October 4, 2022

Oklahoma Governor Announces Reopening Of Economy

The governor of Oklahoma has announced plans to reopen the state’s economy.

Gov. Kevin Stitt stated that hair salons, spas, nail salons and pet groomers will soon be able to welcome patrons to their businesses.

“From the beginning it has been my intent to protect the health and lives of Oklahomans, especially our vulnerable populations, and mitigate the impact to Oklahoma’s economy and get Oklahomans safely back to work,” said Gov. Stitt in an official statement.

Gov. Stitt called the plan a “measured response” that will “prioritize the safety of Oklahomans:”

We have put together a group of industry professionals from across our state, and they have been working with my Governor’s Solution Task Force and our health advisors to develop a way to get back open safely. As we begin to responsibly implement this measured response, we will continue to prioritize the safety of Oklahomans and base all decisions on the data in our state.

Similar to the White House guidelines, Oklahoma’s plan (“OURS”) is a three-phased approach to open Oklahoma’s economy back up starting April 24, 2020. After 14 days of Phase 1 implementation, if Oklahoma’s hospital and incident rates remain manageable, the State will move to Phase 2.

Among other guidelines, the OURS plan states that “elderly and vulnerable Oklahomans should continue to follow the safer-at-home guidelines.”

“Oklahomans should continue to maximize their physical distance from others when in public,” according to the guidelines. Oklahomans should “avoid socializing in groups or facilities that do not allow for appropriate physical distancing, and minimize non-essential travel.”

In regards to businesses, the plan states that “employers should create plans to allow employees to return to work in phases, close common areas or enforce social distancing protocols, minimize non-essential travel and honor requests of employees who are part of a vulnerable population for special accommodations.”

To read Oklahoma’s entire OURS plan, click here.


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