October 4, 2022

Obama White House stenographer says Biden is a ‘different guy’

Mike McCormick, a former White House stenographer who worked with Joe Biden from 2011 to 2017, just came forward to reveal that he believes Biden is a “different guy” than he was four years ago. 

McCormick told the Washington Free Beacon in a recent interview that Biden appears to have “lost a step and he doesn’t seem to have the same mental acuity as he did four years ago.”

“He doesn’t have the energy, he doesn’t have the pace of his speaking,” McCormick continued. “He’s a different guy.”

Questions about Joe Biden’s cognitive health continue to plague the Biden campaign. Biden’s endless string of memory lapses and gaffes have forced his campaign to shield Biden from meaningful appearances and conversations, drawing criticism from many on the right.

McCormick recently released a  book about his time in the Obama administration titled “Joe Biden Unauthorized” in which he details his experiences traveling with Biden transcribing his speeches, public conversations with foreign leaders, and off-the-record media briefings for the official White House record.

McCormick told the Beacon that Biden’s modus operandi was to go “off-script” during public appearances and speeches, and Biden’s compliance with his campaign’s carefully scripted appearances is out of character for the former vice president.

“He’d just make a big joke out of it, and go straight from the hip,” McCormick said. ‘And notice, he’s not doing that anymore. He read that [Democratic National Committee speech] verbatim … it’s not Joe Biden anymore.”


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