January 23, 2021

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can’t decide if she supports Nancy Pelosi’s bid for re-election

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rules House Democrats with an iron fist, but her worst nightmare is coming true: Progressive Democrats, emboldened by recent events, appear to be defying her authority.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) shocked viewers of a primary debate on Friday when she appeared to have difficulty in deciding whether to publically support Pelosi’s bid for another term as Speaker of the House.

When asked if she stands behind Pelosi’s re-election effort, Ocasio-Cortez replied, “Well you know, that’s always subject to continuing dynamics … But, I support her. Yes. Maybe? Yes. If she wants it. She’s also already indicated that she may or may not run again.”

Ocasio-Cortez enjoys the support of radical leftists, but many in the Democrat establishment see her and those in her progressive cohort as a threat to their deeply cherished power.

The freshman representative made waves on Thursday as well, openly endorsing incumbent Rep. Eliot Engel’s (D-NY) primary challenger. Engel is one of the most deeply entrenched members of the Democrat establishment, currently serving as the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

One anonymous Democrat source complained that “once again, [Ocasio-Cortez] has abandoned her colleagues in Congress and supported an outsider. Sadly, the people she supports often lose. That might be different here, but it has little to do with her. She came in in the ninth inning.”

Nancy Pelosi, on the other hand, issued a passive-aggressive endorsement of Engel after Ocasio-Cortez’s surprise announcement. “I firmly support Eliot Engel for Congress and I support Alexandria for Congress as well,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday. “I think the people of New York are very blessed to have them both in the Congress.”

Ocasio-Cortez has made no bones about her disgust for the establishment since her surprise victory in 2018, and she’s getting bolder in her opposition to Pelosi. It may be only a matter of time before the conflict comes to a head.

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28 Responses

  1. I really like and appreciate your blog post.

  2. Cortez, let me help you with this problem. If you align yourself with Nancy, you will become politically dead meat; unless, of course, you are already dead meat. Does that clarify it for you?

    1. I think little miss AOC will.be booted from Congress, along with the DERANGED AND DELUSIONAL OLD HAG PELOSI, who should have been
      booted out long ago.

  3. I pray that nasty Nancy will be defeated if she runs!! She needs to retire but I guess she and her family are not done stealing taxpayer dollars!!!
    Come on California turn red before the election and boot her out!!

    1. Now THAT would be an indication that the end is not far off, I think. California should either become three states, or secede, or be kicked out of the country. Their values are not in line with any truly American values I have ever seen. That used to be a beautiful, prosperous wonderful state-I lived there twice when my husband was in the USAF-once in Novato, when he worked at MT Tamalpais in San Rafael, and the first time in Merced about 50 miles or so from Fresno, I think. Two different types of environments, but both were beautiful -although expensive for an enlisted man and family to live Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Now, they do not print money fast enough to force me to move back there, or even visit. San Francisco used to be such a clean and wonderful city-loved it, and the colorful hippie culture, Haight Ashbury area-interesting. Not any more. A real shame, but they did it to themselves. No Bailouts, please.

  4. My problem is all Democrats should be voted out. There own words no police, can anyone imagine what will happen? They’ve just themselves and Trump will win in a landslide. No parent want crazy people causing damage. The hatred of Trump has exposed the Democrats. I for one in California will not vote for any of them and I’m hearing the same from Democrats I know

  5. President Trump has done more good for this nation than anyone. I know or have ever read about. I will vote for him and wish he could run a third term. He is a very special person

  6. Everything Cortez does is for herself , she’s a selfish immoral unethical unrealistic person. She still believes the world will because of global warming .

  7. AOC should be voted out of office! It’s too bad she will get lifetime pay for the trouble she caused.

  8. Cortez should lose her slot in Congress and Nancy Pelosi should also as house speaker. The democrats are no good for American people.


  10. Both are an embarassment to our country, AOC is a complete brash idiot who needs to be slapped down hard and get her bartender job back. Pelosi is an evil selfish bitch who should experience the hatred and disgust everyone has felt for her. It doesn’t bother her because of the payola she has probably gotten thru Soros sources. Her whole family is a disgrace from her grandpa down- to this day Baltimore’s downfall originated with the Democrats then, the D’Allesandro’sl her Family maiden name.

  11. Nancy’s bid for re-election? She lied again. She told the House if they allowed her to stay for this term, she’d leave. Now she’s breaking her word. We were all there, and we all heard it. Does that tell you anything about this disgraceful woman? I think we need to hold her to her promise. We don’t want her back in our government.

  12. not if we change it the truth is it was never meant to life time pay they changed it like they give themselves a raise they were suppose to part time work for free of pay

  13. I always spent my half an hour to read this web site’s articles or reviews daily along with a mug of coffee.

  14. Damn. I’m disappointed. When I read that Nancy’s worst nightmare has come true, I thought I was going to read that she had multiple tumors on the brain or something like that. Instead, it’s just about one loser not supporting another loser. Don’t think Nancy’s losing sleep over that one. She’s probably back out on the streets marching with ANTIFA and looting stores and setting fires.

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