August 1, 2021

Barack Obama says fate of American democracy is at stake in 2020 election

Former President Barack Obama just announced that he believes that the 2020 election may actually be the death of American Democracy, joining dozens of other Democrat figures diving into full panic mode as the US approaches election day. 

“What’s at stake in this election is much bigger than Joe or the man he is running to replace,” Obama said in a video published on social media on Tuesday. “What’s at stake is whether or not our democracy endures.”

Obama was reluctant to jump into the election fray earlier this year, declining to endorse his former vice president until Biden emerged as the clear frontrunner during the primaries. As Trump’s approval begins to rise, it’s all hands on deck.

“Now’s the time to safeguard this democracy and fight for what we believe in,” Obama charged viewers. “This administration has shown it will tear our democracy down if that’s what it takes to win.”

President Trump’s momentum is building with just weeks until election day, and Democrats are scrambling to keep up as the one-two punch of coronavirus lockdowns and widespread political violence loses its power.

Democrats are fighting an uphill battle and the impending fight over the confirmation of a new Supreme Court Justice clearly has Democrats panicking.

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112 Responses

  1. “What’s at stake is whether or not, Our Democracy endures” says the Alinski Communist student; aspiring communist dictator; unAmerican; piece of garbage who corruptly, and unlawfully infiltrated our political system; acting as the proxy, the puppet, for George Soros, to completely destroy the United States and Her People, while running, and directing the DEEP STATE thereby committing TREASON, hidden in the basement of a building in D. C.. My wish for You and Yours is that You are All investigated and tried for TREASON, then swiftly executed following your convictions.

  2. Of course we all know that if biden gets in it would be because they stole the election , but more importantly it would mean the death of America and her people . But why should obama , the worst President in history care about democracy ? The democratic politicians don’t support the constitution and haven’t done so in years . They don’t care about the country nor the people , in fact they hate both . If , God forbid Joe wins then we might as well start to learn Chinese or Russian because America won’t be America any more nor will we the people be free . Get out and vote TRUMP 2020 , and save our great nation .

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