July 27, 2021

Oklahoma Governor announces statewide COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) announced he will release an executive order Friday to end pandemic restrictions on state events and end the mask requirement in state buildings.

“Because of the progress we have made, I will be issuing a new executive order tomorrow,” Stitt said. “There will be no statewide restrictions on events on Oklahomans. I’m also removing the requirements to wear a mask in state buildings.”

“More Oklahomans are getting vaccines each day, and the CDC’s new guidelines mean wearing a mask should be a personal decision based on your circumstances,” the governor added.

Stitt continued to emphasize public safety in his announcement. Citizens were urged to use personal responsibility and continue to wear face coverings if they prefer.

The governor has been attacked by some health officials for never requiring a statewide mask mandate. Stitt added, “Despite constant criticism from the media and the left, I never once entertained a mask mandate here in Oklahoma.”

The governor encouraged citizens, “I always trusted Oklahomans to do the right thing and keep each other safe. And they have.”

The announcement comes as neighboring Texas ended its mask mandate and other restrictions earlier this month. Mississippi soon followed, with Idaho residents burning masks to celebrate the end of coronavirus restrictions.

In contrast, President Joe Biden delivered his first public address since taking office on the same day as Stitt’s announcement. Biden emphasized caution, hoping for small family celebrations on Independence Day in July.

The divide between Washington and Democrat-led states from the common sense approach of Republican governed states has become increasingly wide in recent weeks. With spring break in full effect in Florida and summer travel coming soon, many Americans are supporting their views by their actions.

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10 Responses

  1. Ya-hoo…. keep on states follow us… FL TX OK…we are not going to let rats dictate where we go… when to go… What we do n say… take away our 1st n 2nd amendments… Wear a mask… don’t wear a mask… keeping schools closed… open the country…we are not going take it anymore… we’re almost at heard immunity… well until China J opened boarders…if fauci is the best we have that’s pathetic… there are doctors real doctors that have been treating patients successfully.. real expert scientists…but of course they don’t listen to facts…

  2. Stuck in Michigan. We have the strictest rules of any state in the union and our governor is is keeping a very tight rein in not fully opening up. She is sticking to the Democrat model and greatly restricting our FREEDOM! I am convinced we will still be under quarantine come Christmas! Lots of unhappy VOTERS in Michigan!

  3. Hi just thought i would tell you naklejki something.. This is twice now ive landed on your blog in the naklejki last 3 weeks searching for completely unrelated things. Spooky or what?

  4. what is tinder , what is tinder

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