May 19, 2022

Obamagate indictments previewed with Tom Fitton

Barack Obama and his corrupt administration, led by figures including Susan Rice, John Brennan, Sally Yates, and James Comey, are now feeling the heat from the John Durham investigation into the origins of the Russia probe.

Durham is closing in on the key figures involved, but it’s not clear who, if anyone, he’ll indict.

The question that President Trump and his supporters have is simple – will there be any consequences for the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign?

Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton is a leading expert in the battle against the deep state, and recently, he joined the Daily Caller to discuss the upcoming expected indictments in the Durham investigation.


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Vern (@guest_1000141)
1 year ago

Go Durham and get the job done.

William J. Mosscrop (@guest_1000158)
Reply to  Vern
1 year ago

All we have gotten over the last 3 1/2 years is nothing more than lip service. Nothing has been done to indict these treasonous snakes. AG Barr stated, the other day, that he will not indict obumma or creepy joe. This has got to be a bad joke. So after long soul searching and after being a life long consecutive republican I can no longer support the Republican Party or their candidates. If you are an elected official or you are politically connected you can do anything you want and know that there will be no consequences. God help this country for we are doomed.

Debra Felder (@guest_1000209)
Reply to  William J. Mosscrop
1 year ago

This has to change NOW! WE AS THE CTIZENS OF THE USA MUST TAKE THIS COUNTRY BACK! Durham must along with Barr bring all these CRIMINALS, TO JUSTICE TO INCLUDE obama & biden to show all politicians this shall never happen again, they are to work for the CITIZENS not themselves or against each other. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Billie Howell (@guest_1000214)
Reply to  William J. Mosscrop
1 year ago

So you would like to see the Soicialist rule America! Smarten up and vote red or we will be dead

ima (@guest_1000225)
Reply to  William J. Mosscrop
1 year ago

I’m getting pretty frustrated too, seems President Trump was so easily impeached WITHOUT A CRIME WHAT SO EVER ! and all this EVIL PLANNING the evilcrats committed KEEPS HAPPENING WITHOUT ANY JUSTICE OR CHARGES SLAMMED AGAINST THEM WITH NO PRISON TIME !

Bonnie (@guest_1000227)
Reply to  ima
1 year ago

Let’s do [email protected]!

Mary (@guest_1000535)
Reply to  ima
1 year ago

I feel the same way!! Democrats have gotten away with their hoaxes and no consequences! They commit a crime and absolutely nothing happens, first time I voted Republican in 2016 and all they do is sit on their hands! what have they done to help this President but stand aside and let democrats have their way!

Vote for Truth (@guest_1000228)
Reply to  William J. Mosscrop
1 year ago

Don’t help the Democrats by not voting Republican! We won’t know for sure what Durham will do until he finishes his investigation in the middle to end of the summer, 2020.

You can stay mad as many of us Republicans are mad, but if the Republicans don’t take back control of the House, the Democrats will impeach Trump again and again for nothing and nobody will be able to stop them if they have the Democrat majority in the Senate. They can do anything they want in the House with that majority. Democrats are now working very hard to get the Senate to switch to Democrat because if they get the majority, they can impeach Trump and then impeach Trump in the Senate. That would mean they would be able to kick Trump out of his job as President and he would have to leave D.C. Is that what you want???

We Republicans need to stick together because Donald J. Trump is worth it as he has been a very good President. He has done a great job in this Coronavirus. Trump needs ALL REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS to come out and vote a RED ticket all the way down the ballot so the Republicans will have a good chance to get the majority back in the House and add more Republicans in the Senate. Don’t blame Trump for what Durham might do. By stopping from being a Republican, you would be helping the Democrats to win and if they do, we will have Socialism in full force and the Democrats controlling the central government. The stupid Democrats have said they want to tax the top 1% and that’s how they will pay for all the “freebies” they plan to add. The top 1% is not stupid, they will just leave America and then we would have VERY HIGH unemployment and they would tax the Middle Class who can’t afford to pay these high taxes, so we would go bankrupt and America would be destroyed just like all the other countries have been who tried Socialism in their countries.

Please reconsider your votes in 2020 and tell everybody you know that we need everybody’s votes RED down their ballots. All the Democrats will come out to vote against Trump, so we absolutely need ALL Republicans and Independents to come out to vote Republican in November or our country will be destroyed by the Democrats.

Jane Ferguson (@guest_1000226)
Reply to  Vern
1 year ago

I, for one, believe the statement by Barr that based on the evidence he has today, is not the end of the investigation. The more evidence he is able to uncover, the better his chances of a true conviction. Don’t give up on him yet. I do agree that there has been too much talk and not enough action by the Republicans, but rash accusations is part of the Demoncrats (witness the sham of an impeachment). I hope we see Obama and his crew get what is coming to them — prison and every cent they cost the American taxpayer paid back.

William G Munson (@guest_1000292)
Reply to  Vern
1 year ago

If they are not going to Arrest anybody and prosecute them why are they investigating Period we are tire of the Joking around not let get busy now

Linda Howard (@guest_1000143)
1 year ago

There is no faith in our Judicial system if these people don’t go to jail when, any one else in the world would be put in jail by them for a fraction of what they have committed!

Eddue (@guest_1000153)
Reply to  Linda Howard
1 year ago

I totally agree with you. There will be NO punishment for any of these CORRUPT INDIVIDUALS. They blame everyone else for whatever lie they can come up with yet they get away scott free.

Mary Phillips (@guest_1000144)
1 year ago

I feel that there needs to be some kind of reprimands or they will continue doing it again. Also, the American people all need to be informed of who was involved in the illegal actions and what type of punishment is given. This needs to be publicized before the November election.

Wayne Rausch (@guest_1000145)
1 year ago

Count me as one of millions of disgusted and angered conservative voters. Quite frankly, the only person in this bureaucratic, steaming pile, cesspool I trust anymore is President Trump. It’s patently obvious that there can no longer be justice in this once proud Republic. Particularly, if you associate with the party of the jackals, you are held to a totally different standard than regular, everyday people. It would be a very big mistake indeed to think we are passive and accepting. Injustice has a way of building fire in the boiler, and fire burns.

Clarence Boone (@guest_1000148)
1 year ago

If they are not charged and taken to Court , Then our whole Goverment needs Replacement . They are slowly taken or Right’s Away !!!

Bill (@guest_1000149)
1 year ago

It’s time to go after the Obama cartel. Call it what you want but it is true cartel that makes the Mexican cartels look weak. If we ever get another Democrat in the Oval Office, we will see the end of this country as we have know since this country broke away from English rule.

Raymond Garrett (@guest_1000164)
Reply to  Bill
1 year ago

That’s right , that’s all this virus crap is also , just another way to take our rights away and push socialism on us . If that idiot Biden gets elected somehow in November and they get the house and Senate our country is gone forever! China will take us over and goodbye to america . Real scary !

Cliff (@guest_1000151)
1 year ago

The time has come for ALL the treasonous traitors to be held accountable, and punished to the fullest extent of the law. (but because of the “double standards” of so-called “justice” enjoyed by the corrupt dims, I expect NOTHING to happen (again)
Too much time and Taxpayer money has been wasted on DEMOCOMMUNIST schemes , scams “witch hunts and FAUX “impeachment” hearings, all because their crooked “queen” hitlery was “shown the door out” (AGAIN) by we the people that refused to allow another “career CROOK” in OUR oval office.
Remember this in November my friends, and vote out any and all democommunists up for reelection, or expect to become controlled “subjects of the crown” to be used, abused, or “eliminated if we refuse to kowtow to every “royal decree” they utter.

Annette Collins (@guest_1000152)
1 year ago

Put them all in Sing Sing

Janet Lange (@guest_1000157)
1 year ago

Durham needs to help give America confidence in the judicial system by holding everyone ACCOUNTABLE who was involved in the ILLEGAL surveillance on Flynn as well as those involved in the OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE that has taken place right before and during Trump’s presidency: Peter Strok, FBI agents including Cline Smith who altered a document, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, etc. Durham has spent 13 months doing this? These were abuses of power all designed to benefit the Democrat party. We all know now that there was no Russian collusion. Russia wanted Hillary to be president! The Democrats wasted all of America’s time and taxpayers’ dollars to prove nothing. It was all lies.

Satisha T Dew (@guest_1000159)
1 year ago

I am sick and tired of Liberal Dems getting away with everything! Everything THEY are doing, they turn it around on Republicans and they end up getting off with a slap on the hand! WE THE PEOPLE are NOT going to have ANY trust in “the system” if this doesn’t stop! OUR President has taken more disrespect than ANY President…..time to shut down evil and cut the head off the “snake!”

Tommyboy (@guest_1000160)
1 year ago

The punishment should be loss of pension with jail time according to the severity of the offense High fine $ thrown in also which will act as a future deterrent.

Linda (@guest_1000161)
1 year ago

Everyone comments cover what I feel!!!
Make the leader ( obama) pay back all the money Gen.Flynn lost plus insult and damage to his reputation!!!

Sandra (@guest_1000172)
Reply to  Linda
1 year ago

I agree with you 100%

James Neumann (@guest_1000162)
1 year ago

I would be really taken back if people like Joe Biden, James Comey, Peter Strock, Lisa Page, James Clapper, John Brennan, Andrew McCabe, and others are not indicted. Also President Trump and Mueller know that these were intentional and orchastated crimes. If there are no indictments of these people for the obvious crimes they committed, then you can close up the DOJ in that we know that their guilty, but it’s just another case of “PROTECTING THE GUILTY” and going after the honorable citizens like General Flynn and others. This sounds more like Russia than the United States of America. In addition hundreds of millions of tax payers was spent on all of this wen these crooks new Trump was set up. I’m going to be extremely dissapointed if the crooks go free.

James Neumann (@guest_1000163)
1 year ago

What in the hell has happened to Justice in America if these crooked jerks get off for the major crimes they committed, when a woman who owns a saloon is put in jail because she opened her shop during lockdown so she could feed her children?

Donna (@guest_1000165)
1 year ago

We all know that Obama and Biden were at the top of the corruption! What’s up with Barr letting them off of ant prosecution! I thought highly of the AG before he made that stupid announcement! Put them in an orange suit and cell, right next to Hillary!!

Debra Felder (@guest_1000189)
Reply to  Donna
1 year ago

I agree, start with obummer & hillary! Than all their dirty doers like comey, biden, strock, page, holder, lynch, etc. & etc. ALL OF THEM NEED TO BE BEHIND BARS!!!

Thomas J. Carter (@guest_1000167)
1 year ago

We have been told that several people “flipped” and ratted on the Obama people. We have been told many of these RATS have obtained legal counsel. This might be telling that Durham has something up his sleeve. I know this has taken time and that is what the RATS are counting on. They seem to think President Trump will not be around next year and they will go free.

Debra Felder (@guest_1000193)
Reply to  Thomas J. Carter
1 year ago


Robert L. Miller (@guest_1000168)
1 year ago

Call Barr and call him what he will be if ANY of the obamagate AND bidengate criminals are not charged, convicted and get the same punishment that any of us would get — a criminal as an “Accessory-after-the-Fact”. Only Barr would be before, during and after.

Cheri Bartlett (@guest_1000184)
1 year ago

I agree that these evil and corrupt people in Congress along with Hillary and Obama should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! William, please do not give up on the Republican party! They are our only hope along with President Trump! We have to fight for our children and grandchildren! God will get us through this! He is still in control! Just pray for us and our country, everyone!

Debra Felder (@guest_1000197)
1 year ago


Flavia Sollecito (@guest_1000229)
1 year ago

When will they be held accountable?!

Baman Pattanayak (@guest_1000448)
1 year ago

Both Obama and Biden should be investigated for criminal prosecution what they did with Trump and Flyn. If not many Republicans will be dissatisfied with the system.

Tommyboy (@guest_1000808)
1 year ago

I’ll tie the knot.



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