May 19, 2022

Barack Obama loses long-held title of ‘most admired man’ to President Trump

After former President Barack Obama spent 12 years as America’s most admired man, President Donald Trump ended that streak, wresting the title from Obama despite unprecedented negative media coverage. 

According to Gallup’s annual survey, President Trump is the most admired man in America, taking 18 percent of the vote. Obama only garnered 15 percent of the votes, and former Vice President Joe Biden took a paltry six percent.

Barack Obama has enjoyed the adulation of millions of Americans for over a decade — tied with former President Dwight D. Eisenhower for the longest streak ever — but it appears that his star is fading.

Breitbart reported on Tuesday:

Eighteen percent of the survey’s respondents named Trump as their most admired man, compared to 15 percent who named Obama and six percent who named President-elect Joe Biden. Another three percent named National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci, while two percent said Pope Francis.

The remaining top 10 men include businessman Elon Musk, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates, basketball player LeBron James, and the Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists.

The fact that Donald Trump still beat out Barack Obama for most admired is even more incredible considering the full-on media assault President Trump endured for the entirety of 2020, and the adoring coverage Obama continually receives.

President Trump’s win just goes to show that now, more than ever, the American people are rejecting the media narrative and thinking for themselves.

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c (@guest_1095071)
1 year ago

Way to go Mr. President! Finally, we can forget Obama!

FormerMarine (@guest_1095100)
Reply to  c
1 year ago

Who or what is or was Obama ?

John (@guest_1095247)
Reply to  FormerMarine
1 year ago

Nothing I think it was a turd I left in a toilet once.

Larry Houser (@guest_1095105)
Reply to  c
1 year ago

We really never remember Obama😁

Terry Bell (@guest_1095181)
Reply to  c
1 year ago

I agree but I already forgot the half breed muslim nigger 4 years ago.

Johm (@guest_1095248)
Reply to  Terry Bell
1 year ago

He wasn’t a nigger he was a communist in our country illegally. He is a Muslime. Who tried to destroy America

Brenda (@guest_1095075)
1 year ago

Obama can’t even be head dog catcher!

Former Marine (@guest_1095104)
Reply to  Brenda
1 year ago

Hey , L would hire him in a heartbeat , to be the pooper scooper with his mouth . Would be like a vacuum cleaner because he sucks .

Magda (@guest_1095170)
Reply to  Brenda
1 year ago

Brenda, I would never ever give any dogs in Hussein’s care !!!

Wally (@guest_1095078)
1 year ago

Obama Who?

MAGE (@guest_1095087)
Reply to  Wally
1 year ago

Big Mike!

Francp (@guest_1095092)
Reply to  Wally
1 year ago

That shifty DISHONEST dude who was part of the Russian Scam!
He always knew it was Slick Willie’s Wench and the
Democrats who paid $12,000,000 for that False UNVERIFIED Russian Dossier!
Obama was part of that group that got (4) ILLEGAL
FISA WARRANTS to spy on Candidate Trump!
As time goes on they will reveal more and more of his DIRTY scams!

Dan Gibson (@guest_1095079)
1 year ago

Well earned, MR. PRESIDENT …. thank you for keeping those campaign promises made in 2016. Do NOT give up the fight for The Oval Office !

Francp (@guest_1095083)
1 year ago

PRESIDENT OBAMA is a shifty DISHONEST man the likes of Shifty Sciff!
The former President was INVOLVED in that Russian Scam!
He was aware of Slick Willie’s Wench and the Democrats
paying $12,00,000 for a false Russian Dossier!
WORSE YET, it was UNVERIFIED and they use it to get
(4) FISA Warrants to spy on Candidate Trump!
They also spent over $40,000,000 of OUR AMERICAN MONEY
with Mule-Faced Mueller as a Special Counsel!

Robert Reilly (@guest_1095084)
1 year ago

Biden 6%??? Tell me again how this guy got 80 million votes! Trump won this election in a landslide but the courts, including the Supreme Court WILL NOT allow the Trump team to present their evidence??? Not one court ruled on the merits! NO EVIDENCE was allowed to be shown>

Dave Pokorny (@guest_1095093)
Reply to  Robert Reilly
1 year ago

WOW! What does that say about our Supreme Court?

Helen H. (@guest_1095368)
Reply to  Dave Pokorny
1 year ago

That they are for sale to the highest bidder. The Judicial System is as corrupt as the Senate and Congress. Joe Biden is not our President and GOD willing he never will be.

Kevin (@guest_1095127)
Reply to  Robert Reilly
1 year ago

100 percent true let’s hope he can turn this around and save the United States of America

LaMenance (@guest_1095131)
Reply to  Robert Reilly
1 year ago

This goes to show how we need Term Limits in all aspects of our Government and they don’t get no pensions like the rest of us poor saps that have been under their heel long enough. I think it’s come down to the point all judges need to be voted in like every other public official of four year terms and no more then two four year terms and they all get the same sorry social security we all must live on! I bet this social security would be fixed in no time!!!

TAIWAN COMMONER (@guest_1095499)
Reply to  Robert Reilly
1 year ago

So where did all those BIDEN votes come from? When I was in college simply writing software that makes your theory correct WOULD NEVER BE ACCEPTED! THE PRESIDENT MUST BE ALLOWED TO HAVE HIS DAY IN COURT! BARR is a total fake and the FBI 7th floor is as partisan today as it was the day Comey was fired!

Ed Simmons (@guest_1095086)
1 year ago

I know how bad this must hurt the MSM My President Trump my number one man of the year for the last four years.

CJM (@guest_1095091)
1 year ago

I don’t know where you get your statistics from, but I do NOT believe that obama received the adulation you claim. There are plenty of citizens who deem him to be the WORST President ever elected–even Jimmy Carter is considered to have been a much better President. Where President Trump is concerned, most are pleased with his policies and how he is running the country. I’d vote for Trump for a third term if that were still legal. The only way biden has made it thus far is because of fraud in the counting of the votes.

LaMenance (@guest_1095136)
Reply to  CJM
1 year ago

This goes to show history is written by the victors! This why it is so important to fight the indoctrination of our public indoctrination, especially this 1619 project that these liberals are spoon feed this young minds of mush!!!

David Wilson (@guest_1095212)
Reply to  CJM
1 year ago


Nathan Steele (@guest_1095274)
Reply to  CJM
1 year ago

And his dam lying Biden cant tell the truth to save his sorry ads he doesn’t even know wht the truth is any more

Bruce Cagenello (@guest_1095094)
1 year ago

President Trump has Been (and hopefully will continue for 4 more years) the best President ever
What a wonderful change to have a non politician ( un tainted by the Swamp)
He says what he will do and does it !!

His First lady has been the best, smartest and most beautiful accomplished woman in that office
She should have been on all Magazine covers ; those dumb editors missed the Boat

I am still dreaming that the “lost and misplaced and misdirected ” votes will find their rightful “home”

David Wilson (@guest_1095221)
Reply to  Bruce Cagenello
1 year ago


Shirley (@guest_1095095)
1 year ago

Mr President your great and number( 1 )all the way. Obama is nothing and always. was a know body and someone we could never trust.

angie Bortoluzzi (@guest_1095102)
1 year ago


Leah (@guest_1095222)
Reply to  angie Bortoluzzi
1 year ago

Amen !

Ann (@guest_1095117)
1 year ago

Congratulations President Donald Trump, you earned it many times over.

Sandi (@guest_1095124)
1 year ago

Donald J Trump, you will always be my President & have been the best in my lifetime! Obummer could never hold a candle to you – he was the WORST ever! Biden is only in because of fraud – the Dems knew they couldn’t win against you no matter who they put up to run so they had no choice but to cheat. And boy, did they. I believe this had been planned for quite some time

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1095128)
1 year ago

With all the people at trump rallies i thought it would be much higher number. With the ghost towns biden gang showed up at i was thinking just at least give him 1%. This guy will never be the honest president. Hope his greatest second hack for a son keeps showing up to finish him off.

Maria Deang (@guest_1095130)
1 year ago

Finally, a very well deserved recognition for President Trump, a real American hero who keeps fighting for the American people and for the United States of America.!!! Four more years ++ of President Trump in the Oval office would do it very nicely indeed!!!! Congratulations Mr. President.

BDS (@guest_1095134)
1 year ago

Bout time someone gives Trump the credit he deserves – it is long over due!!! Obama who??? The guy who divided our country – who secretly tried to oust Trump – the guy who got rich off of Iran deal – the guy who lied to relatives about Benghazi – the community organizer who left the WH a multi millionaire- he scammed the entire country!!!!

LaMenance (@guest_1095145)
Reply to  BDS
1 year ago

And another thing, where are all-of the missing billions from HUD That is still unaccounted for. If one wonders how these Caravans of illegals have cellphones and a steady supply of rations one can only guess that Obama and his side kick Soros have their filthy hands involved in all of this! Wake up Sheepeople before we lose the greatest Nation that God has Ordained towards man to all this evil paw of Abortion to lingering on this nation. Jeremiah 1:5 I knew you in the womb before You were born, because we as a nation elected to slaughter millions of innocent children of God’ creation, can one winder why this nation keeps facing the Wrath of God as too many of these evil politicians are quick to blame on Global Warming. Time is approaching, for our Republic to pay for our sins , with this fraudulent election is that step towards Armageddon towards Judgement Day. Time to get on our knees to Pray to God to forgive our sins of our nation to allow this evil to take control of our Republic!!!

DONALD KALINOWSKI (@guest_1095137)
1 year ago

Donald J. Trump will always be my President, he did more for this country in 4 years than any other president serving 2 terms ever did. We love you, President Trump, I am a U.S. Army veteran and he really helped all of us veterans with community care, urgent care, etc. Please Mr. President hang in there we are all behind you, you have our support. I know this is not over yet and you are not a quitter, remember Good will always outweigh evil and God is with you

LaMenance (@guest_1095156)
1 year ago

Amen 🙏 from one veteran to another! Now I understand God’s plan for all of us veterans that have stood for this Nation in times of peace and war to battle test us Christian that have been converted to Gods Grace to stand up for Righteousness for preserving this Nation for the coming battle against the New World Order that has its cancerous roots in our Republic hell bent on destroying us all..
Time for all of our veterans to put the support behind this president before we lose all of our rights and freedoms that have all been hard fought to maintain to see it list to a fraudulent Election..

Pollty (@guest_1095138)
1 year ago

God is so good.

MSGT JOHN CORREA (@guest_1095144)
1 year ago

I never expected the truth to be posted. We no longer have patriotism in America in which the news medias control and censor the truth. They are known as traitors and cowards!


Glenn (@guest_1095148)
1 year ago

ONLY in his dreams.

ee (@guest_1095169)
1 year ago

A wonderful President and strong man as is President Trump should receive this award. God Bless you and give you the strength to keep fighting for this election. There are 70+ million people standing with you and have your back. We will not go down quietly for the dems………………..

Mike Thompson (@guest_1095175)
1 year ago

God bless our fantastic President. We look to you for leadership against tyranny whether you are our President or not.

Joe Biden (@guest_1095176)
1 year ago

But Trump can’t swing from limbs and pick fleas from Michael’s nappy head.

M (@guest_1095336)
Reply to  Joe Biden
1 year ago

Joe Biden, ur a nothing who thinks he’s somebody ur stealing will go down in history, the way I c it by ur evil doings u don’t have long s LIVE!

Blues_age (@guest_1095195)
1 year ago

Mr. President, You may never see this post, however I hope that you will feel the love extended to ylou by we the people.
I/ we pray for your and your continued success each and every day. May God continue to bless you and yours and all your efforts.

Jr (@guest_1095206)
1 year ago

Need to poll out of the cult to get opinions that are not fake.
The feel of the real Americans and not the sheep.
Who would vote for a cheating liar that let the trump virus run wild.
He LOST get over it !

Leah (@guest_1095238)
Reply to  Jr
1 year ago

Hey Jr.,
Only liberal idiots call it a Trump virus.
It’s from China, idiot.
Every conservative knew the election was going to be full of fraud before the election took place.
We knew the liberals would cheat, steal or kill. I wouldn’t put it past them to eat their young to crawl back in like the snakes they are.
Yes, I’m a God fearing Christian. I’m not politically correct…i just tell it like it is.

Leah (@guest_1095246)
1 year ago

President Trump,
I’m just a girl from an area called the Bible Belt in missouri.
Please don’t ever concede to the cheating, lying, ungodly, lost liberals. Like Jesus said, ‘they know not what they do.’
You’ve done amazingly great things for our country. Thank you ! We thank God everyday for you !
We’re behind you all the way.
Give Melania a hug from all of us in the great state of MO.

Patty (@guest_1095377)
1 year ago

Bravo!! Most admired man! Take that libtards! Obutthead was only admired in his own head, and by brainwashed sheep! Obama was the” destroyer, liar in chief”, by NO means a leader! President Trump is a man of the people, a real leader who puts our country and our people FIRST! Obutthead pandered to the Muslim brotherhood, kissed the butts of the mullahs in Iran, backed ( in not so secret) isis, sent billions to terrorists, and lied, lied, lied, lied! He is as un American as one can get! Who would admire that faker or his pig wife? Good job President Trump! We are behind you all the way! Thank God for President Trump!!

Mark Smith (@guest_1096011)
1 year ago

Which MORON voted for Obama to be anything but a Disgrace to Humans. ???????

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