May 26, 2022

Ohio GOP Senate candidate Bernie Moreno suspends campaign

Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno has suspended his campaign after speaking with former President Donald Trump and concluded the race has too many Trump candidates.

“I asked for a private meeting with President Trump this afternoon to discuss the state of the Ohio Senate race. I am a businessman, not a politician. Business leaders recognize patterns before they happen,” Moreno said in a statement.

“After talking to President Trump we both agreed this race has too many Trump candidates and could cost the MAGA movement a conservative seat.

“Therefore, today I am ending my U.S. Senate campaign and will return to the private sector. I will focus my efforts on supporting the candidate that wins President Trump’s endorsement,” he concluded.

Republicans Josh Mandel, Mike Gibbons, J.D. Vance and Jane Timken remain in the crowded Ohio Senate race.

Despite ending his campaign, the Republican Senate battle for Ohio remains strong. The problem of multiple Trump-supporting candidates may be a good thing for conservatives, as it shows the strong support for conservative values in the state.

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