May 23, 2022

Ohio Supreme Court won’t hear redistricting arguments till after primary

The Ohio Supreme Court announced that it will not have a decision about the state’s redistricting until after their May 3 primary, according to The Washington Examiner.

The announcement came on Tuesday that the state’s new congressional map is in contention and the current map, which was widely considered to be favorable to Republicans and will still adhere to the previous regulations.

However, results from the primary could get struck down, according to the publication, and this could cause a delay in their primary election results.

“There is no reason to expedite this case. At this juncture, it is abundantly clear that this case will not be litigated prior to the 2022 primary election,” three Republican justices wrote.

“Given the logistical hurdles of enacting legislation, the possibility of it being subject to referendum, and the 30-day delay before the commission may adopt a plan if the General Assembly fails to do so, any plan adopted to replace the current plan will come too late to use for the May primary.”

Republican Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor gave a two-month window for parties to submit arguments to the court, which means that the case will still be active for several weeks after the primary is currently slated to take place.

Currently, Ohio’s congressional map is thought likely to create a 10-2 split favoring Republicans. However, three seats are competitive, according to national elections analyst for Cook Political report Dave Wasserman.

The previous congressional map put together following the results of the 2020 census was struck down by a ruling that it was unconstitutional gerrymandering.

Analysis such as Wasserman said that ht new map bore a resemblance to the previous map that was already struck down:

“The statewide proportion of districts whose voters, based on statewide state and federal partisan general election results during the last ten years, favor each political party shall correspond closely to the statewide preferences of the voters of Ohio,” the state constitution says.

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