July 3, 2022

‘Obamagate’ insider reveals shock secrets about the spies who ‘hijacked’ America

Maria Bartiromo, of Fox Business, interviewed Steven Schrage on her show, Sunday Morning Futures. Bartiromo has been covering the plot to unseat a duly-elected American president right from the start, and her interview with Schrage shed new light on the undermining of the United States of America by the seemingly innumerable enemies within.

Schrage published the first of many articles the same day, revealing how he played a part in bringing former Trump aide Carter Page into the crosshairs of the deep state when he invited Page to attend an academic conference that included, unbeknownst to Schrage, FBI spy, Stefan Halper — who was once Schrage’s Ph.D. supervisor.

I’m the reason the so-called FBI “spy” at the center of Spygate, Stefan Halper, met Carter Page, the alleged “Russian Asset” in Russiagate’s Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Are Republicans in the Senate part of the deep state, too? Schrage expressed his dismay that Halper and Christopher Steele, the author of the infamous “Steele Dossier,” hadn’t been subpoenaed to testify. The Republican-controlled Senate has the power to investigate, but they didn’t. Schrage points out that none of the original conspirators have been called to testify, saying:

None of the Senate has subpoenaed these or called these people to talk in four years. I think that’s the real smoking gun. How are these people being protected? And how are we at a point so close to the election, and with Flynn’s hearing coming up, that no one has called these people and gotten to the bottom of this?

The key part and I think the real smoking gun in all of this is, all these tentacles lead back to this small group, including Stefan Halper at the center of Spygate, Christopher Steele at the center of Russiagate, Stefan Halper’s FBI handler.

Schrage explained that he believes this information needs to come out now, because what happened to Carter Page and President Trump is the real risk to national security and election integrity, and the investigative agencies in the US are taking too long to reveal what really happened. Saying what all of us are thinking, Schrage told Bartiromo:

I need to go public, because I am concerned about how long this is taking. This shouldn’t be political, about Democrats or Republicans. This is about officials undermining our democracy and it needs to be known long before the election. 

Declaring that one article is not enough to reveal what actually happened with Carter Page, the FBI, Stefan Halper, and the leakers, Schrage promised a series of articles to inform the US and the world of how the attempted overthrow of the Trump administration started.

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) knew of Schrage and questioned why Schrage didn’t come forward more than a year ago, so there is some reason to question Schrage’s motives now.

What you have there is, you have an American citizen, somebody who’s long been involved in politics, and the guy’s name is Steven Schrage. Now, knows that the House Intelligence Committee, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the FBI, we want to talk to anyone and everyone who was dealing with Carter Page and other Trump associates, especially in early 2016.

This is a developing story.

Watch the Schrage interview:

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Marilyn P Chatman (@guest_1034576)
1 year ago

We need answers now!

James A. Fleming Jr. (@guest_1034579)
1 year ago

There is no doubt Obama,Hillary and the Democrats in Congress tried to overthrow the US Government and had a coup against Trump. I hope and pray the next time the Democrats come into power we have a bloody Revolution. I would rather fight and die if necessary to defeat and destroy the treasonous Evil Democrat Party.

Folores (@guest_1034641)
Reply to  James A. Fleming Jr.
1 year ago

Your not alone! But check RV sales . Majority are just going off grid worrying about staying alive , but not wanting too fight. Notice CA. CHARGING RV’S,/TENTS, FOR CAMPING ANYWHERE IN STATE. THEY DONT want them there.

franklin mallory (@guest_1035033)
Reply to  Folores
1 year ago

that may be patriots hiding guns equipment and ammunition who are convinced there’s going to be a democrat attempt at overthrowing the government when they loose in November. The silent majority ain’t going to be silent if and when they pull their stunt ,silence is defining someone said on a battlefield its going to get real quiet between now and November if I was the democrats and Soros bloombergs bunch I would be peeing in my knickers right about now because the True Sons of Liberty are moving into place.

ronnie rodriguez (@guest_1034650)
Reply to  James A. Fleming Jr.
1 year ago

I agree mr. fleming i feel the same way . And if this comes to pass i will be right by your side..

Marion (@guest_1034586)
1 year ago

Most Americans know the Democratic Party
Is evil and want to destroy this country but
They will never succeed.
I agree with James.

Robert W (@guest_1034617)
Reply to  Marion
1 year ago

Me to

Sean Keith (@guest_1034589)
1 year ago

There is no valid investigation because there are no valid witnesses or evidence pointing to proof, only right wing conspiracy theories, filled with half truths, outright lies, and misleading and dead end suppositions. Opinions are not facts, and that’s all the right has, opinions.

John Kellerman (@guest_1034599)
Reply to  Sean Keith
1 year ago

Ole Sean Keith must be hitting that heroin needle really hard. If he is that stupid to not know that the trashy democrats, like him, tried to overthrow a presidential election by compete fraud and lies, then he has definitely fried his tiny brain from that heroin, and most probably meth and everything else.

Theodore (@guest_1034618)
Reply to  John Kellerman
1 year ago

Sean’s too stupid to know how to use a needle. No I think you just high from inhaling all of his farts. I do question why it is taking so long to get to the bottom of this we should be farther along than we are on this investigation and people should be going to jail very soon if not sooner

most DEMS are EVIL Liars (@guest_1034657)
Reply to  Theodore
1 year ago

well, that is simple. the rats and so called rhinos are stone walling and trying to cover up. the media is complicit in the cover up. all involved should be in jail.

BRANDY (@guest_1034606)
Reply to  Sean Keith
1 year ago

Oh really? And that explains the so called peaceful protests ending up in people getting killed and buildings burned to the ground and cities destroyed huh!! Sean, you are an idiot if you believe the democraps!!!

B King (@guest_1034654)
Reply to  Sean Keith
1 year ago

Please, Sean, give us some facts! This is so typical of the left, that’s all you ever get from them, platitudes! Never any actual FACTS or at least no actual HONEST facts. They are only capable of spewing out the latest catch phrases. None can think beyond point B. A to B at best and many can barely handle A!

theodore (@guest_1034619)
1 year ago

I do have a theory and it’s only a Siri I was talking to a friend about it yesterday and you said that it is a very viable I mean it’s possible shortly before the 2016 election the Democrats took a little vacation to Europe then they came home and then when Trump got in office they went to Europe again for a little vacation remember that? Those were two events where they could have met people from China and other countries like Russia and put together a little formula called how to overtake a country and destroy it I think they are in a lot of trouble because things aren’t working out the way they want them to I think that they’re going to try to use a EMT and hit our grid and they won’t have anywhere to hide trust me too many people will be looking for them and we know who I’m talking about. We?

Terry (@guest_1034670)
Reply to  theodore
1 year ago

I think you’re REALLY on to something!! Would be nice to know the details of their “vacations”!!!

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1034626)
1 year ago

This is what full blown panic looks like for people caught in the cookie jar. We are just now seeing the crumbs on their chins, but the sludge under the finger nails won’t taste like chocolate.

dorisfrazier (@guest_1034632)
1 year ago

Hammer down time for all involved, no exceptions. I would include lying piece of crap Schiff, Pelosi, and Nadler.

Patty (@guest_1034721)
1 year ago

ALL of the demonrats need to be questioned! Of course, they would LIE like the dogs they are, not one would tell the truth! The mainstream media is guilty of covering up all their dirty deeds, lying to us. Piglosi is blocking every thing she can, shifty schiff, nadless Nadler bullying everyone, screwmer demanding what his sweetheart Piglosi wants, and no one is coming clean. They should ALL be brought up on charges of treason and sedition! They are guilty as hell, all covering for “ king rat” Obutthead and Soros! Come on people, they are supporting antifa, blm and every other anti American group out there! We, the American people, are bieng sold out by the demonrats that WE voted in! Not to mention the rinos backstabbing us! When are we going to wake up, demand investigations, convictions, prosecutions? Their plot and plan is to get Obutthead back in the White House, by hook or by crook! Biden is a pawn, watch who he chooses as his Vice President. I’m betting it is one of the Obama’s, once he steals the election, he won’t be able to fulfill the office of President, then Obutthead steps in and takes over, worst case scenario, they would declare “ no clear winner” which would allow Piglosi to step into the presidency! God help us all! She is a maniac who would institute martial law, take away our rights, and turn our country into a nazi stalag! We cannot let that happen! If we want to keep our country free, we MUST oust them all out of office , the sooner the better! It would only be a matter of time before we would have to give the “ seig heil” like nazi Germany! Are we going to let that happen? Are we going to hand our country over to the destroyers? Now is the time to get real, re elect President Trump and keep our country free for our kids and grand kids! Honor our forefather’s sacrifice to keep us a free nation! VOTE REPUBLICAN! Get the skunks OUT of our government!!!

Patty (@guest_1034741)
1 year ago

Where was this guy all this time? Why wait so long to speak up? If he was truly an “ , insider” why wait so long? Is this another “ distraction” to keep our focus off what is REALLY going on? First “ Russia gate, then the sham impeachment,( while they were turning this virus loose in the world, ) now this guy with “ inside information” ! If he TRULY had pertinent information, why cover it up until now? The demonrats are pulling out all the stops to bring us down! They want us to believe dopey joe is going to win, hoping people will accept their lie and give up and not vote for President Trump! Scamming us as usual! Don’t buy the lie, fight back with more determination to re elect President Trump, keep our country free!

larry ossler (@guest_1034853)
1 year ago

Treasonest/evil democrat party headed by chief-commie–OBAMA!!Go Get Em!!!!!

DT MARTIN (@guest_1034872)
1 year ago

Maybe they are coming forward because they concerned that they may be Hillary’s next victims. They all thought that Trump would have thrown in the towel, and give up on account of everything evil they have thrown at him, but they didn’t account for the stamina this man has, and the love he has for his country and countrymen. They all got lost in their plans, and thought it would be all done and over and Hilary would have been elected, and no one would ever tell the tale, but now many of the rats are becoming afraid, as they are seeing Pelosi and Schiff are a lot more evil than even they thought, and are running for cover. I hope President Trump is re-elected, and I hope they do not give up on this most evil conspiracy in history, and when the ship goes down, it will take them all with it. God bless President Trump and the good Americans around him, and help him end this evil cabal.

Susie (@guest_1034990)
1 year ago

I usually vote by mail. But this election, I will be going to the Polls. I am so looking forward to seeing all the Trump supporters!!! 🇺🇲Trump/Pence🇺🇲2020🇺🇲❤️🤍💙🇺🇲

Anthony Morris (@guest_1035002)
1 year ago

Every one talking about voting in November needs to take a friend along…..we have to smash them at the ballot box for sure and win back the House and get a better majority in the Senate. That done and we beat Joey big time at the box …. will buy our POTUS time to right the ship for four more years and hopefully get some of the butthole’s in prison that belong there. Go TRUMP/Pence and Barr for 2020….it could be the difference between a good old burger at your favorite fast food place and MRE’s in a camp park somewhere.



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