April 21, 2021

Barack Obama issues mass endorsement statement, leaves AOC out

Former President Barack Obama played shy for months in regard to endorsements for the 2020 election, but he just opened the flood gates with a statement issuing dozens of Democrat endorsements.

Obama just issued an endorsement statement for nearly 120 Democrats candidates currently running for federal, statewide and state legislative offices — but the list conspicuously excluded far-left progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

“I’m proud to endorse this diverse and hopeful collection of thoughtful, empathetic and highly qualified Democrats,” Obama wrote of Democrat candidates in 17 states including New York, New Jersey, California, Texas, Illinois, Arkansas, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Nebraska and Nevada.

An Obama endorsement is highly coveted, as both Barack and Michelle Obama are some of the most highly respected figures in the Democrat party today.

Obama endorsed Ocasio-Cortez in her initial campaign to defeat incumbent Democrat Joseph Crowley in 2018, but is curiously silent this time around.

Other candidates that Obama did choose to cast his favor on included former Democratic presidential candidate and Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper for U.S. Senate; former Obama aide and incumbent Rep. Andy Kim from New Jersey; and incumbent members of Congress, Katie Porter of California; Max Rose of New York; Antonio Delgado of New York; and Joe Cunningham of South Carolina, according to Fox News.

Obama added that these candidates makes him “optimistic not just about our party’s chances in November but about our country’s future so long after that.”

“So if you’re in one of their districts or states, make sure you vote for them this fall,” he continued. “And if you can, vote early — by mail or in person.”

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23 Responses

    1. They are highly qualified on community organizing/ political activism ( just like Hussein Obama himself ) !!!
      The article calls Hussein and his wife “Highly respected figures in the democrat party “ ??
      Respected for his lies, for his hidden agenda to
      push this country towards becoming a communist country, for pushing his marxists agenda down our throats ???We must remember his words in Nov : “fundamentally transforming America “ … this is what the marxists/ democrats/ progressive party is about !!!!

    1. I hope you are right but I’m afraid he’s not backing that AOC loser only because she has made so many gaffs, by making all kind of “over the line comments “ and that only shows how inexperienced she is in politics ( Obama need people that would be very effective on manipulating the people’s thoughts, opinions)
      He never practiced law but he was highly trained on the marxists philosophy plus Alinsky doctrine … sleek and dangerous snake !!

  1. Awwww ! Say Whut ?? You know, we are in a Political promo period, so maybe BARACK only published a “PARTIAL LIST” that he advocates. I say let’s launch an investigation ! Let’s do it !! This is BIG ! Nahhh, never mind ….

    But I STILL like her 34D’s ….

    1. Awww, c’mon guys, you are better than that !!!
      Who the hell cares about her 34D size while she doesn’t even have 2 brain cells rubbing against each other ( besides being a slimy witch ) 🤨
      That reminds me about when Bill Clinton was elected and lots of women voted for him only because they thought he was “ very handsome “ …

        1. Of course if you want a mentally unbalanced candidate and his idol loving VP you can shoot the moon and vote for Joe “the bloviating” Biden and his soon to be chosen prez pro tem.

  2. Obama wants bidens vp be iraian susan rice and the islamic Aoc running the country .he belongs to a black brotherhood org..pushed blmob online twice now..

    1. She’s such a liar!! She lied and tried to cover Obama and Hillary about Benghazi ant murder of 4 Americans. Witch!!

      1. YEAH the BUTCHERS OF BENGHAZI who left 4 BRAVE MEN to be BUTCHERED and their bodies dru through the treetts of BENGHAZI , the BUTCHERS were DEMONRAT DEMECRATS bythe names of OBAMA BIN LYING aka BATH HOUSE BARRY along with his CO CONSPIRE HILLARY Clinton aka KILLARY Clinton wife of the PEDEPILORER, RAPE ARTIST, DRAFT DODGER BILL Cliinton aka Slick Willy…

  3. Yes, I remember when Hussain Obama supported Corrupt Hilary. What happened lost miserably. People’s have caught up with Hussain Obama. We want him endorse and watch them all loose good for Repub’s.

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