May 11, 2021

Report: Administration officials believe Jared Kushner is sabotaging Trump agenda

As President Trump struggles to mount a cohesive re-election strategy, some White House insiders have revealed that Trump is furious with son-in-law and top adviser Jared Kushner.

Kushner, who is married to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, had a decidedly liberal bent prior to joining the administration, and some are speculating that the consequences of Trump’s decision to listen to some of his advice are becoming apparent. The Spectator reported on Wednesday:

‘Trump has a Jared problem,’ is how one conservative activist who works with the White House on immigration puts it. ‘Jared is a total f—-up. Everything he touches turns to lead.’

Others groan about ‘four more years of Jared’ should the President be re-elected in November.

Kushner reportedly holds a disproportionate amount of power in the Trump administration, a fact that has White House officials fuming.

Kushner has no previous experience in government or politics and his most relevant experience is that from his time as a real estate investor. Despite Kushner’s clear lack of expertise, Donald Trump has still placed him in charge of hot-button policy issues such as Middle East diplomacy, police reform, the immigration reform package, criminal justice reform, PPE procurement during COVID-19, and construction of the border wall.

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton described Kushner as “the second-most powerful man” in the Trump administration. “He’s been involved in a range of things that I don’t think is equaled by anybody else in the president’s roles of advisers or cabinet members,” Bolton said during a Thursday interview.

Kushner’s critics have claimed that not only does he not have any experience in many of these critical fields, he’s also shockingly ignorant, with his business acumen being his only saving grace.

Others in the administration claim that Kushner has more sinister motives. Anonymous administration sources claimed that “The depths and lengths Jared is going to stab Trump in the back [are] quite profound. Trump’s been burned by Jared so many times.”

Neither Trump nor Kushner have responded to rumors of unrest within the White House.

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89 Responses

      1. President Donald Trump is the greatest President ever, because he cares for the people. Not only the rich and famous, he cares for all of the American People

    1. I can believe what is said and/or insinuated from several sources, in reference to Jared and his commitment to The Trump Agenda Objectives and Desired Outcomes. My Counseling and Advising on Business Organizational Issues is nearly always begun with Personal and Familial Relationships within the Business. An In-Law is the most often determined problem. Jared’s near total absence of Political Experience does show. My Doctorate in Psychology and Administration and many Problem Solving Consultations points to Jared’s Business Personnel Problems. The most dangerous aspect of this issue is that Jared most likely considers himself an “untouchable.” In those such cases, only a major catastrophe, such as a major damaging and publicly exposed mistake, will illuminate the problem. He is the President’s “Weak Link” in his Personnel Chain. Really? Who is going to feel secure enough to tell The President that his Son-In-Law is inept? Jared should resugn or be fired.
      Dr. David McCoy

    2. For months now I have said there is something wrong. with Kushner is a snake. I don;t understand why his daughter has not caught on to this. She is suppose to be so smart. Get rid of her and Kushner. They will cost you the November election. They are bad for you. Do not trust those two. He and she looks like true Democrats.

      1. Mr. President,
        You have a Judas in the camp who thinks he is safe because he’s married to your daughter. If you’re concerned he’ll blow the whistle on your re-election strategies, it’s best to either demote him or remove him altogether. Limit his exposure to classified information .

  1. We pray for him ,his wife and President Donald J Trump and vice President Mike Pence with the administration at hand and their families that stand for America and your families. That they work as a team America and Israel Allie. As for nay sayers let’s see what 2020 landslide victory for America and your families will bring.

  2. He has always been a liberal as was Trump but Trump and Democrat liberal are two different things. Progressive Democrats are socialists with a design on ruling the country form Washington not being a peoples government or Republic. I is always a dictatorship and if you study Hitler it is exactly how he took over Germany.

  3. I believe the article is right. I’ve read that he is not working with the President’s agenda. I, also, read that he’s the one who told the media that the President was “hiding” in the basement of the White House.

  4. Trump is blinded by his love for his daughter. Jared is a liberal and has always been a never Trumper, and use his positioning of President Trump daughter to sabotage the president. He is the person leaking false information on the president!

    1. Jared lived at a pent house with the numbers of 666 on it & I wonder why or could it be somthing else ?

    2. Son in laws are not always your friend. Our President needs to have a heart to heart with him and if Jared choses his own path – then he needs to have less responsibility in President Trumps Administration. Jared has a right to speak his mind but doesn’t have any right to go against any policy of the Presidency. If he can’t follow the Presidents wishes – he needs to leave.

      1. VERY true! There is a reason why one should never hire a relative and place them in a high position without proper training. Jared IS a liberal and just because you love your daughter so much, do not put him in charge of so many important projects. Have a very serious talk with him and Ivanka and see what is what and cut back Jared’s responsibilities at the very least or preferably resign.

  5. I think Mr. Trump should remove him from participating in anything to do with the White House. It would be a tragedy for him to be responsible for America to lose the only President that actually cares about our country! Let him get a job, so he does not promote the view of being privileged! That will keep him busy away from the politics. I realize that he is a close family member, but it could cost you supporters if he stays. Many do not trust him. Trust yourself! You have done a fantastic job using your own ideas and. Plan of action. Don’t let him lead you down the dark path of defeat. God bless you.

    1. I AGREE COMPLETELY 100%..

  6. I think his closest advisors should get together and come forward with what they have observed to be true. If this is the case, our President must be made aware of this knowledge, and soon. It won’t be the first time a family member has been asked to part ways in their work within a business. It is important that this is done soon. It won’t
    help, if nothing is done. This is government work. President Trump has much on his plate right now, and it is a
    matter that could be very distressing if not addressed right away.

    1. Me. President, This isn’t about family. They will always be near & dear to your heart. This is about the path you started and have changed America for the better. You sir cannot let anyone deter you from what you know to be a proper direction for all Americans. you have a responsibility to the people of this country to perform what you ran on – so far – don’t allow anything to cloud your ability to lead in the direction you are headed. It may be difficult to accept your son- in- law is in over his head with the things you have tasked him to do. It is important you look at what he has accomplished and only involve him in areas you feel he can perform. Trust your instincts – they have been right on so far.

  7. He need to be fired, since he cannot get along with our President. Jared has done enough to get fired even though he is Trump’s daughter, or he needs to be moved some other place.

  8. Trump should get rid of his son in law. government is no place to hire relatives and he is not qualified to do the job.

  9. Probably the wisest thing is to set down and read the Bible in dealing with Israel . The land Grant that God gave them can not be divided the land that is to belong to them goes to the Mediteranen and all the way to the Euphrates. The Scripture Identifies that . No matter how Arabs or others try to deal with it the fact is that God’s covenant can not be broken or altered. By any attempt by any government will bring God’s judgment and total wrath upon that nation or government. The very nation that attempts to do so will be divided . Why do we see such a divide in our politics and people in this country today it is because of the attempts of this nation to set up a Palestanian state which violates God’s covenant with Abraham , Issac, and Jacob. When Jews in this country wake up to the fact that the democrats have always made this attempt perhaps they will stop voting for the Democrats.

  10. I do not trust Jared Kushner for a micro millisecond. I also do not trust un-named White House hangers on for a micro nano second. Therefore, I don’t know that I believe anything posted about either Mr. K. or the un-named conservative activist who you said call Kushner a total f—up. I surely do not trust that anything that two faced former this and that Bolton says. If you guys are going to convince people you are better than the low life leftist Democrat media, you need to name names when you “DIS” any member of the Presidential staff, or any other person for that matter.

  11. Is time to maybe ask him to step aside for a new fresh view.
    If Trump runs his re-election campaign on term limits for Congress I am sure he would win as All Americans want to get rid of our corrupt congress

  12. I think Pres. Trump needs to reevaluate Jared’s place in the political arena. Replace him and Ivanka…….other family members should not be involved when her father Is running the country. Under other leadership they would be okay.

  13. I was wondering why it was taking so long to build the southern border wall. Jared being in charge explains it – and also why it is costing so much.

  14. Some time ago Tucker Carlson said so in one of his programs, but POTUS did not heed the warning!!! My take on this a leopard never changes his spots…. The President at this moment needs support from his own party and not family members who have zilch experience in politics…. in other words a viper is in the bosom of the President …, the enemy within!!! The President is not a True Red Republican… He needs the support and advice of the party at the moment… he must not alienate them!!! His winning the elections means he has to work with them and the liberals ….he has no agenda of ‘how to mend the fences’ during his second term!!! It’s time he unloaded Kushner, especially if he wants to win the elections…. the hype and the rallies will be over and he has to buckle down to work and bring back the country to prior pandemic days!!!! He can do it but he must realise he must. work with the legislators he has been calling names!!!! He must rise above that and not ride rough shod over everyone!!! I digress…. so back to Kushner , at this particular time this crucial time the President better dismiss Kushner so he can return to his old roots! The President must start building bridges to reach out to his own party and if he wants to go down as a good President he must exercise better self control…. watch what he says!!!! Does “Sleepy Joe” sound good, or Pocahontas???? I don’t condone that…. Vice President Biden deserves some respect… if he is suffering from a medical condition, so be it…. but he cannot carry out in this manner……I pray forcthe President, the Vice President and the nation. We can opine but it is the POTUS who has to decide how he will be acting l, moving forward….

  15. Forbid. Of course you are entitled to your opinion, right or wrong! As am I!
    What are you having your ‘no trust’ in Kushner on? He is as qualified as hundreds of DemocRATs who sit in important political positions and most of them are downright DUMMIES who conned their voters IMHO!
    However, I think it is a mistake that Trump has put so much faith in Kushner, knowing his political leanings and should NOT have given him the kind of responsibility he’s given him! His Dem leanings AND the inecxperience should preclude him from Trump’s Cabinet IMHO! Trump is being hammered from all sides, ALWAYS negatively, NEVER given credit where credit is definitely due. Criticism at every turn! He has accomplished SO much over his short first term and will even outdo his accomplishments in his SECOND TERM. The DemocRATs KNOW they will lose and are doing EVERYTHING they can to dissuade Trump voters from making that happen!
    Everything they say and do and write, along with media, is total fabrication, lies and
    made up B.S. and ANYONE that thinks otherwise has had their eyes and ears closed for the last four years! They are scared sh%#\@ss at losing the House and seats for next term(s) imo! TRUMP 2020!

  16. It is definately for Kushner to go. He has done enough damage. Just is done sooner than later.

  17. It appears to me 99% of these comments are coming from individuals who have been observing and scrutinizing Kushner’s performance In the White House and comments are very valid. If his actions are not complimenting the president’s goals and actions, he should not be there. I think Mr. Trump made a BIG mistake putting family members in official positions.

  18. I agreed that Jared Kushner must go. He is the key reason why President Trump so many problems facing him. He should not have family working for him in the White House.

  19. Sylvia…you are right about typos. I hate when that happens so I started proof-reading before submitting. But on the subject of Jared Kushner…they have been after him since day one probably because he appears to have an arrogant air about him. But President Trump is no fool. He seems to value input from all angles, but essentially arrives at his own conclusions and decisions. Don’t forget whenever you see the name John Bolton in a story you can pretty much conclude the narrative is flawed. I can.

  20. I have felt that he has been leading the president astray for at least 3 years. President Trump has excellent instincts. but has not been following them lately. He has let SecDef Esper get by with insubordination along with General Milley. This has made the president appear meek and lacking control. The riots and looting would have been put to rest immediately if he declared sedition and released the military to quell the uprising. There may have been some of the thugs killed, but they would have deserved it. Also, Antifa and other communist and terrorist groups like BLM would have been taken into custody for the crimes they were committing. Both Esper and Milley should be fired with prejudice!

  21. Trump should fired him he is a liberal and so is ivanka his wife to much power for so young and inexperience person he is a screw up president Trump does need him to get elected again GO TRUMP

  22. Our President doesn’t need a “left-wing” nut giving him policy advice ! Just because he is married to a family member does not always mean they they hold your views or have your interest at heart. Even if there is reasonable belief he has his own agenda, get rid of him, please !!

  23. I do not trust this man, I never have since the day we were told he was in. He just never seemed to care about anything our President does….I believe he is a leaker to the democrats, and I think our President is the last to know… How about Ivanka? I believe she should go too. You can’t live with your husband and not know what’s going on, she isn’t stupid, but I think all the harassment from within comes from Jared and Ivanka…Mr. President please open your eyes and really go over all the facts in your mind… See all the signs of what Jared is capable of and get rid of him, save your Presidency.

  24. Don’t know a thing about Kushner; but if this kind of information is surfacing, as close as Kushner is to Trump; Trump better sideline the boy before this goes any further. Son-in-law or not. Get rid of him. What the hell does Ivanka think ? Would she be a collaborator on anything to sabotage her father ? Her husband has not been portrayed here in very good light. Does she see, or recognize any of these disparaging characteristics in him ? She may want to consider dumping him too.

  25. As much as you love your daughter, a lesser position for Jared and she would be welcomed. They are liberals and do not have your interests at heart. Nepotism rarely brings positive results.

  26. I do not know of these rumors are true or not. The question is, if Jared is sabotaging the President’s agenda, and the President knows it, why doesn’t this man do anything about Jared? I would not hesitate one minute in kicking a member of my family off the team if he were sabotaging my work.

  27. Come on people if the president was furious with kushner don’t you think he would be long gone I’m sure he’s got to have the presidents back if not Trumps daughter would cut his nads off this sounds just like MSM propaganda maybe from Madcow or Lemoan or morning joke I will believe this when I see him fired and I’m sure that there are some oBUMa

  28. The President is a very familial man – very protective and no doubt wants to keep his family intact. However, I think it would be wise for him not to put all his eggs in one basket, in Jared, that is. No political experience, young and somewhat passive won’t cut it for him in the brutal, no-holds barred arena which is politics – and with extremely fierce and dirty politicians to contend with. Maybe give Jared other role(s) more in line with his expertise and experience, along the lines of Finance perhaps. The President’s emotion and intellect are hardly the right tools to combat rabid dogs that are out there to attack and savage any one alive to satisfy their hunger (for power in this case). If Jared is truly on board for his father-in-law’s re-election run success, and another 4-yr good for the country if he wins, he’s better off relinquishing some or get into something different that he truly could be effective for.

  29. I have tweeted @realDonaldTrump numerous times telling him I will not vote for a second term of President Kushner. Heres hoping he deals with this problem asap. Equally disturbing though, is who are the people complaining? The insidious never Trumpers he shouldnt be listening to anyway? Maybe Jared is just a thorn in their side and they are trying to rid themselves of someone who is actually helping potus? Who knows.

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