May 6, 2021

Barack Obama politicizes John Lewis’s funeral

Former President Barack Obama held a political rally at the funeral of Congressman John Lewis. Obama, instead of delivering a eulogy for the civil rights hero, rallied his Democrat troops to keep up the pressure on President Trump and Americans.

Among other things, Obama – to raucous cheering from the supposed mourners — condemned President Trump for suppressing the vote for minorities, young people, and old people. Obama, like all the other Democrats, is demanding universal mail-in voting because of COVID-19.

With all the vehemence of a Baptist preacher, Obama warned: “Even as we sit here, there are those in power…closing polling stations…targeting minorities…attacking our voting rights with surgical precision…even undermining the postal service…it’s going to be dependent on mail-in ballots so people don’t get sick!”

“Because COVID” has yielded a lot of good results for the Democrats. They, taking former Obama adviser Rahm Emmanuel’s advice, are not letting a crisis go to waste. Mail-in voting is on their wish list as it is easier to cheat, it takes longer to count the vote, and it puts all the ballots into the hands of the US postal workers whose union just vowed to support Joe Biden. The American Postal Workers Union first endorsed Bernie Sanders, so that tells you how radical that union is, and then Biden when Sanders was no longer an option. Can we really trust US postal workers to deliver Republican ballots?

Several incidences of postal workers throwing away campaign flyers and ballots and altering ballots has been recorded, though the Democrats scoff at the idea that anyone would do that.

According to Breitbart:

In April, hundreds of ballots sent by the village of Fox Point, Wisconsin, went undelivered by the Postal Service. “The ballots are not stamped undeliverable or anything. They just never got mailed,” village manager Scott Botcher told PBS Wisconsin.

In his speech at Lewis’s funeral, Obama relegated the concerns of Republicans to racism and suppressing the vote much to the delight of his radical audience. To the left, every opportunity to speak is an opportunity to further the cause and destroy the enemy, in this case, the American election process, President Trump, and the American people.

Voting should be done in person as much as possible to ensure the integrity of the vote. Absentee ballot voting should be kept at a minimum to reduce the possibility of fraud and accidents influencing the election. This system gives everyone the same chances to vote, both Republican and Democrat.

As constitutional lawyer Jenna Ellis said on Tucker Carlson,” It’s only the Democrats that want to remove election safeguards and push out the universal vote by mail under the auspices of the coronavirus. If we can stand in line at a grocery store, we can stand in line to vote.” 

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27 Responses

  1. just another F$$L of SH&T LOSER demo-communist , remember that, he wants the power to enslave all of you and me in chains . That is his goal, paid for by george soros. That is way he is THEE WORSE of the WORSE POTUS there has even been.

    1. Roger, You are so correct, He is Un-American, He does not deserve to even live in America, He is a Muslim-Snake with a venomous tongue, That should leave politics alone, He has already ruined America, Please Disappear to Nigera, With his B.A. wife!

    2. Amen Rodger Shull. Couldn’t have said it any better myself. The only ex-president to bad mouth his successor. Bush had plenty to bad mouth Obummer, but lived by the Presidential code to not bad mouth your successor. Hopefully he will end up in jail when all the smoke clears after the investigations into Obamagate. Think about it! Obama has turned out to be the most corrupt and spiteful president the United States has ever had. Could that be because he wasn’t a TRUE American??????

  2. Sorry but I knew Lewis as I knew the Obamas. THEY DISGUST ME AND ALWAYS HAVE. They are traitors to themselves and the people they claim to serve. YOU SERVE THEM OR ARE DISAVOWED. The truth is coming out and people will hang.

    1. I’ll pray for that! It can’t come quickly enough. Get those traitors into prison so our Great country can heal & get on with being the greatest country in the world!

  3. Apparently they wanted hiden Biden to speak at the party, ah funeral. He started his speech in the restroom. Go figure.

  4. Truly dispicable that the media give him the time of day after what he’s done to AMERICA. HE’S done nothing but DIVIDE.

  5. Obama did everything he could to sink this country when he was President and he is still doing he best to do that now, if he does not like the USA tell his stinking butt to go somewhere else

  6. Obama did more to hurt this great country than any president in time. You know racism is a two way street and Obama is just as raciss as any one in U.S.

  7. It’s a real shame that a former pres.can be so jealous of our President that he travels all over the world bad mouthing him! He is really just as pathetic as Hillary!! Or maybe more.

  8. Thanks to Pelosi who gave her minions the day off to attend the Obama spectacle he had a large audience to give him standing ovations. The Democratic Party is ripping this country apart and they don’t care who gets hurt. None of their so called leaders, Schumer, Pelosi, BIDEN have said a word about the looting, killing, destruction of property, burning down of mostly black owned businesses, injuries to hundreds of law enforcement, etc. They won’t stop until there is a civil war. GOD HELP US.

  9. HE is the one responsible for this s**storm in the first place by virtue of his spewing division at every chance while he was president! Now he wants to “stir the pot” some more. It is disgusting.

  10. Obama took the opportunity to continue to destroy Trump even in the funeral. I’m sick to my stomach of what he is doing. With what they are doing to Trump, believe me, Trump and his party will prevail.” If God is in your side, nobody can defeat you.” Lei’s continue to pray for Trump to make America great again. The guys is working so hard for the Americans but the Democrats keep discounting all what he does.

  11. Yes, I agree, if we can stand on the line in the grocery store, why not to vote. Please don’t agree to vote by mail. Fraudulent would be widespread in “Mail in ” process. The legitimacy of the person voting cannot be verified. The Democrats favored the “mail In ” voting so they can have those illegal voters vote by using names of those who are already dead.

  12. The whole funeral was polical. Three and one half hours and the singers were terrible. Hope they didn’t pay them. They made me laugh, because they were so terrible. With all this political stuff, it makes you wonder what kind of man Lewis really was in D.C. Of course, according to those that spoke, they made a saint out of him, but how would those that spoke know a saint. It was a total travesty.

  13. One more note. I wonder how much it cost the American taxpayers for all these so called wonderful D.C. people to attend the service for Lewis. We, deplorables, could probably live on the toal amount for years.

  14. Obummer, as always, stirring the lie-ing pot. He is the Worst Illegal Pres. We have ever had & it’s the Swamp. I saw the railroad cars built for us and All the coffins….that infiltrating (with the Swamp) bad Moslem opened our doors. Pres. Jackson chased the murderous, slave holding Moslems away from American & said Never should they be allowed here!!!!!!

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