July 28, 2021

Outgoing CNN anchor attacks network as ‘male-dominated’

With its history of snarky, liberal chyron commentary and a stable of leftist “journalists” that includes the likes of Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper, and Don Lemon, CNN has long abandoned any pretense of objectivity in its on-air presentation, but according to one former anchor, daily operations behind the scenes tell a far less progressive story.

Amid her departure from CNN, former anchor Brooke Baldwin slammed the network for failing to provide high-profile opportunities for female employees and assailed what she described as a frustratingly male-dominated atmosphere, as Fox News reports.

Baldwin aired her grievances during an interview on the Ms.Magazine podcast and gave listeners some insight into her experience at the liberal cable news giant, declaring:

The most influential anchors on our network, the highest-paid, are men. My bosses, my executives, are men. The person who oversees CNN Dayside is a man, and my executive producer for 10 years is a man. So I’ve been surrounded by a lot of men.

The now-former CNN personality joined the network back in 2008 and announced her impending departure in February of this year, explaining at the time that she was not leaving for another job and was “feeling very, very vulnerable,” as Fox News separately reported.

As Fox News also noted, late last year, Baldwin posted cryptic comments to Instagram which some interpreted to mean that she was being pushed of the air after the network announced that Tapper would be taking over her usual time slot in advance of the 2020 election.

Baldwin added that during her time at CNN, she “personally” fought for the ability to tell “women’s stories,” but “got told no a lot” along the way.” While she conceded that CNN has put a limited number of women into leadership roles recently, Baldwin said movement in that direction remains insufficient, saying that steps must be taken to ensure that those promoted are not simply “a bunch of white women.”

In an apparent dig at the contradiction between the heavy-handed wokeness the network displays in its on-air programming and commentary, Baldwin opined, “We talk about intersectional, like being intersectional. There is no way we will have progress if a bunch of white women are winning, right? There’s no way.”

Bolstering Baldwin’s argument a bit is the fact that CNN remains the sole major cable news network in the country that does not feature a female host in its primetime lineup, with The Rachel Maddow Show airing on MSNBC Monday through Friday at 9 p.m., and The Ingraham Angle with host Laura Ingraham running on Fox News weeknights at 10 p.m.

Baldwin’s exposure of CNN’s apparent hypocrisy on gender equality in the workplace serves as yet another instructive – yet not terribly surprising – example of the overriding “do as we say, not as we do” mindset that permeates the liberal elite.

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22 Responses

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  2. So she is a black supermist. Black, white brown or grey everyone usually has to work their way up. Sounds like she really didn’t want to do the work. We are tired of hearing from whining women who are lazy or think they should be treated differently when they are not given something they want. You had p!envy of time to go elsewhere but she was even to lazy to do that! You want respect….. THEN EARN IT!

    1. One of the main problems in the culture today is that most people have forgotten or never knew that to earn respect a person also has to give respect where it is due. Just once I would love to see and hear someone say that someone else has done a good job. Something like: President Trump did a good job. He put America and Americans first. I hope he runs in 2024 to attempt to undo the damage the fruit loop leftist are doing now.

      1. Somebody better do something, and SOON! And if push comes to shove, I’m sure it will, and it won’t be pretty..

  3. Hooray more division within CNN
    No more Cuomo “show” right
    Or Cuomo Lemon show antics
    Chap 7 next or 11?
    Any more like her in CNN, staffers who feel same

  4. Baldwin is a racist. The person most qualified should get the job, no matter their gender, or color.

    1. If you want something you have to work hard, and earn it; not have it handed to you on a silver platter, simply because you’re black.

  5. It’s amazing that through the years blacks have gained much through intimidation, not intelligence!! When will they learn, you get what you deserve, and that usually takes time and experience! It’s time for the Baldwin’s of the world to shut up and learn from their mistakes, such as get your butt off the whine machine and learn to present yourself as someone outstanding and deserving of a higher level of responsibility!! Oh, Oh! I guess she doesn’t understand the words “PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY”!!!

  6. Well, as the left is pushing the agenda of Woke American and systemic racist in American. So goes CNN and MSNBC. My mother always taught me, that every fox smells it’s own hole. Everybody know what that means.

  7. So, this racist Baldwin wants more women on the air as long as they are not white. Could you imagine a white women Saying we need more women on the air as long as they aren’t black. Lets just forget qualifications and promote on skin color. And we always here how racist white people are. Really?

  8. What color is Baldwin? Was her show opinion or news? Was is 30 minutes or an hour? When was she aired?
    Who was that masked woman? Heck Megan Kelly is more famous and she hasn’t been on TV in two years.

  9. CNN ,known as the ”crusty nuts network” ,and Don Lemon has licked each and every one of them .he says crustier the better , just like KFC original .

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