August 12, 2022

PA Democrat hits Biden on handling of economy, border crisis

Republicans have long understood how terrible President Joe Biden is for the country. However, things must be really awful if Democrats are finally noticing it too.

Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) criticized the president and said she was “disappointed” in his abysmal handling of the crisis at the U.S. border, Fox News reported. Wild made the remarks while speaking on a telephone town hall Tuesday.

“I will be very honest with you and tell you I am a little bit disappointed,” Wild told participants. “I know that the President assigned responsibility for the border crisis to the Vice President,” she said. “I’m a little bit disappointed I haven’t seen much in the way of results.”

The Congresswoman, who is up for re-election in 2022, also slammed Biden for his $3.5 trillion Build Back Better agenda that the president swore wasn’t going to cost taxpayers. “I’m waiting to hear how we make all of this happen at no cost,” Wild said.

Wild was previously critical of Biden’s mishandling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan that many recognized as an abject failure of planning and strategy. The debacle created a humanitarian and political crisis and cost 13 U.S. servicemembers their lives, according to NPR.

“In order to move forward, our country will need to receive answers and accountability regarding the cascading failures that led us to this catastrophic moment, and I look forward to using my platform on the House Foreign Affairs Committee to secure answers from the Biden Administration about what went wrong,” Wild said in a statement. “Our troops deserve nothing less than a complete and unvarnished account of the truth.”

This impulse to call Biden out could have something to do with the fact that Republicans are eyeing Wild’s district as one to flip in the 2022 elections, according to a memo by the National Republican Congressional Committee. The party in power is always vulnerable during midterm elections, but the razor-thin margin in the House of Representatives makes every seat pivotal to Democrats’ power.

Regardless of her motivations, the truth is that Biden is an awful president who is destroying the country at breakneck speed. Wild may be trying to keep her seat, but the die may already be cast considering how the president has the reverse Midas touch — and he’s just getting started.

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