put him against a fellow GOP member.

The decision comes just a week after the state’s new district map was released as approved by the state’s Supreme Court.

“With control of Congress โ€” and the direction of our nation โ€” at stake, this election is bigger than any one person. Rather than pit Republicans against Republicans, which the congressional map chosen by the liberal Pennsylvania Supreme Court does, I am committed to helping take back the House, holding Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat, and electing a conservative Governor,” Keller said in a statement.

“To that end, I am not going to run against another member of Pennsylvania’s Republican Congressional Delegation,” he added.

The announcement is a quick turn, as he had reaffirmed his commitment to run just last week.

The new move will make it easier for Rep. Dan Meuser, but he will still face heavy opposition from Democrats in the divided state.

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