May 23, 2022

Oil industry leaders point blame on Biden for blocking permits

One oil industry executive is pointing the blame on blocked drilling permits on President Joe Biden, claiming his policies are the problem stopping American energy independence.

Dan Eberhart, CEO of oilfield drilling company Canary, shared the remarks during an interview on “Breitbart News Sunday.”

“The industry is sitting on nothing. I think that’s just some kind of Washington-speak.. … The leases are easy to get. What matters is the permits, and the permits have been coming out of the Biden administration slower than they were coming out during Trump by a lot,” Eberhart said.

“Second of all, the industry is facing … problems other companies have all across the U.S. We don’t have enough labor. We can’t buy pickup trucks. I can’t get studs, nuts, bolts. Stuff from China is six weeks instead of three weeks. We have all the same kinds of issues facing us. And thirdly, the [Biden] administration’s got a moratorium on drilling on federal land. They’re not allowing pipelines — which given what’s going on with some clearing rules — makes it harder to drill in certain places.

“It’s death by a thousand cuts,” he concluded. “The [Biden] administration’s got really a chilling effect on us wanting to drill. They keep throwing wet blankets at us, but now, expect us to stand up and do more,” he added.

Sen. Ron Johnson agreed. He called the higher energy prices a “direct result of Democrat policies.”

The new interview confirms that it’s not Russia increasing prices; it’s our nation’s leader who is to blame.

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