May 24, 2022

Ohio Gov. signs law allowing conceal carry without a permit

Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine signed into law on Monday a bill that ends the state’s requirement of a permit to conceal carry a handgun in his state.

“Effective in approximately three months, Senate Bill 215 will allow for the concealed carry of legally owned firearms by citizens aged 21 and older without a permit, according to the Columbus Dispatch,” the Daily Caller reported.

“Additionally, the bill will get rid of concealed carry training requirements as well as ditch the requirement that citizens must inform law enforcement officers when they are armed,” it added.

“Under the new law, people who wish to carry a concealed weapon in Ohio will not have to go through the permit process and will not be required to ‘promptly’ inform officers they are carrying a concealed weapon during a stop,” WCPO-TV also noted.

Not everyone is happy with the new bill, of course. Gun control advocates believe the new law is reckless, though it simply allows the Second Amendment to be practiced as the founding fathers intended.

The new bill will likely also boost gun sales in the state, as well as serving as a key political victory during the midterm election year.

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