March 5, 2021

Barack Obama has a meltdown over Trump calling COVID-19 the ‘Chinese virus’

Former President Barack Obama is reportedly furious with President Trump for calling COVID-19 “the China virus” and “kung flu.”

Obama reportedly exploded in rage at Trump during a private fundraiser for Democrat nominee Joe Biden, saying that Trump’s attitude towards China in regard to the virus “shocks and pisses me off.”

While stumping for his former vice president, Obama said “I don’t want a country in which the president of the United States is actively trying to promote anti-Asian sentiment and thinks it’s funny. I don’t want that. That still shocks and pisses me off,” according to a New York Times report.

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, Donald Trump elicited a storm of controversy by calling coronavirus the “Chinese virus.” While critics attempted to paint Trump as a racist, Trump made it very clear that he was attempting to hold the Chinese government — not Asian people as a whole — responsible for unleashing the virus on the world.

After extended media outcry, Trump stopped calling it the Chinese virus to end the relentless and distracting attacks. However, the controversy was resurrected when Trump called coronavirus the “Kung flu” at his Tulsa rally on June 20.

As the press once again began to attack Trump over his position on China and the virus, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany shut down the renewed attacks during a press conference last week, saying:

What the President does do is point to the fact that the origin of the virus is China.  It’s a fair thing to point out, as China tries to ridiculously rewrite history, ridiculously blame the coronavirus on American soldiers.  This is what China is trying to do.  And what President Trump is saying, “No, China, I will label this virus for its place of origin.”

The President has said very clearly, it’s “important that we totally protect our Asian [American] community in the U.S. and all around the world.  They’re amazing people, and the spreading of the virus is not their fault in any way, shape, or form.  They’re working closely with us to get rid of it.  We will prevail together.  It’s very important.”

So it’s not a discussion about Asian Americans, who the President values and prizes as citizens of this great country; it is an indictment of China for letting this virus get here.

And I would also point out that the media blames President Trump for using the terms “China virus” and “Wuhan virus,” when they themselves have used these very terms.  The New York Times called it the “Chinese coronavirus”; Reuters, the “Chinese virus”; CNN, the “Chinese coronavirus” on January 20; Washington Post, January 21st, “Chinese coronavirus.”  And I have more than a dozen other examples.

Additionally, according to polls taken during the height of the controversy, the majority of Americans agreed with Trump’s nomenclature surrounding the virus.

The Daily Caller reported on April 9 that “Three consecutive national surveys by The Harris Poll found that more than 50% of Americans said they somewhat or strongly agree with Trump using the term ‘Chinese virus.'”

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72 Responses

    1. Obama, you are still as evil person ad you were as President. I am sorry I ever voted for you. Not saying that you are an American, I don’t think you are. You tore American apart. To beat it all all the money you gave to foreign country. You and Hillary made a great team. America was torn down. Trump is doing his best to bring it back as our great nation. Every time he does anything good, you evil Democrats will not support him. God Bless you Trump and what you have done for us.

    2. Obama your nothing but a fraud an fake ex president against OUR country. Nobody cares what you have to say your nothing but a liar an suckup to Soros an know it came from China. You need to shut ypur pie hole an mine your business .

    1. I agree! I think Obama took the virus to Wuhan Labs when he visited a few weeks before it was released in China

      1. Then Hunter Biden went to China and got his billion plus to bring it here. That way China could lead the Democrats into economic hell.

      1. Will we will fix that come nov the dems are done the majoty is coming for you we are the bigest vote power ever we dont whach fake new are read the nazi papers we have the power an keep thinking your polls are right lol just like last time obama is the worst wver a joke he think he a rock star lol hes a crook we are finding more out every day about his pers. Was nothing more than a money grab for hole gang we want a full adit of everything they did by by dems😰

        1. Trump will be HUMILIATED come election time. He is nothing but a LOSER & everyone knows it. Time for him to get impeached the second time!!!!!! We Americans have had it up to our ears with his destroying our nation. Please give him a free ticket to Russia or China after he is either fired, resigns, or impeached! VOTE BLUE and WIN!!!!!!!!

          1. You are a. Brainwashed delusional puppet to the Dem scheme. Wakeup idiot

          2. When you say we Americans you don’t speak for me!!Obama belongs in jail.. Trump 2020 has done more than Obama 10 fold

      2. OBAMA. What we do here in America is none of your business.s. you hate America and its citizens SOOOO GET THE HELL OUT. NONE OG YOUR BUDINESS SORRY SOB

    2. I also agree! Obama has consistantly bad-mouthed and tried to hurt the Trump Administration from both behind the scenes and now publically

    3. Well said John, The weasel has spoken … Thinks he is all that to put Biden in W/H what a damn crock or crook take you’re pick is Obama on or the other or both!!!!!

  1. HA HA HA !!! I like to hear good news, he had a melt down well good deal , maybe it should be called the demo-communist 19-20 virus, he paid for it many years ago, or maybe he would rather it be named after him, the soetoro flu 19-20 .

      1. Charlie says, I am such a loser, Charlie says I am all about stupid

  2. Who gives a DAMN what the HALF BLACK KENYAN thinks or says just the mention of his name or the sight of a Picture of Him or his QUEER LOVER moochie PISSES ME OFF.!!

    1. Who cares what the worst president the president who brought race back to us and hate has to say. He’s the criminal. He’s the liar

    2. You are talking about one of GOD’s creations Ice! I guess you think you are the almighty one for what you just stated……oh, I forgot, you must be one of THOSE loser republicans! I rest my case…….I yield the rest of my allotted time.

  3. Why is one of the worst presidents ever,going to get huffy when one of the best president puts the whole country back to work that wanted to work. The only reason I can think of is cause he is very jealous of all the president (now) is doing for the people not for himself.

  4. Okay mr oboma, I’ve got a simple question for you.
    Where did this virus originate ( pick one answer)
    a) Washington DC
    b) Your basement
    c) Pelosi’s basement
    d) Wuhan china

  5. Pisses me off!!!!!! That America trusted you Obama!!!!and you’re a fraud!!!! Liar!!! Racist! Anti America!!! Corruption behind our backs!!!! Infuriates me I never ever witnessed a former Presidents of the USA to worked tirelessly to removed his elected Successor He is a disgrace to our country, his reason BC all the crimes he and his Administration committed, they never suspected TRUMP to win, thanks God otherwise AMERICANS AND THE WORLD WOULD NEVER KNOWN THEIR CRIMES

    1. I agree, yamile and I hope & pray he gets back double, what he has done to the American people…. and ends up in gitmo. Can’t stand that liar anymore…..

  6. Obama refused to endorse sleepy Joe until he was the only demo candidate left thought to have a chance. And how could a half-black man who just serves two terms as a popularly-elected US President call this nation “racist?” Obama is a liar and a subversive.

  7. Strike one, it’s the NYT, strike two, it’s Barry the organiser. That’s enough, yer out!!!

  8. Barak Obama is a disgrace to our Black race! He’s a globalist interested only in himself and homosexuals! They got all the goodies while he was in office! And yes, he hates our great country!

  9. Why does the news media hang onto Obama coat tales are they in love with him or they think he is still the President? He just needs to go away and take his top or bottom buddy with him no body cares what he has to say or do he is a total useless has Been, I can’t wait for him and Hillary to go on trial and sent to prison for life for all of the crooked things they have done to America.

    1. The media is doing what the Nazis did in the 30s/40s. Taking it from Herr Goebbles handbook, tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. President Kennedy warned about this and it’s becoming true. Damn we gotta get these Biden/Schumer, Democratic assholes out of office

  10. The usurper Kenyan Mamba fumes when his partners in crime are put on the spot such as Iran and China.
    All the Drs. I have talked to told me CCPvirus is real but, man made (China’s Communist Party virus) someone said when I see at least 50 BurroRats in congress DROP DEAD of the virus, only then I will accept is an act of God, meanwhile let the O mamba burn in his own putrid Hate and Intolerance legacy.

  11. Who cares about you ya lying bastard. Not only that but you have stolen from the USA , You showed no respect for our flag, national anthem, service men and you and your wife cussed out our secret service people while they were there to protect you. Go back to Kenya and try another country.


  13. Obama is a globalist who hates this country! He was a complete embarrassment bowing and kneeling at the feet of the lesser-lights around the world! He didn’t have an ounce of gratitude for holding the most powerful position in the world! As a Black women, I pray he will go sit down and shut up!

  14. Obama needs to return to his $11million home and hide like he has done since Trump’s election. Most Americans realize Joe Biden is ILL and should not be running for President of this wonderful country. What is he going to do when he is trying negotiate with a foreign country and can’t remember which country he is in. Let’s get serious,
    America. Trump has done more for this country than any President in the past 50 years.

  15. I guess throwing temper tantrums is how the democrats deal with their failings. Good way to deflect you moron. No one really cares what he does or says. He didn’t get the decency memo that all Presidents who leave office treat the incoming resident of the White House with dignity and respect. Bush did that and Obama deserves neither dignity or respect. Let’s see, Pelosi throws tantrums, Schumer does, Schiff does, the liberal media does. None of them understand that character is to man or woman what carbon is to steel. They are all a band of characterless, low class idiots.

  16. Worst President in my long lifetime. He is a dirty trick, liar, racist poor specimen of a human being. His opinions do not matter. What he did to General Flynn was terrible. I hope what he sends out comes back to him in abundance.


  18. The only one that likes him (With any sense what so ever) Is little Jimmy Carter and we all know why that is!

  19. Who cares what that last loser thief and never chief is up set about the wanna be third term girl is just crushed because he will be charged soon and will go down in history as the worst what ever it was
    Ertainly no leader he believes he should have a third term to. Ad so sad the failed girl won’t be anything but what he is a criminal and loser just is coming for you girl gitmo is the place for you to be and serve you will
    God bless America land of the free

  20. Barry, Barry, Barry, why did you donate $3 million of tax payer’s money to the Wuhan Lab to “research” the Corona Viruses back in 2015? Are you having meltdowns cause it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to work out? Why did you need to know about those viruses, or did they not do it right? Would you rather we name it the Obumer Virus instead of the China Virus? Go back to Kenya and stop messing with America. After all, here your legacy is gone, gone, gone!

  21. We already know he’s a traitor. Just more proof of his real self coming out. What a loser. He hates us and did everything he could to undermine our country’s culture and values. He should be arrested and face what other traitors have.

  22. Remember he has many co-conspirators
    Sen. Feinstein’s Chinsecdriver for ten years and he is a Chinese spy.
    Obama’s CORRUPT FBI exposed him and got him out of the Country.
    What hasn’t Director Wrey investigated here and brought the spy back and interrogated him.
    This seems to have been swept under the carpet.
    Perhaps AG Barr should open that can of worms if the FBI Director is too inept to see a crime even when it thrown in his face.
    He needs to go or he will continue to impede the progress of bringing credibility to the FBI.

    1. The democratic socialists are o used to the republicans having no balls the do what they want and get away with it….. Time to change this, even further than Trump has already, appeasement does not work, strength does!

  23. Really now who actually cares what the Moslem Hater of America thinks or says as we’re aware he is another backer of China even tho they ban Moslems as there he calls himself a American and that to is a lie as he wasn’t born here.

  24. Not What He wants for our country ,since when does that matter ,he is NOT president anymore . Who the hell does he think he is ?? What Trump says is not up to him Trump was born in America and can prove it and has proved it ,Have you obama ? I don’t believe or ever will believe you are an American citizen . You are the biggest liar of them all . The Virus came from china and you and biden and bidens son have made so many trips to china I truely believe you have a hand in DELIBERTLY spreading it to the US . Got that you SOB.

  25. Guess he’d rather it be called the Obama flu. It’s another one of his accomplishments. We all know he’s and Soros among others are behind it.

  26. The Demoncrats get bent out of shape by identifying the CoVID-19 a “Chinese Virus”? What about calling Rubella, the German measles? Let’s not forget Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, (MERS)!

  27. Obama is a pos that has his nuts in the vice now that all the crooked things he has done are coming out. The demorats need to get Biden elected by any means to cover up all the crimes he and his administration have committed. They should all be hung for treason

  28. Hey Bill, the reason the demos get so bent out of shape when we call it like it is , is because with them the truth hurts
    and they do not have a positive base to function off of. Then only agenda that they really have is to promote chaos lies and corruption , nothing they do is healthy for anyone.

  29. I think oBUMa should go back to Africa and run for President he would be legal there
    I remember when big mike said in a speech how wonderful it was when they visited his hometown where he was born and the people admired him so much the people of Kenya are so proud of there homi well homi go home take big mike and the rest of your fam with you and the squad to A O C is now black you know

  30. Trump pisses you off?
    Take a seat.. back onto that money pile you made getting rich as president. You bowed to foriegn leaders. You did nothing to help the African American community for you 8 years in office. You have been silent and useless in your city of Chicago and all the senseless violence. You finally spoke only when it was your obligation to support poor Joe Biden in his campaign. You tried to attack the Trump administration before he was inaugurated. Tried to hide millions of our dollars to foreigners. There is so much more. So guess what Obama, we’re pissed at you.

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