April 21, 2021

Ilhan Omar reveals her father has died from COVID-19

Freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) just announced that her father has died from complications of COVID-19. Omar shared the news that Nur Omar Mohamed had succumbed to the disease in a Twitter post on Monday.

“No words can describe what he meant to me and all who knew him,” Omar wrote. “My family and I ask for your respect and privacy during this time.”

The post was accompanied by a photograph of her with Mohamed, but no other details.

Several lawmakers voiced their condolences and support for the Democratic congresswoman on Twitter.

Minnesota Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan (D) tweeted on Tuesday: “My deepest condolences to you on the loss of your father, @IlhanMN. The pain you’re feeling is familiar to me. My heart breaks for you, sister. I’m praying for you and your family.”

Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) tweeted at Omar: “Ilhan, my sincerest condolences. Sending you much love and prayers for peace.”

Several high-profile members of Congress have also recently announced the loss of loved ones to coronavirus, including Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who lost her sister to the virus in May, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who announced that her oldest brother had died of COVID-19 complications in April.

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37 Responses

  1. Extremely happy justice at last. Any demonics do not like try to do something. hey AOC ball your eyes out boho booho boooho booho booho

    1. Allan, The only ones that we should rejoice at their death
      are ones that we know have gone To be with the Lord
      in Glory. Now lets pray that Ilhan Omar comes to accept
      Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

      1. I don’t think this wicked refugee (ILHAN OMAR )will ever change her ideology at all. She’s a Muslim thru and through and as such, she hates everything that free countries enjoy. She’s anti Semitic and is doing everything in her power to demonize the Jews and Christians. If I have my wish, I would like to ask the Homeland Security to check the provisions regarding immigration and naturalization as applied to this wicked MN representative. I truly believe she violated the rules regarding naturalization. As a naturalized US Citizen, her full loyalty should be to her newly acquired country/citizenship and should denounce loyalty towards her old birth country. But this ILHAN OMAR is just the opposite. She is in this country as a refugee, a naturalized citizen and yet she keeps her loyalty to her old country – SOMALIA! She also invites violence/riots/protests towards Americans.

        1. I’m with you. If her father was as nasty as his daughter is, I see nothing to be sad about.

      2. Your religious wish Omar will not accept She is a devote Muslim that hates all that are not Muslim and believe as she does. Omar will be better off catching the virus and joing her father

    2. What goes around comes around AOC its caught up with you.You earned it and deserve all thats coming you way and it’s not a good thing.

    3. That is mean! You don’t say things like that about anyone! That just adds to the hate spreading across this Country. You would not want someone to say that to you if your loved one died. Don’t lower yourself to their level. At least be respectful to her loss even if you don’t like her. Thank you.

    4. That’s called karma wench! You constantly preach how you hate America and every one & thing about our country…so Satan decided to let you know that what you sow , you reap. That is of course if your “grief” is actually genuine, or is that you just want someone to feel sorry for you! Well boo frigg’n hoo! Majority of Americans could care less. Hope you choke on your “grief” you pathetic disgrace to America!

  2. OK-so we should respect your privacy…..I would love to respect it all the way to your resignation. I am sorry your father died-are you sure it was of the virus? I know that many death certificates say “Covid-19” when in fact it was cancer, or a heart attack, or just simply old age-death comes to all, you know, eventually. It really does not matter what the reason for his death is, the fact is, he is gone and you are going to grieve, at least publicly and milk this for all it is worth, similar to Joe Biden when his son died and he used that as an excuse not to run for president against Hilary-sorry, I simply cannot believe anything coming out of Washington or its swamp dwellers these days.

    1. How do we know it was her real father, I mean she has had many husbands, who fact checked this.? I would before offering anything!!

  3. I’m glad her brother/husband is OK. When is she going to be prosecuted for the crime of falsifying doucuments to citizenshinp–Stand Up DOJ!!!

  4. I am just crying my eyes out with tears of joy ! Another terrorist gone to the big goat farm in the sky ! When you leaving Omar

  5. I know your father died , don’t believe what you say on how he died, don’t believe anything you say ! If you are happy about your father getting 17 VIRGINS or 21 ( whatever ) that is discussing! Why would anyone believe in a god who promises you VIRGINS and rivers of honey I have no idea so I do feel sorry.

  6. Any mention, in any regards, of that disgraced woman, moron – politician makes me dizzy, close to vomiting…

  7. I just wrote on facebook: Maybe this wiman can now experience the pain of the families of the 3000 murdered individuals by radical muslims in the World Trade Center, where she said: “simebody did something”! Yes somebody did something in China last year and never told the world about it, the Chinese with their Corona Virus. Maybe Illhan can now shut up for a while.

  8. These three Democrat women have told us nothing but lies. It would be foolish to believe what they are saying now. They recently announced:
    Congress: Ihan Omar, MN. – Father died from corona virus in June and Maxine Waters, CA – Sister died in May.
    Senate: Elizabeth Warren, MA – Brother died from Covid-19 in April.
    Very suspect.

  9. Keep rioting this is what you wanted wish I could say I am sorry but hope you can enjoy that it happens to you too.You asked for this now reap what you sow.How many Husbands are you now on/

  10. Losing a family member is a bad thing. What is a sad fact though, is he didn’t worship the one true God. If they think it is gonna be fun and games, ask the rich man that wanted Lazarus to just touch the tip of his finger in water and place it on his tongue. Because he was in fire and torment(s)!!!! Now, I will say this, every nation and tongue on earth has heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, if a person dismisses the Gospel as a myth they have condemned themselves to a hell that was meant only for the devil and his followers. As long as a person has breath, they have the opportunity to accept Salvation that only comes through the Blood of Jesus Christ.

  11. Omar , please go back to where ever you came from , I am sure they could use a bartender. look were you are now ,or where you will be next week.

  12. That is mean! You don’t say things like that about anyone! That just adds to the hate spreading across this Country. You would not want someone to say that to you if your loved one died. Don’t lower yourself to their level. At least be respectful to her loss even if you don’t like her. Thank you.

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