July 28, 2021

Ilhan Omar implicated in ballot harvesting scheme

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, the young citizen journalist that exposed ACORN and their fraudulent activities, released new video exposing Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and her vote-by-mail fraud.

It seems that one Democrat is willing to cheat to win her election.  O’Keefe recorded a “harvester” boasting about the hundreds of ballots he had collected in his car saying  his car “was full!” The video reveals that these “harvesters” are being paid for their work.

This fraudulent activity directly contradicts the Democrats, who insist that voting by mail is fraud-proof. They say that Americans can rest easy knowing that the election process is secure, and the idea of cheating is just not possible. They ridicule President Trump for expressing doubt in the security of universal mail-in ballots and fears that the Democrats are willing to cheat.

Some Americans might be confused because absentee voting has been around forever. But much of the confusion surrounding the issue comes from conflating absentee ballots versus universal mail-in ballots.

An absentee ballot must be requested by a registered voter. Many Americans, such as deployed military personnel ask for them because they have no way of getting to their polling place. Other Americans may be home-bound, or they might be away from home during an election, so an absentee ballot enables them to vote.

Universal mail-in ballots are sent to all registered voters whether they ask for them or not. For example, all California registered voters will receive a mail-ballot which they can return by mail or take to their polling place. Because the California legislature made ballot harvesting legal, those same unsolicited ballots can be collected by anyone and mailed in or not.

The ballots are then harvested from seniors, young people that don’t fill them out, and others that are told to turn the ballots over so that Ilhan Omar’s people can fill them out.

Watch the enraging video from Minneapolis:

We are in touch with Ali Isse, Deputy District Director for @Ilhan Regarding Comment on this EXPLOSIVE tape of hundreds of ballots being harvested, bought and paid for. https://t.co/IzcMMAA8iA

Even without evidence of outright fraud, mail-in voting is hardly secure. According to Real Clear Politics millions of mail-in-ballots just disappeared between 2012 and 2018. Putting your ballot in the mail is no guarantee that it will actually be counted.

Between 2012 and 2018, 28.3 million mail-in ballots remain unaccounted for, according to data from the federal Election Assistance Commission. The missing ballots amount to nearly one in five of all absentee ballots and ballots mailed to voters residing in states that do elections exclusively by mail.

President Trump is right, if he loses this election, it will be because the Democrats are willing to cheat.

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27 Responses

  1. I am quite old and physically disabled. Have been voting absentee for years! This “mail-in” deal is pure nonsense. Just begging for fraudulent ballots….the dems are apparently desperate so they choose to be dishonest rather than the up-standing citizens they could be, but only pretend to be.

    1. I agree with one minor change to your last statement. The Dems are apparently desperate so they choose to be dishonest rather than the upstanding citizens they “should” be, but only pretend to be.
      I believe today’s Democrat party is the most immoral corrupt political party in the history of the USA.

  2. I do not understand why Omar is still roaming free? It is time to put the handcuffs on her and deport her back to wherever they found her and Barrack. I understand they are from the same country? Both are anti American. Down right corrupt!

  3. Why is she still here? Deport her and strip her US citizenship, Ballot harvesting is a FELONY! This is serious matter.
    Action FBI! or to GITMO wth her fellow ISLAMIST TERRORRISTS! NOW!

  4. But I don’t understand is why President Trump doesn’t pass an Executive Order requiring everyone to vote in person or absentee ballet! If one can shop in public and move freely around in public, it only stands that one can vote in person! Time to nip this fraudulent behavior in the bud before we lise this country any further from fraud that has been systematically destroying this country for decades. We cannot allow the Communist Socialist DemonRatic Party to destroy this country any further then they have already…

  5. Twice I have written about fraudulent voting needing to be stopped by Executive Order and twice my posts have been censored!!!

    1. You are not alone, unfortunately!!!
      My comments keep on being canceled by this site constantly!!
      I don’t even know why would people still bother trying to post something!!

  6. This is what happens in a Communist country when the exchange of ideals contrary to the powers that control social media have us all controlled! Wake up Sheepeople!!!

    1. 100% agree with you !!!!!
      Wake up people, before our country becomes Venezuela!!!
      We must vote all the so called “ democrats “ OUT !!!!
      All they want is power and control over people and if we allow them to win, there will be no turning back !!!

  7. Why the hell has she not been arrested already. Bogus marriage, education fraud, tax fraud, steeling campaign money and now funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars thru her husband and now voter tampering. When is she going to be held accountable for all her dirty underhanded deeds.

    1. Because we have spineless politicians who only care about not losing their comfortable positions and of course the media which is doing all the coverup for all these corrupt thugs .
      Our only hope to have our voices heard is Trump !!!!!

  8. When? Now there’s a loaded question! When we are overrun by her party of choice! Which party would that be? The anti-Semitic or anti-American party or both!

  9. Does anyone actually EXPECT anything other than DISHONESTY from a LEFTIST ?? Also, she will never be held accountable! That seems to be the way our government works….HILLARY, BILL, NANCY, SCHUMER, etc., etc. are still walking around in public!!

    1. Sad to say, Sunflower, but you are absolutely right. AOC and her cohorts will likely NEVER be held accountable for their crimes. Neither will Horrible Hillary Clinton, Barak Odumma, nor any other of the Libtard party who went about plundering the people of America, at least, not this side of the final judgment when they must stand before the Judgment Seat of God and answer to God for their crimes.

  10. Omar is a fraud…an America hater..anyi sematic… omar isn’t her real name… she frauds the system to enter country… marries her brother….wants to destroy are system…..wake up people..she’s flaunting her corruption…..recall her now!!!!

    1. This site, shamelessly keeps on canceling my comments !
      I’ll try again : Omar is a fraud, a communist trying to destroy our country!

      1. Omar’s family came to USA as commy
        re/ fu /gees and our country provided them with free housing, medical, schools (including college)
        As a thank you, she wants USA to become a
        communist paradise

  11. Come ON, FIRE WRAY! He is as corrupt and partisan as the guy who hired him, COMEY! It is time to clean up the FBI, and we need to start with the top level criminals on the 7th floor who protected Strzok while he abused the rights of FLYNN and set him up. That obscenity goes on, due to corrupt, partisan judges. Wray says he is not aware of vote fraud? How about before he testified when he said he knew of no fraud, when a large shipment of high quality fake I.D.s were discovered being shipped into Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. MICHIGAN I.D.’s! FIRE HIM! HE IS EITHER A LIAR OR TOTALLY USELESS. We see voter fraud in mew states every day, but no one does anything about it. NO MAIL IN FRAUD! DEMS CAN’T WIN HONESTLY AND ARE WILLING TO CHEAT, LIE AND STEAL, FOR MONEY AND POWER. THEY WILL DESTROY OUR COUNTRY!

  12. She knows she is IN, therefore CANNOT be put out. She wears the right style of clothes, the kind that is untouchable because so many people have bowed to them already. The more their demands are met, the more they demand. It’s a vicious circle that has been allowed to happen and will continue.

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