August 19, 2022

Oklahoma legislature approves bill renaming major highway after Trump

The custom of naming important landmarks and structures after important figures in American history is nothing new, but in recent years, it has unfortunately become the stuff of bitter controversy. However, a project under consideration in America’s heartland may succeed in sidestepping such conflict.

On Thursday, the Republican-led Oklahoma House approved a bill that would, among other things, name a 20-mile portion of U.S. 287 after former President Donald Trump, as The Oklahoman reported.

GOP members of the chamber added the stipulation to a broader highway and bridge bill that usually includes provisions meant to honor particularly noteworthy Oklahomans. The portion of road designated to memorialize the achievements of Trump would run between Boise City to the state’s border with Texas, and it would include signage with the highway’s new name.

Though Democrats in the state House attempted to pull the the language regarding Trump out of the legislation, Republicans pushed it through anyhow, as the Washington Examiner noted. Rep. Regina Goodwin of Tulsa attempted to offer an amendment to the bill to eliminate the Trump-specific honor, but did not succeed.

This is not the first time Oklahoma lawmakers have endeavored to pay tribute to the 45th president in this way. Back in 2019, two state senators proposed renaming a section of the famed Route 66 after Trump, though bipartisan objection about doing so while the honoree was still in office won the day, as The Oklahoman added.

A Republican lawmaker in Ohio is hoping to honor the former president in a similar manner, introducing in his state legislature last week a bill that would change the name of Mosquito Lake State Park to Donald J. Trump State Park, according to The Hill. Rep. Mike Loychik (R ) explained the move, saying, “I witnessed the unprecedented and astounding support that President Trump received from my constituents across the 63rd District and Mosquito Lake Park.”

Despite the longstanding tradition of naming important places after former presidents, Democrats at state and federal levels have taken it upon themselves to fight any effort to pay tribute to Trump. Back in January, Rep. Linda Sánchez (D-CA) introduced a bill in the U.S. Congress referred to as the “No Glory for Hate Act,” which would prevent the naming of any federal monument, symbol, statute, land, or building after any president who has been impeached twice, as GovTrack notes.

Though the measure does not mention Trump specifically by name, the language pertaining to two impeachments was clearly designed to single him out for scorn, since he is the only president – thus far – to have such a history. Citing the Capitol unrest on Jan. 6 in support of her proposal, Sánchez said, “Even though Trump is no longer in office, he should still be held accountable for his actions and the taxpayers should not foot the bill for his future actions,” adding:

I can’t imagine sending students in Southern California – or anywhere in America – to a school named in honor of a traitorous president.

Considering the large and growing number of landmarks in this country – including educational institutions – bearing the name of former President Barack H. Obama, a fair number Americans would likely argue that we already do precisely that.

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1 year ago

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mik (@guest_1226784)
Reply to  MichaelMCorvin
1 year ago

the only thing i would name after biden would b a landfill full of garbage just like he is

Angelika (@guest_1227090)
Reply to  mik
1 year ago

LOL…..THANK YOU for that, exactly my thought too….

Hal Lemoyne (@guest_1226426)
1 year ago

❤💥👍CHRISTrumpOwensOkahoma and all his US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2022/2024 Reelected Landslide
Amen & Amen👍💥❤

Terry (@guest_1226427)
1 year ago

You got that right, everything named after Obama reminds me of the traitorous illegitimate X President.
Saying Trump was traitorous is very delusional, HE WAS one of the most Patriotic Presidents ever, HE truly put American and AMERICAN’S first.

Alice (@guest_1226432)
1 year ago

God Bless Oklahoma!!!!!!

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1226435)
1 year ago

There must be a dilapidated road somewhere that could be dubbed “The Berry Sorta / China Joe ” road to ruin. It of course would only be a one way alley.

scott (@guest_1226443)
Reply to  Doug Litchfield
1 year ago

how about finding a bridge to nowhere, with a sign continue until out of road then reverse your decision by Biden bridge

R. B. Blackstone MRB (@guest_1226666)
Reply to  scott
1 year ago

The Biden Causeway… a one lane, one way, unpaved road to a broken bridge named the Maxine Waters bridge, over a 1,000 foot valley called “The Obama valley of voters”, with a minimum speed limit of 90 MPH.
Listed by Rand McNally as “The Democrat Memorial Highway”…

There, that about covers the present Democrat party history of success.

Terry Bell (@guest_1227262)
Reply to  R. B. Blackstone MRB
1 year ago

I agree 100 %

Ed Kalwara (@guest_1226842)
Reply to  Doug Litchfield
1 year ago

MORE LIKE THE PEDOPHILE PARKWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie (@guest_1226437)
1 year ago

I’d love nothing more than to see president Trumps name placed on a land mark ,he accomplished so much for America in just 4 years ,that no other president did. I dont know of anything great that Obama did in 8 except maybe help devide this country!

scott (@guest_1226438)
1 year ago

It should be called route 66 by Trump or Trump 66 or something keep tradition and tribute.

Paul (@guest_1226439)
1 year ago

Five cheers for Oklahoma!!!!!

Dahlia (@guest_1226445)
1 year ago

Sanchez is the traitorous one!

Sharon (@guest_1226449)
1 year ago

Love it

carol exposito (@guest_1226469)
1 year ago

I love the idea that every Democrat who travels that road or visits that park will have to see Donald J Trump’s name stuck up in front of him!!! YES!!!

Ilene Richman (@guest_1226491)
1 year ago

Trump’s statue should be placed on the monument to the famed presidents in South Dakota. Trump did more for this country and its people in the last 60 years. Trump truly loves the United States of America and showed his love for our citizens and our military. He kept us out of war and pulled our troops out of the Middle East and defeated ISIS. Let us show our appreciation for all that President Trump accomplished in four years while being pummeled by the Democrats with phony accusations by placing a carved statue of his head on the mountain in South Dakota.

Helen Davis (@guest_1226797)
Reply to  Ilene Richman
1 year ago

Yes, He deserves to have his image on Mt. Rushmore, I would love that,

Vern Fisher (@guest_1226508)
1 year ago

Agree whole heartedly.

Katydid (@guest_1226526)
1 year ago

I am so proud to be an Okie. They have things right.

Pollty (@guest_1226530)
1 year ago

Smart people

Robert Buchanan (@guest_1226538)
1 year ago

Let’s pray to God they never name anything after Biden unless it’s a landfill somewhere…..

Bruce Walters (@guest_1226615)
1 year ago

They should remove Obama’s name on anything named after him, and replace it with Donald J Trump. He’s earned it, Obama did not

bob onit (@guest_1226794)
1 year ago

when Sanchez says traitor ,her mirror is very ,very close

MichaelMCorvin (@guest_1227066)
1 year ago

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Angelika (@guest_1227108)
1 year ago

Hope Florida builds a TRUMP Library…

Stephen Russell (@guest_1227224)
1 year ago

Hooray, awesome Bravo , OK Red States do more

J (@guest_1227746)
1 year ago

I am in Cali and have always been for TRUMP! He deserves the right to throw dems out of the White House, Hie head-on Rushmore, a highway and park named after him, and a lot more! God Bless Oklahoma, 3 cheers!! Biden and Obama and all of them only deserve the road named after them and the Administration that goes straight to Hell.

J (@guest_1227748)
Reply to  J
1 year ago




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